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Question: Why did Jason Voorhees not tell his mother he was alive? This sequel shows he's alive, and she wouldn't be murdering people if she knew he wasn't dead.

Athletic Jason

Answer: The way I understand it, they just never crossed paths again after his incident. She's not exactly been hanging out around the lake where he went under. Jason has some heavy mental issues to boot and wouldn't know how to find her till it was too late. He was a lost scared little boy.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: In the first street race everyone scattered when they were informed of the police coming. Why? Surely they could say they were out for a walk, and for those with cars, a night drive?

Answer: It's pretty obvious they were gathered together for an illegal street race. And most of those cars had illegal upgrades that would have been discovered. Not only that but most of them probably had some hard drugs and weapons on them. They were all gathered in a huge group late at night with loud cars which probably breaks many regulations and codes, including noise levels. The police had everything they needed for "Probable Cause" to stop and search everybody there and find all these things.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: How was Ryan able to swim after the capsule splashed down in the water? Isn't readjusting to earth's gravity pretty difficult when you've spent a long time in space?

Answer: Swimming does not have the same gravity related constraints that walking on land has. It is not until she is on land where she shows signs of facing difficulties with the Earth's gravity. Also, when she swims up to the surface, she is rushing so she doesn't drown and in doing so, uses up most of her energy because she has been in space and is only now readjusting to Earth's atmosphere, so when she is above water and swimming over to land, she visibly shows signs of being exhausted and out of breath as she used up most of her limited energy attempting to swim up to the surface.

Casual Person

Swimming still has gravity related constraints, though right?

She is swimming up to the surface at the fastest speed she can, so she doesn't drown. Perhaps there are some gravity related constraints to her swimming, but she is trying to fight against it so she can get to the surface. When she is above the surface and swimming/floating back to the shore, she is visibly exhausted, so it is apparent that she used up most of her energy in trying to fight against the gravity related constraints.

Casual Person

Gravity pulls water towards the earth, yes. But for a swimmer, the water provides buoyancy and supports them. The closest thing you can come to weightlessness on Earth (not including the flight training where they take you into a plane that glows up then drops) is in water, because it floats you.

Question: Why does Aquaman even use a thing as a shield in the submarine when he is bulletproof?

Athletic Jason

Answer: "Aquaman" director James Wan commented on this when a question was posed about if Aquaman is bulletproof, how can he get tattoos. "Bullets (or whatever else) will penetrate and break [Arthur's] skin. He's not a man of steel. He just has really dense mass/muscles. At least that's what Geoff Johns and I talked about." In addition to his advanced resilience, he also has advanced healing abilities. Geoff Johns is a comic book writer whose work includes Aquaman, and he was President and CCO of DC Entertainment at the time. In the comics, Johns has shown Aquaman to be vulnerable to bullets.


Answer: Just because a bullet won't kill him doesn't mean he wants to be shot. It would still cause pain. He also isn't bullet proof, he is merely bullet resistant. Larger calibre bullets would hurt him.

Really still would cause the pain, if I recall right the movie did not show that when it's not the big guns, also I never said he wanted to get shot.

Athletic Jason

Question: In Biff's casino Marty is escaping Biff and his goons - he goes into the stairwell and jumps from one stair to another. What I don't understand is how this stairwell works as it seems to be double, with 2 sets of stairs ending up on the same floor parallel to each other, one on one end and one at another but on the same floor. Does this even make sense? Can anyone tell me why a big building would have 2 sets of stairs in 1 stairwell going parallel and end up on the same floors? Any special name for this type of stairwell perhaps? I can't find anything on it.


Chosen answer: Your assumption is pretty much correct. There are 2 staircases spiralling around each other like a double helix. It is a fairly common way of constructing fire evacuation staircases as it allows a greater number of people to use them at the same time.

I see, so it's purely for fire escape reasons or more to handle overflow capacity in general?


Question: What book does Jack find?

Answer: "The Lays of Ancient Rome" by Thomas Babington Macaulay. "Lays" are narrative poems. Specifically the film focuses on the poem "Horatius"


Question: Did anyone ever find Tiffany's body in the bathtub?

Answer: While we never actually see it happen, it's more than likely that someone eventually found her corpse.


Show generally

Question: When talking to Alston, the police captain said he sought out a black officer who hasn't made rank because he's "got no rabbi" and therefore is likely "on the outside enough to be trusted"- what does the phrase "got no rabbi" mean?

Answer: "Rabbi" is old police slang for a superior, experienced officer who mentors a younger officer. "Got no rabbi" in this context is saying Alston hasn't been on the job long enough to have been fully taken into the fold by the other officers, and would thus be a good choice for the Captain's plan of recruiting an un-corrupted officer.


Question: How many rounds does Robocop's gun fire?

Answer: In fiction for the character, it's stated to have a 50 round capacity. This may not be canon, since during the shooting range scene when he finally stops shooting, the round counter reads 141 and he is not shown to stop to reload. In reality the gun used was a modified Beretta 93R, which has a 15 round capacity,.

Jason Hoffman

Question: Did Professor Hulk bring back the original Infinity Stones with the Blip?


Answer: No, his snap simply restored all the people Thanos' snap eliminated. They discuss it before he snaps. Tony reminds him to not try to do anything other than bring the people back.

Jason Hoffman

Show generally

Question: Was there an episode where Bobby wrote his name on someone else's jar and tried to rub it off when the owner came back, but it didn't work?

Answer: Most likely thinking of the episode where Connie's cousin convinces Bobby to make meth as their science fair project. One of the judges is a police officer and when he is approaching Bobby is scrambling to remove his name from one of the beakers.

Question: How did Anton not remember that he murdered his own parents when he was a killer all along?


Answer: He was either too high, sleepwalking or under the evil hand's control.

Question: The last we saw of Michael Myers he was trapped in a basement with a fire that started, and wasn't shown making any attempt to escape. I know he is never shown dead, except nothing in the movie gives any valid evidence that Michael Myers used a Houdini to get out of the basement. Nothing shows or implies that he escaped, but a sequel is in the works. If he survived during a fire then how the hell did he escape the basement?

Answer: This is meant to be ambiguous on purpose. We are not supposed to know how he got out... if he got out.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: How did Atlantis evolve in 5 seconds? We are shown Atlantis being destroyed in under a minute, the entire area is underwater, how did they all suddenly breathe underwater? How did they sleep whilst they built underwater, did they just bob about like jellyfish? Why not head to land...and finally how did humans turn into crabs in under 2000 years?

Answer: People survived the fall. Atlantis was destroyed and many Atlanteans were killed but a lot survived the devastation and with their advanced technology were able to keep living and building in Atlantis. Some didn't, chose other methods, different homes. At first they used technology to breathe underwater but eventually they either evolved or developed themselves into water breathing creatures. The Crab people were Atlanteans first as well, but evolved themselves in more hostile territory, causing more elaborate changes.


Question: How come Gamora had no idea that an infinity stone was in the orb in GotG but does in Endgame?

Answer: She knew what was in the orb. That's why she was so intent on keeping it away from Thanos. It's why she insisted to Ronan that SHE retrieve it instead of Nebula. It's also why she tried to sell it to The Collector behind Thanos and Ronan's back. She stated that she had hoped he had the ability to contain its power. She just didn't tell the rest of the Guardians because she had just met them and didn't trust them.

Could you please provide a quote where she states that thought the collector could keep the orb safe?

Sam Montgomery

Question: How is it that Dr No can grip and crush a statue, but not be able to pull himself out of a cooling vat?

Answer: His metal hands were not able to grip the smooth, metal pole. He was also submerged in boiling liquid, so he would not have had long to attempt to pull himself out before dying and sliding back down the pole.

Question: When the line breaks Brody's head is cut. It looked like a real cut and he did looked dazed. Was that fake? Or did that really happen by accident?

Answer: There are so many anecdotes regarding the numerous accidents, ad-libs, gaffes, rewrites, mechanical breakdowns, personality conflicts, budget overruns, delays, and offscreen cast and crew antics during production of "Jaws" that you could compile it all into a book (or a movie-mistakes website). Seemingly, every bit of trivia from this film (both real and fabricated) has been published at some point over the last 45 years. But if Roy Scheider ever suffered a real-life head injury in this film, it's not among that collection of trivia; so, it's fairly safe to say that the injury was entirely scripted. In a word, fake.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: What happened to the clerk and the others at the convenience store when Pierce and the Reavers showed up? If they are killed then why?


Answer: The clerk was definitely killed, as we see his body on a slab later in the movie. Presumably he was killed for seeing too much.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why did Ace lie about killing the Terence brothers?

Answer: He's a fraud and he's trying to impress people and create a reputation. Most of what he brags about is likely either made up or was actually done by someone else.

Jason Hoffman

Question: How many people does Sid 6.7 kill in the film?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: 24.

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