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Answer: First I should say that Hogwarts students started wearing more Muggle type clothing due to director Alfonso Cuaron and the costume designer Jany Temime. Their decision was popular with the teenage cast because now the onscreen attire was more casual, even their school uniforms were more relaxed. Emma was quite happy with this change, because wearing jeans and other ordinary clothing was more comfortable than the entire school uniform, and it helped with the teen's personal character development, as well as being easier to do stunts.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Why would he have to steal the money from the bank? Given everything else he makes.

Answer: While under the influence of the mask, Stanley repeatedly gets revenge on people that have wronged him. The Mask wouldn't even need to create money out of thin air to get into the club since he could just use his powers to get in, so since he feels that he is mistreated at the bank, he robs it.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Nothing he makes while The Mask is permanent, and when separated from him reverts or disappears, as we see with the piece of pajama. If he made money, for example to get into the club, then immediately after giving it to the people and walking inside, it would vanish, probably causing him then to be thrown out. As Phaneron said, in addition, by robbing the bank to get it, he also strikes back at one of those he feels mistreats him.

Answer: She wanted room for her own things. The apartment was cluttered with so many collectables that Leonard never looked at, that he never noticed when she put some in storage.

Brian Katcher

Well if they're a couple why not talk to him about it? After all couples are supposed to compromise on things, imagine if he'd done this to her.


Not sitcom couples. Every reaction has to be exaggerated and borderline psychotic.

Sammo Premium member

It's a play on the "women always do what they want and the man goes along with it" type scenario. Plus, Penny is seriously hot and way out of Leonard's league so its entirely plausible she knows this and knows he wouldn't question her anyway, as he will always give in and give her what she wants.


Answer: Season 9 Episode 20, "Camelot", Samatha goes out onto the Supergate to replace one of the dialing crystals. When the Ori activate the Supergate before she finishes, her magnetic lock is lost, causing her to drift into space.


Answer: Yes, it's a gambling thing. It's called "the spread." The Cowboys would have been underdogs, so the opponent (in 1990 it was the Washington Redskins) were favored to win. Homer bet money that the Cowboys would win or at least not lose by 6 points. That's why he says "five and a half points", since there's no way to score half a point, if the Cowboys lost by 6, Homer loses the bet. But if they lose by 5 or less, Homer wins the bet.


Season 1 generally

Question: I've been watching through Season 1, and haven't gotten further than that yet while paying attention. But any time there is a scene in the kitchen when them at the table, Stewie is always seated in the same spot at the table with his char having its back to the cabinet next to the sink. On the counter top directly behind Stewie in each episode, there is a pink rectangular item sitting there, and I have seen it in every episode of season 1. What is that item? Is it a sponge or a scrub thing? Why is it pink?

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: It is just a dish sponge. Scotch-Brite sells pink sponges. There's no particular reason it's pink, it could just show Lois likes pink or one of the animators grew up in a home that always had a pink sponge.


Question: So if Thomas Wayne is Arthur's father does that mean that he and Bruce Wayne are brothers?

Answer: Half brothers, yes, provided Thomas really is Arthur's father.

Brian Katcher

Question: How were the Pink Berets able to track the easter bunny's son?

Answer: Phone.

Answer: When they say James (his real name) instead of Fred.

Answer: Eustace is a rather two-dimensional antagonist character. He is just a mean-spirited man who takes out his hostilities on a vulnerable dog and resents his wife having adopted him.

raywest Premium member

I thought the reason had to do with the attention Courage receives from Muriel.

Question: How did Meghan get from the boat to the house?

Answer: There is a man in the house who brings Meghan some food to eat. I think he was the one who took her there.

Question: How did Luke and Leia know that Rey was Palpatine's granddaughter?

Answer: They felt it through the force. It's kinda like a signature. They feel each other's powers and recognize it. Both have met the Emperor and they felt similar powers inside Rey.


When did Leia meet the Emperor?

She was a senator and her father (Bail Organa) introduced her to him when she was younger.


Answer: Off screen between Episode 3 and Rogue One.

Question: How did the football players die exactly?

Answer: After returning to Juno's office, the quarterback tells her that he doesn't think they survived the crash.

Question: I'm confused about the return of the purse and kids' bicycles. Michael says he spent money that he doesn't have and might have to return the kids' bikes. Architects make a substantial amount of income. So why would he need to return the kiddie bikes?

Answer: The median salary in the United States for architects is currently around $80K per year. It was a few thousand dollars less in 2006 when the film was made. That's not what most would call a "substantial" income, especially considering that is the median. Michael could make significantly less than that. There are thousands of people in the United States making more than $80K a year living paycheck-to-paycheck, based on their individual circumstances.


Question: When Kyle defeats Stephanie by punching her and Carson realises he has been fooled and tries to come down, he falls and gets up injured. Did he accidentally shoot his leg when falling or break his ankle or something? After realizing that Stephanie escaped the plane, he walks but uses his arms as well. How was he injured?

Answer: He sprained his leg.

Question: Why does Arthur kill his mother? Does he feel she lied to him about his father? Maybe his madness going further? Perhaps even he wanted to end her suffering?


Answer: I'd probably rule out of the last reason you mentioned, on the first one you have to consider that the lie goes deeper than just the father's identity, if that is a lie at all. Through the information he saw on the medical record - and he kills her after seeing that record - it turns out that she had let him be abused and beaten up since a tender age, which would probably be the cause of his mental and physical issues. In his line before the murder, he mentions her full name, and how he has not been happy a minute of his whole life, so the terrible childhood, which maybe now came back to him, is a real factor. Mentioning the comedy, so a play, might also imply a sort of detachment now that he understands that it was all a lie from the beginning and she's not even his real mother (if that's what he believes).

Sammo Premium member

The Cover-Up - S6-E23

Question: In the beginning, when Jim and Pam are supposedly communicating through Morse Code, do they actually saying anything? What about the end with Pam and Dwight? What is said? Or is it just random clicks, taps, and blinks to seem like Morse Code for the audience?


Answer: I only know the part about the detonator, the rest might be random but Jim said "There is a detonator in this office."

Is that what is actually clicked out? Seems way too long for what how short the scene is. Or are you just guessing that's what was implied because of Dwight's reaction.


Answer: This is what a person on Reddit wrote regarding Jim and Pam: I know Morse code well, and most of it was gibberish, especially Jim's clicks. Pam's second transmission was almost intelligible as SE HE IT (3 clicks 1 click, 4 clicks, 1 click, 2 clicks and long click). "

raywest Premium member

Answer: I tried to solve it, seemed like random clicking to me.

Question: Wouldn't her freshly bleached hair go green from the chlorine?

Answer: Chlorine can turn bleached blonde hair a shade of green. Pouring apple cider vinegar over hair before swimming can help prevent it changing. However, being as this is a movie, realistic details like this are ignored for the sake of storytelling.

raywest Premium member

Question: Before the Summer Nights scene, Kenickie asks "Did you see the new girl down at registration?" Is the girl he's referring to Sandy?

Question: How could the girls not see that Martha was a boy? In the movie his voice is deep well until Kim came to visit him.

Answer: Maybe they just thought he had a deep voice for a girl. I also thought about that, like when the girls hug Martha he's a guy - no boobs - but it's just a fun movie.

Answer: Cross-dressing is a time honored tradition in comedy and it requires quite a bit of suspension of disbelief to enjoy. A character who is obviously a boy to the audience but none of the characters noticing is a big part of what makes these films funny.


Answer: The episode is "A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again."

Sierra1 Premium member

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