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King of the Hill (1997)

2 mistakes in Happy Hank's Giving

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Happy Hank's Giving - S4-E7

Continuity mistake: As Hank is calling Peggy's mother to tell about the delay there is a sign above the telephones that says "TELEPHONES". When he hangs up the sign now says "TELEPHONE".

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Happy Hank's Giving - S4-E7

Continuity mistake: Luanne in one scene tells Hank a man asked if she would like to join the mile high club and when she tells him she is facing Hank. In the next shot she is standing in the same position but has turned around and is facing away. There was not enough time for her to move between shots.

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Hank: Calm down, Boomhauer! I can't understand a word you're saying.

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The Wedding of Bobby Hill - S3-E14

Trivia: During Hanks's conversation with Bobby when he tells him that he will have to marry Luanne, look at the shelf behind Bobby. There is a Bart Simpson doll there. A few years before this was featured the Hill family was in the crowd at one of the pee wee football games in the Simpsons episode "Bart Star".

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