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7 mistakes in season 13

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Born Again on the Fourth of July - S13-E14

Factual error: When Bobby and Lucky first walk into the church service that is taking place inside the karate studio, the pastor is calling everyone a sinner, and proceeds to point to a picture of Bruce Lee behind him and says he was a big sinner who repented and knew that the unrighteous would not inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Bruce Lee was an atheist.

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When Joseph Met Lori and Made Out with Her in the Janitor's Closet - S13-E23

Continuity mistake: After Dale pours cereal into a large bowl for cereal night extreme, he removes three boxes of cereal out of the cabinet and we see the empty shelf over the paper towels, but as Joseph stomps out of the kitchen there are boxes on that shelf. Then the appearence of at least one of the cereal boxes changes on the table. Also, funny how Dale pulls the mixer out of the large bowl and turns in on, but its cord is not plugged in.

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A Bill Full of Dollars - S13-E6

Continuity mistake: Peggy, Minh and Dale feel responsible for Dale losing all his money after investing in the stock market. To help him out, they pool all their money and the loose bills fill a large basket. After the money ($5000) is stacked and bundled, there are only five small bundles. They put the bundles in the basket and take it to Bill's House. When the money is placed on the living-room table, there are only three bundles.

Lucky See, Monkey Do - S13-E8

Deliberate mistake: Luanne gets pregnant at the end of season 10 and gives birth in this episode. However, despite the passing of several months being implied through various storylines in the interim, she does not have a pregnant belly until this episode. The rest of the time her stomach was as flat as it usually is.

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Lucky See, Monkey Do - S13-E8

Character mistake: When Peggy is meeting Lucky's sister at Luanne's baby shower, she mentions that she lives across the street. However, the baby shower is taking place at Peggy's house, as evidenced by the layout of the house and the wallpaper.

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Suggested correction: Peggy does live right across the street from Luanne, which is what she is saying. Myrna knows she was at Peggy's house. Since Myrna never met Luanne, she might not know where Luanne and Lucky live.


Hank: Calm down, Boomhauer! I can't understand a word you're saying.

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The Wedding of Bobby Hill - S3-E14

Trivia: During Hanks's conversation with Bobby when he tells him that he will have to marry Luanne, look at the shelf behind Bobby. There is a Bart Simpson doll there. A few years before this was featured the Hill family was in the crowd at one of the pee wee football games in the Simpsons episode "Bart Star".

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Answer: Jeffrey Boomhauer is a Texas Ranger as can be seen in the final episode at the end when he sets his wallet down, it flips open revealing a Texas Ranger badge.

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