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Question: Who sent Bond the upside-down Queen of Cups?

Jacob La Cour

Chosen answer: One assumes that the card that 'foretold' that Rosie was a double-agent was either sent by Felix Lighter of the FBI/CIA or by Solitaire herself. But, more than likely, it was Bond's faithful sidekick Quarrel, Jr. (the fisherman/boat captain on San Monique).

CCARNI Premium member

Question: SPOILER: Is it me, or is the monster trying to kill our heroes? It attacked the bridge with them on it, killing Jason, it went straight after Hud at the end, and the spider-monsters were following them in the tunnel. What's the deal?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: The main monster is terrorizing the entire city. It only seems that the movie's main characters run into him a lot is because while most people are running away from the monster, they're running toward it to save the girl. And the spider-crab parasites are shown falling off of the monster by the hundreds, so they're probably all over the city by now. Since the backstory for the creatures and monster is that they come from the deep sea, the parasites might enjoy the subway tunnels because the environment is sort of like "home" for them.

Show generally

Question: In some scenes, why do the Serenity crew members speak Chinese?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: One of the premises of the show is that the two major Earth societies that survived, and ultimately merged, were the Chinese and Americans. As a result the common language includes much Chinese. Clothing, signage, and building designs also have a heavy Chinese influence.

Jason Hoffman

Smile Time - S5-E14

Question: In the "Don't" room, who was the man with the towel over his head?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: It was David Fury, one of the show's writers and producers.

Sierra1 Premium member

Season 5 generally

Question: Since season four ended with Cordelia in a coma, was Spike written into this season to fill the void created by her absence?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: In short. No. Joss Whedon had originally want to do a spin-off of Buffy starring Eliza Dushku and James Marsters. Dushku turned it down to do Tru Calling so Marsters went onto Angel.

Maria Santos

Question: After Sweeney kills Signor Pirelli, why isn't Toby curious about where he is/why he's missing?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: Because Toby is glad to be free of him; Toby doesn't care where he is, just so long as he's gone.

Phixius Premium member

Question: At the end of the film, when Jack dies, one of Davy Jones' crewmembers says, "Not even Jack Sparrow could best the devil," and suddenly Jones becomes worried and demands to see the heart in the chest. Why did he get so worried?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Jones knows that Sparrow is a cunning adversary - while he knows that the Kraken has taken Jack into the Locker, his crewmember's words have suddenly put an element of doubt in his mind. Has he really beaten Jack completely, or has Jack pulled off some last minute trick involving the heart to spite him? Hence his sudden desire to check on the heart, to make sure that it's safe.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: Is the montage of murders before the re-opening of the restaurant supposed to be shot in real time or is it going over days around the same time of different days?


Chosen answer: It is over several days.

Phixius Premium member

Question: This is for the movie and the comics. Can Jon hear Garfield? I'm asking because in the comics, Jon responds to what Garfield says, but Garfield's speech is always in thought bubbles. But in the movie, Garfield's lips are moving. Can someone please explain?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Jon makes educated guesses in the comics based on Garfield's body language and surroundings, he doesn't actually hear Garfield in either medium.

Phixius Premium member

Question: Maybe I missed it, but how did Peter prove Eddie's photos were fake?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Peter showed Jameson that Eddie's photos were composites taken from pictures that Peter had snapped. He proved it by showing Jameson the originals.


The One In Barbados, part 1 - S9-E23

Question: How come Rachel is wearing a cast on her left arm? You can see it when she notices Monica's hair.

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Jenifer Aniston injured her wrist outside of filming and had to wear it for a little while.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Can someone please explain to me what Violet says when she frees them from the prison? No matter how many times I see this movie, I still don't get it.

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: She says "Well, I think Dad has made excellent progress today, but I think it's time we wind down now". It's a joke, pretending to be winding down a counselling session, based on the fact that her father has been baring his soul a bit while imprisoned.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: I never understood what happened to Kurt Wagner in the end. Did he stay in the mansion?

Chosen answer: For a while, yes, but at some point, he leaves because the X-men are too violent and he prefers a peaceful life.

Brad Premium member

Question: What was going on with John Michael Kane's body in the morgue? Nicky said that Wombosi saw the body and didn't buy it. Were they trying to pass off the dead man as Bourne?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Yes, exactly. Kane is one of Bourne's identities and apparently one that he used extensively during the preparations for the mission to eliminate Wombosi. Wombosi goes to see the body, but, having seen Bourne, albeit relatively briefly, realises that the body in the morgue is not the same man.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: In one of the previous questions answered, it mentioned the ending originally panned down to show the Ruby Slippers near Dorothy's bed and thus confirming she didn't dream the whole story. I was just wondering if there's a youtube link or movie clip of this scene?

Chosen answer: Actually, all of the information points that the scene never existed. The movie deals with Oz as being an escape, a dream land. The book deals with Oz being a real place visited by Dorothy. Finding the shoes under the bed sounds like something from the book, but it isn't there either. The slippers are lost forever in the book.


Question: I keep hearing about the mistake where Harry says there is twenty four hour's worth of Felix Felicis in the bottle, when there is in fact twelve. But I checked for it and he says 'all twelve hours' worth'. Is this mistake only in the American edition (I have the British)?

Chosen answer: This mistake was corrected in later printings, so you may have the corrected version of the book.

Question: Both the main characters are named after cowboys, Dalton and Wade Garrett. Was this intentional?

Chosen answer: Only in the sense that the writer wanted them to have very masculine names.

Jason Hoffman

Question: In the scene in the library, where Elle gets turned away from Vivian and Warner's study group, she and Enid get into an argument, where Enid remarks, "Like when you called me a dyke and then voted against me?" to which Elle then accuses Vivian of saying it. What scene are they talking about?

Chosen answer: It's not a scene in the movie, and presumably didn't actually happen as Elle protests her innocence.

Jason Hoffman

Treehouse of Horror XIII - S14-E1

Question: In "Island of Doctor Hibbert", when the fox around Hibbert's necks turns out to be Mr. Burns, why are Lisa and Bart so delighted to see him?

Chosen answer: I think Bart & Lisa are happy about Mr. Burns being unable to do anything to them, as they have a bad history with him.

Louise Newman

Question: I'm still confused about something. Why was Fiona turned into an ogre in the first place? All she says is that a witch cast a spell on her, but they never mention it again.

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: The Fairy Godmother curses her so that her son, Charming, can free her and become king. This is made clear in the second movie.


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