King of the Hill

Ho Yeah! - S5-E13

Question: Is Tammy supposed to resemble Peggy from "Married with Children"?

I Don't Want to Wait - S5-E2

Question: What song is playing at Bobby's party when Connie tries to apologize to him, after she kissed Joseph?

The Redneck on Rainey Street - S8-E21

Question: After Kahn and Minh neglect their home and bills, the realtor tells Hank that they will be out of the house "in ten working days." Wouldn't the bank be required to give them thirty days?

Love Hurts and So Does Art - S3-E18

Question: How did the so-called artist get a hold of Hank's X-ray in the first place? If the doctor provided it wouldn't that be breaching doctor/patient confidentiality?

De-Kahnstructing Henry - S3-E13

Question: When Minh says that Dale can buy the panda radio, and she tells him to address a check to her, why does he pretend not to know her name?

Answer: Dale probably wasn't serious about buying the radio. He was teasing Kahn by asking what Minh's name is. He is enjoying the fact that Kahn and Minh need to sell stuff at a yard sale, because they are normally arrogant, condescending people.

Show generally

Question: How can Dale be so oblivious to the fact that Joseph isn't his biological son or that Nancy cheated on him with John Redcorn considering in one episode Dale actually caught them both in bed together.

Answer: In addition to Brian Katcher's response: it's supposed to be a joke that Dale is always suspicious about conspiracy theories, mysteries, etc, but he is "clueless" about his own wife having an affair. Of course, as Brian wrote, many fans think that Dale is pretending to be clueless because he doesn't want Nancy to leave him.

Answer: That's the shtick. Everyone in town knows that Dale's wife is seeing John behind his back and that Joseph is obviously really John's son, but Dale is completely oblivious (he's not that smart of a man). In one episode, Dale even says he's not homophobic because 'John Redcorn is gay, and he's one of my closest friends.' Of course there is a fan theory that Dale is completely aware of what's going on but chooses to ignore it out of fear of his marriage ending.

Brian Katcher

Show generally

Question: Everyone tells Luanne that her father is working on an oil rig, not wanting her to know that he is actually in jail. But she knew that her mother was in jail, so why not tell the truth about her father?

Answer: Couple things, first only Peggy knew the truth about Hoyt (Luanne's father) being in prison and Peggy is the one who said he's on an oil rig. But, Hoyt is Peggy's brother, so she could have been trying to hide the fact her brother is in jail. Lucky (Luanne's husband) deduced Hoyt had been in prison, but seems to be the only other person to know the truth, so when Hoyt went back to prison, he kept Peggy's lie up to spare Luanne. Additionally, Luanne was there when her mother stabbed Hoyt and was arrested, so it's not like someone had to break the news to her and they couldn't hide the fact. With Hoyt, even if Peggy wasn't trying to protect her brother's reputation, she didn't want Luanne, who is a sensitive and emotional young woman, to have to deal with knowing both parents are in jail.


Death of a Propane Salesman (2) - S3-E1

Question: Why does Kahn act so emotional about Buckley (especially when he criticizes Luanne for not crying)? Even though he says that he sought Buckley out and got to know him, there haven't been any signs of him befriending Buckley until now.

Answer: Mainly, Kahn wants to annoy Hank by praising Buckley, because Hank did not like Buckley. Also, when a person dies (or some other tragedy happens), there are often people who "use" the incident to get attention for themselves. They act like they are more involved/close than they really are. At least in my experience.

Answer: If you are talking about the "Thou shalt not do this, thou shalt not do that" song, I'm not sure if a song like that actually exists. Green Day, the guest voices on the episode, might have just been improvising to keep their appearance from being too obvious.

Answer: Jeffrey Boomhauer is a Texas Ranger as can be seen in the final episode at the end when he sets his wallet down, it flips open revealing a Texas Ranger badge.

Show generally

Question: The Monsignor Martinez - in addition to being a priest, is he supposed to be a vigilante? Or a mercenary?

Answer: I get the impression he's some sort of master criminal, though the specific details are left up to the viewer's imagination.

Brian Katcher

Answer: His full name is Jeffery Dexter Boomhauer III. (His father is Jeffery Boomhauer II). While he does say his name in the video game, in "Uh-Oh Canada", a woman calls him Jeff.


Answer: I just watched this episode on Hulu yesterday. There is a moment in the hotel (where Rad takes Luanne for a date) when Rad says hello to a man named AJ, while he hugs Luanne. I am quite sure that I never saw this moment when the episode aired on regular TV channels.

Answer: This is a reference to the Backstreet Boys, of whom AJ was the least popular member.

Has nothing to do with AJ from BSB. He was never the least popular. He was like the main singer in the group. Howie was the least favorite and didn't even sing.

Answer: We're never told, but he was just a friend of Rad.


Answer: It's not uncommon in real life for spouses to be unhappy in their marriage and resort to extramarital affairs. I haven't seen every episode of this show yet, but the vibe I get is that it's not so much funny that she cheats on Dale, but how painfully oblivious Dale is to it, to the point where he can't even tell Joseph is obviously John Redcorn's son and not his.

Phaneron Premium member

The main joke is that Dale is so fascinated with mysteries, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, etc, he is too busy to notice his wife having an affair. He does not see the "conspiracy" of Nancy and John, happening right in his own home.

Answer: Nancy has stated that she loves Dale "in a 'lights-on' sort of way" (season three - "Peggy's Headache"), and other episodes make it clear she cares about him. It could be a case of her "having the cake and wanting to eat it, too." She can enjoy her affair with Redcorn while Dale takes care of Joseph, due to him not always working much. Perhaps she needs an escape from Dale's reckless adventures and conspiracy theories. An affair is not a good way to deal with this, in my opinion, but there are people who do it.

Racist Dawg - S7-E20

Question: When Hank told Roger that he was accused of being a racist, why did Roger ask if the man who called him that was wearing a bow tie?

Answer: Roger was referring to the Nation Of Islam, an organisation preaching self-reliance for black people within an Islamic framework. Members wear smart dark suits with red bow ties.

Peggy's Headache - S3-E3

Question: At the beginning of the episode, John Redcorn pretends that he is at the Gribble's house because he has gingko biloba for Nancy's headaches. Peggy seems awkward and makes the "Uh-huh, sure, I've heard of that" comment. She doesn't yet know about John and Nancy having an affair - she finds out later in this episode - so why is she uncomfortable at this point?

Answer: I think Peggy was pretending to already know something about the herb that John mentioned, gingko biloba. She often wants to appear intellectual and wise about many subjects.

Show generally

Question: Hank bears no resemblance to his father, but strongly resembles his mother. Bobby bears no resemblance to Hank (or seemingly Peggy), but bears a strong resemblance to Hank's father. Is it actually possible for a person to bear such a strong resemblance to one of their Grandparents if they are only getting half their genes from that Grandparent's child and that child bears no resemblance to that particular parent?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: It's also said genetics plays a part here. You can look like an ancestor more than a parent. I myself look nothing like either of mine nor do any of my 3 siblings: older brother, older sister, younger sister.


Chosen answer: The short answer is "yes", it is possible to resemble your Grandparent even if your parent doesn't resemble your Grandparent. The old adage is "it's not like mixing paint", meaning combining genes doesn't always get the same result. It's why full siblings don't always look exactly alike even though they have the same genetic makeup. I look next to nothing like my paternal grandmother but I have a child that greatly resembles her.


Is it a mistake then that Hank's Japanese half-brother strongly resembles him, and by extension Hank's mother, or is that still a small possibility?

Phaneron Premium member

Sort of. These are animated characters, and the style of animation isn't particularly detailed. The resemblance between the two is played up for laughs. But there are plenty of real life examples of people that aren't related at all but greatly resemble one another. Famous examples are Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem, or Will Ferrell and Chad Smith.


It's Not Easy Being Green - S5-E16

Question: How could Bobby and the rest of Mr. McKay's class have showed up at Strickland Propane without Hank knowing? Surely the students would not have been allowed to go on a field trip without a parent's permission. If Peggy had signed a form at some point, she mostly likely would have mentioned to Hank that Bobby would be at his workplace.

Answer: Peggy is a substitute teacher. She may have been teaching at the school the day the permission slips were sent out and Bobby could have just walked to her classroom, had her sign it, and taken it back to his teacher and both just forgot to tell Hank when they got home. ("There are ways" is my point).

Captain Defenestrator

Returning Japanese (1) - S6-E21

Plot hole: In this episode, Hank meets his paternal half brother. They look alike. However, we saw in an earlier episode that Hank's facial structure takes after his mother, not his father. Since they are paternal half brothers, then the Japanese brother cannot look like Hank since he has a different mother.

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Hank: Calm down, Boomhauer! I can't understand a word you're saying.

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The Wedding of Bobby Hill - S3-E14

Trivia: During Hanks's conversation with Bobby when he tells him that he will have to marry Luanne, look at the shelf behind Bobby. There is a Bart Simpson doll there. A few years before this was featured the Hill family was in the crowd at one of the pee wee football games in the Simpsons episode "Bart Star".

Lummie Premium member

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