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Season 2 generally

New this month Question: How come Davos has two iron fists? The power transfer shouldn't have doubled it.

Jon Sandys Premium member

New this month Answer: In the comics Iron Fist is able to use the power on both hands. There is no reason why Danny shouldn't be able to. Presumably he chooses to only use the one fist at a time, focusing all his power into one hand rather than distributing it between 2.

New this month Question: At the end of the film when Marty sees Doc get shot at the mall the second time why is he crying when he runs over to check Doc? Couldn't he have just grabbed the plutonium that was sitting next to Doc's van, run back to the Delorean with it and travelled back much earlier to warn Doc?

New this month Answer: Technically he could have done so, but that doesn't make it any less distressing to see his friend murdered.

Next to that he doesn't know how the DeLorean works, he doesn't know how to put the plutonium in (or doesn't want to risk using it wrongly, having only seen it loaded once) and he and Doc from 1955 have tampered with it to have it be powered by lightning so it probably wouldn't work properly anyway.


Show generally

New this month Question: Can someone explain to me what a red shirt means? I know in one episode when someone broke Bill's high school touchdown record that Hank mentioned that Bill was red shirted because Bill went into the army before he graduated thus compelled Bill to go back to high school and try and break the record again.

New this month Answer: The main point of being red-shirted is that a student athlete only has 4-years of eligibility to play. By red-shirting as a freshman, a student is allowed to practice, to get better, bigger, etc and then still be able to play for 4 years (seasons).


New this month Answer: A redshirt refers to a student athlete that is allowed to practice with a team while attending school, but otherwise does not play in games.

Phaneron Premium member

New this month Question: What did Sarah and Enrique say to each other in Spanish, before greeting each other?


New this month Answer: Sarah also calls Enrique "sneaky like a snake."

Jukka Nurmi

New this month Answer: All I hear is Sarah saying, "Enrique? You here?" And Enrique says, "Good to see you, Connor. Always knew you'd come back" or something like that.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: How does Allie know about Martha even before she meets her?

New this month Answer: I think we're supposed to assume Noah told Allie about her at some point.

New this month Question: When they're discussing which planet is the best option because of low fuel I spotted what looked like snow falling out the windows. What is it?

New this month Answer: What you are seeing outside the window are the stars in space. The stars appear to look like falling snow because the Endurance is rotating on an axis to provide gravity for the crew. It looks like falling snow because the stars appear to be the same colour as snow, and the rotation gives the impression that the stars are moving.

Casual Person

New this month Question: After the monsters brutally assaulted the toon squad, including Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck during the great game, why are Bugs and Daffy still in good condition while the other members, except Lola, are injured?

Roman Curiel

New this month Answer: Because Bugs and Daffy are the great stars and have to be seen to still be ready and able. Same goes for Lola the sporty girl, the image of girl power. The rest look that way because its comical. They are toons.


Show generally

New this month Question: At beginning of Peep Show, Mark and Jez approach one another. They look into a TV in shop. They are the wrong way around in the TV image. Is this a continuity error or a subtle joke I've missed?

New this month Answer: There's no mistake or joke. The camera simply doesn't create a mirror image (otherwise the writing on the truck would be reversed). When we see Mark, he has a newspaper under his right arm (the viewer's left) and then Jeremy is to his left (the opposite side of the newspaper). In the TV, the newspaper is still under Mark's right arm (the viewer's left). If they were looking in a mirror or reflection, then Mark would be on the other side.


New this month Question: How did the symbiote become so big? In the beginning it was tiny, and at the end it was huge. And why didn't Peter do something when the symbiote took over Eddie? He could problably hear him scream downstairs.

New this month Answer: The symbiote feeds on emotion and possibly the environment around it. It latched onto Peter while he was having an emotional nightmare and that fueled it as it bonded with him. It had plenty of time to grown on him and Eddie by the end of the film. And as far as Peter hearing Eddie, Peter was ringing a large church bell while practicality standing inside it. It was loud and huge. It would have still been giving off noise while Peter was up there recovering in the time it too for Venom to fall down onto Eddie. Also with a huge bell ringing that loudly right by Peter's head undoubtedly would have messed with his hearing for a few minutes. He probably had a headache and his own ears ringing from it for a good while, preventing him from hearing Eddie even if the bell was quiet after.

Quantom X Premium member

Show generally

New this month Question: Rather than just telling the Jaffa that the Goa'uld are not gods, why doesn't SG-1 tell them about the technology the Goa'uld use to deceive them?

New this month Answer: The Jaffa are not deceived by the technology, they use that technology themselves. Most are just convinced by the words and how they were raised they are gods like the other answer mentions. Besides, a whole lot of Jaffa know that they aren't gods and are trying to seek ways to free their poeple, including Teal'c and the Tok'ra symbiotes.


New this month Answer: They do attempt to show this at times, but the Jaffa are completely convinced. They just consider the technology used by the Goa'uld to be evidence of their omnipotence.

New this month Question: At the end, Stephanie, Newton and Johnny Five are all driving to Montana. What about Stephanie's animals and all her things at her house?

New this month Answer: Driving from Central Oregon to Montana only takes about 12 hours. They could drop off Number 5 and be back to move Stephanie and Newton out of their houses within a day or two.


Heavy Meddle/Making the Case - S1-E2

Question: In Making the Case, how did none of the sisters notice that Lincoln was recording them?

New this month Answer: Throughout the episode it shows him capturing footage from hiding places like the bushes, in a tree outside a bedroom window, and through a cracked bedroom door. My guess is if he didn't have a hiding place for some of the sisters, he was far enough away they couldn't see him and he used the zoom function on the camera he was using.

oddy knocky

Heavy Meddle/Making the Case - S1-E2

Question: In "Making the Case", why were Luan and Lily angry with Lincoln about the video? He didn't record any embarrassing footage of them.

New this month Answer: Luan is mad at him because he broke the unspoken rule of posting a video without the person's consent. Lily is a baby and is probably impersonating the older sisters she looks up to. They are mad so she is mad.

oddy knocky

New this month Question: What year does this movie take place?

New this month Answer: There's not really an answer, because the film has sort-of a nebulous timeframe given its cartoon-like atmosphere. Ex. Everything is old fashioned in design, including architecture and clothing, but current technology is also present. It's not really meant to take place in the "real world" or a specific timeframe, so much as be a silly throwback to old comedies and especially old Laurel and Hardy films. So, the best answer to your question would be that it just sort of exists in its "own" time, so to speak - an amalgam of different time periods all put together for maximum comedy impact.


Adding to this, the Wikipedia page on this movie states that... "The film is set in a humorously indeterminate 20th-century time period, with styles ranging from the 1940s to the 1990s."

Quantom X Premium member

"Mouse Hunt" was not modeled on 1930s Laurel and Hardy films so much as it was a direct retread of 1940s "Herman and Catnip" and "Tom and Jerry" cartoons, which spawned many knock-offs over the decades, from "Coyote and Roadrunner" cartoons to live-action comedies such as "Home Alone" and others.

Charles Austin Miller

New this month Question: Why did Delores not wear the head cover of the habit in the end when they sing for the pope? Her hair is fully visible and she is wearing loop earrings.

New this month Answer: She was never a real nun and there was no longer a reason for her to be in full disguise as one. She is still close to the other sisters, and therefore is partially clad in a nun's habit, for the concert, but she is also showing her secular side.

raywest Premium member

Question: What would the people outside of the wall gain by destroying the whole city? It was WCKD they were after, right?

New this month Answer: It's not so much that the rebels gain anything by destroying the city, it's just that they are untrained and driven by rage. They do not act as a military unit, they act more like a mob. They lack the discipline to strike only enemy combatants and instead cause chaos in the entire city. The point is that the rebels are acting no better, and in fact quite a bit worse, than the infected do.


Question: When Julie says, "Please, please tell me we have different fathers!", does that mean she wishes Ren was never part of her family? (01:11:55 - 03:13:50)

New this month Answer: It's just something someone says to a sibling when they're annoyed, angered, or disgruntled with them for some reason. It's like saying you hope you were adopted because your family embarrasses you.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why is Leanne driving on the wrong side of the car on her way to pick up Mike at the laundromat after he ran off?

Answer: Because you're seeing her in the reflection of the window and thus you see a reverse (or mirror) image (i.e. the camera is pointed toward the window and not the car).


Question: When fixing up and preparing the house defenses, why is Neville so pressed for time? What type of preparing does he do?

Answer: He has to make sure that he's back at his home with plenty of time to lock everything down, sound proof the establishment, and make sure no lights are visible from the outside. His place of residence has to appear like any other place in New York at the time as deserted and with nobody there. If the Night Stalkers saw any evidence at all that that was where he was living, they would attack like they do later in the film. Neville is military trained, so punctuality and having a set schedule to do things is pretty well ingrained into him now. And by giving himself plenty of time and room for error, he can take care of any contingencies that arise and any repairs to make sure everything is ready before the creatures come out.

Quantom X Premium member

Neville also uses gallons of chemicals (possibly chlorine bleach) every afternoon to cover his scent in the immediate vicinity of his home. Apparently, the Night Stalkers and their dogs have a keen sense of smell, particularly for uninfected humans.

Charles Austin Miller

I yeah, that too. I forgot about that. Though in fairness that wasn't really explained in the movie. But a lot of stuff from the comics was left out of the movie as well.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: When did this conversation between Gamora and Nebula that Thanos showed Gamora on his ship take place?


Answer: We aren't told for certain, but it was most likely before the events of the first "Guardians of the Galaxy" film.

Phaneron Premium member

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