Natural Born Killers

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the wedding day scene when Mallory is throwing the red doll off the bridge, her nails are long and manicured, but later in the same scene you can see that they are bitten down to the quick. (00:19:55 - 00:21:50)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack Scagnetti is torturing Mallory Knox in the holding cell she has bare feet. When Mickey comes to the rescue her shoes have suddenly appeared on her feet even though she never had time to put them on.

Continuity mistake: When Mickey and Mallory are marrying themselves on the bridge Mickey cuts both of their hands with his knife and then they hold hands and the blood is dripping off their hands but the next time you see their hands there is only a little blood around the cuts.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack Scagnetti, the cop guy, has the prostitute in his hotel room and is about to choke her, at one point she is on top of him on the bed. When they shoot from over her shoulders she is not wearing a bra, but when the angle changes to in front of her, from Jack's view she is wearing a bra. it does this several times. This is because this scene was cut dramatically due to censorship restraints, and they had to piece it together using the same footage from different angles. Still a mistake, but there is a reason.

Continuity mistake: When Mickey and Mallory are getting married on the bridge, a truck passes them and the guys in the truck scream at them. When the camera angle changes back to Mallory the truck is nowhere to be seen.


Continuity mistake: When Wayne Gale is producing his first special about Mickey and Mallory, you see one of his producers behind him reaching over and grabbing an apple from the desk. The camera angle changes to a wide shot and you see him reach over and grab the apple again.


Mickey: Right now, I'd go down on a lawman for a gallon of gas.

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Trivia: Just in case you haven't seen the extras, the man in one of the first scenes in the diner who disappears while reading the paper in the booth is Owen, the same guy that helps them out of the prison at the end, possibly making him some sort of guardian angel for the two? (You have to see the alternate ending though).

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Question: When Woody Harrelson is eating the key lime pie in the opening scene, how exactly was that pie made? It looked more translucent like Jello, as opposed to regular key lime pies, which resemble cheese cake.


Answer: Yes, it definitely does not look like a key lime pie. I suspect that because Woody Harrelson is a strict vegan, that it is a substitute made with vegan ingredients.

Answer: My take: The Key Lime pie Mickey eats in the diner looks cheap and trashy on purpose... a garish trailer park version of that pie. The crust isn't even cooked. I think it has more to do with the demographic theme of the diner patrons rather than Harrelson being a vegan.

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