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Question: Why doesn't JJJ look like himself? True he's being played by JK Simmons but here he's bald without the trademark Jameson hairstyle.


Answer: This is a different version of JJJ, not the one from the previous Spiderman movies, just like PP.


Thanks folks though it's still weird looking since he should have his brush top look.


I agree. But I'm already glad it's JK Simmons and not some other actor.


Answer: The general movie-going audience doesn't always know the difference between MCU movies and movies that are based on Marvel properties made by other studios. Jameson's different look might have been done to avoid confusing fans into thinking that this iteration of Spider-Man is somehow connected to the Sam Raimi films.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: During flight class, when we see Hermione's broom rolling just above the ground, there is something black in front of the broom. I don't mean Hermione's sleeve. What is it?

Answer: It is Harry's shoe. He is standing right beside Hermione.

Answer: I don't think you mean this but you can see the shoe of the person standing next to her. If you mean on the bottom side of the screen then you can see Hermione (or whoever is standing there) kick the broom to make it move I think. But it's not causing all the movement of the broom though, but there is definite contact with a foot. You can't see the top of the broom (I'd say that's the front BTW).


The shoe is what I meant thanks. Whose shoe is it?

It's Harry's shoe.

raywest Premium member

Question: Thanos wields Thor's axe and tried to bury it into Thor's chest - is this because the axe doesn't require you to be worthy for it, or is Thanos strong enough to wield it without being worthy, or is he worthy to wield his axe and if so why?


Answer: Thor's hammer was enchanted by Odin in the first Thor movie only to be wieldable by a person who was worthy, but the axe was made later and had no such enchantment.


Question: At the end, Eddie seemed to know Marvin Acme wrote his will in disappearing ink on the same piece of paper Roger wrote his love letter on - how did he figure it out?

Answer: At the Ink and Paint Club, Acme squirts the ink on Eddie's shirt, which then disappears. Later, Eddie sees the ink stain on his shirt re-appear, and realises the disappearance is only temporary. Jessica had told him that Acme gave her the will but it was blank, and Roger said he wrote the letter on a blank piece of paper, and so Eddie works out that the ink would re-appear.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: In the beginning of the movie there is a man recounting his story about how his wife and child were killed by Dukhovich. The opposing attorney objects due to hearsay. How is this hearsay, when the man was telling his story of him seeing his own family killed?

Answer: You are right. It isn't hearsay and this is a mistake.

Question: How did Matrix know that the gun store had a hidden room full of illegal weapons such as automatic rifles, rocket launchers, and anti-personnel mines? There isn't any dialogue explaining how he knew the room was there and how he knew the general location of the hidden switch to open the room.


Answer: You are right that there is no reason given in the movie so any answer would be speculation. One possibility is it is a secret government (or criminal) arms cache which can be accessed in times of emergency and Matrix is connected enough to know about it.

Question: Who exactly is Linarcos?

Answer: He's the representative of the owner of the ship.

Question: Why didn't Walter go to prison after he confessed everything?

Answer: As I recall, at the end, Walter had turned himself in and was awaiting sentencing. He was told the judge may go "easy" on him, likely because of his mental instability, but exactly what easy means, is subject to interpretation.

raywest Premium member

The Billionaire - S2-E1

Question: Did this whole episode actually take place in London or did a lot of the actors speak with British accents?

Answer: This episode was filmed in London. Most of the minor characters, outside the Gordon family, were British born actors. Although Sybil Gordon was played by a British born woman.


Question: At the beginning of the movie, the entire Good Guy factory is completely covered in dust and cobwebs because of not being used in eight years. What caused the factory to close for such a long time? Nobody believed Andy when he said that his Good Guy doll was possessed by Chucky. And even though Andy said Chucky was responsible for so many murders in his doll form, people most likely wrote it off as a child's overactive imagination and that wouldn't be enough to close down the factory.

Answer: The public believes that the Good Guy doll that committed the murders had simply malfunctioned, which caused great negative publicity for the company. The public does not believe Andy or his mother's claims that the doll was possessed by a serial killer and was actually alive. In Child's Play 2 the company finds and reassembles the doll to prove to shareholders that the Good Guy doll is safe. This backfires and the doll is re-possessed, which leads to additional murders in that film crippling the company for 8 years.


Show generally

Question: In the second episode Chrissy's mother comes to visit. In future episodes her father comes to visit - who is an actual "father" (i.e. priest). Aren't priests forbidden to be married?


Answer: He's not a Catholic priest. He's a pastor, with the title Reverend, at a community church who chooses to wear a clerical collar. Some people still address pastors as "Father" though. I'm not sure of his religious denomination, but most pastors can marry.


Answer: Yes Pastors can marry... I was asking for Priests since his collar appears to be that of a Catholic descent.


Some protestant pastors wear the clerical collar as well:

Brian Katcher

Question: I've been looking all over for this answer and can't find it. I know this has been asked, but it has not been properly answered to what I can find. At the end of "War of the Worlds", Tom Cruise saw the birds and realised the shields were down. How did the shields deactivate? I understand that the aliens got sick and died from bacteria, but there must have been something else. Even if there were designated aliens to control each tripod's forcefield, there is no way that every "Shield duty" alien died before the other members of their crew, leaving their tripod mobile and vulnerable... Were they getting low on resources because they had eradicated too many humans too quickly? Did they decide that since the majority of people died, that they could focus on using more of their "fuel" towards mobility and capturing instead of combat?


Answer: I believe its supposed to be the tripods work on the alien's biology, so its powered by the presence of a Martian inside. So if the martian is sick, the tripod is sick.


That's always what I believed. This is further evidenced by the fact the tripods themselves have actually been on earth for millions of years, but they get "sick" when the Martians do. It has to be tied to the Martian's own health for that to make any sense.


Answer: Bear in mind if memory serves we only see that one tripod with no shields - other than that we're just told another one "behaved erratically" then went down. So there's no evidence that all the shields on all the tripods went down by default. Could well just be that with the one we see the alien inside was seriously ill, flailing about and deactivated the shields by mistake not long before becoming completely incapacitated.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: Lady Mary mentions George and Caroline in a sentence about carrying on Downton Abbey in the future. Who is Caroline?

Answer: Caroline Talbot is the half-sister of George Crawley. She is Mary Talbot's daughter.


Thank you.

Question: What did Johnny mean when he said to Ali "Maybe we can call a truce?"


Answer: He's asking for them to make peace and stop arguing.

Jason Hoffman

Question: When Zach wrote that all of the monsters got pulled into the manuscript, why did Hannah get pulled in too? She wasn't a monster but a friendly ghost.

Answer: When they use the term "monsters", it isn't specially about evil creatures, it's anything R.L. Stine created in his books. All of Stine's creations were pulled into the book, including Hannah, who was never a real person. A ghost would be considered a monster, no matter how friendly or benevolent.


Question: Does anyone have a clue why Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace was given a normal sized body instead of a shorter one like other smaller characters in the game?


Answer: Originally they were not. The earliest Lego Star Wars sets had normal sized legs.

Answer: Because they are Lego. Most Lego men regardless of age or species are the exact same size.

Quantom X Premium member

Characters who are significantly smaller/shorter (typically young children) are usually depicted with shorter legs in Lego games, those type of legs which aren't rotatable and doesn't have holes in them (excluding the bottom of their feet). Yoda and Boba Fett (From Attack of the Clones), on the other hand, has those type of legs in the game.


At the time of Phantom Menace, Lego did not have those short legs. By the time Attack of the Clones was released, they had developed them. The use of long legs for Anakin is accurate.

Question: How did the reavers attack the front of the ship, killing Walsh, when they would have been behind the ship, after Walsh glided in?

Answer: Serenity spins around as it skids across the the front of the ship is now facing the Reaver ship.

Question: How come the little girl didn't give Howard back his ball when he tried to retrieve it around the mall?


Answer: Most likely, she decided to keep it and not want to give it to Howard which is why she put it in her mouth.

Show generally

Question: Why did the cord on the wall phone in the police station change from straight in the early episodes to coiled later?

Answer: There's probably no particular reason. Sets and props on long-running TV shows often change as needed and for various reasons throughout a series run.

raywest Premium member

Menace - S5-E19

Question: Why did O'Neill shoot Reese at the end of the episode?

Answer: Because Reese was controlling the replicators, or at least still linked to them, and he saw shooting her as the only way to stop the replicators. However, Daniel suggests that Reese deactivated the replicators prior to being fatally shot, so the audience is left to wonder who was right.


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