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5 mistakes in I Don't Want to Wait

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I Don't Want to Wait - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: When Bobby is driving the golf cart, he is alone. However, when he stops the cart to invite a neighbour (also in a cart) to his party, you can see feet and knees of someone sitting in the rear of the cart.

I Don't Want to Wait - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: At the end of the episode Peggy gives Bobby his birthday cake without any pieces missing from it or marks in the cake. However earlier in the episode, Bobby brings cake for Connie. It's doubtful that there were two identical cakes. You can tell this is the same type of cake because the cream on the top is the same shape and color Bobby brought to Connie.

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I Don't Want to Wait - S5-E2

Other mistake: After Hank & Peggy pick Bobby up from the airport you can see part of the clouds through the windshield. One of the clouds you can see stays in the exact same spot whilst they are driving along the main road in the back windshield. It is a cloud because of the distinct color. It also couldn't be a sticker as you can see when they park the car at the restaurant there are no marks on the windshield.

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I Don't Want to Wait - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: When Bobby runs after Connie, (just before she gets in the truck with Joseph) you can see the front door of the Hill's house is open to the left. Even though in the shot before Connie runs out (and every other episode) the door opens to the right.

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Hank: Calm down, Boomhauer! I can't understand a word you're saying.

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Death and Texas - S3-E22

Trivia: The prisoner in this episode is named Wesley Martin Archer, after the show's directors, Wesley Archer and Martin Archer.

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Death of a Propane Salesman (2) - S3-E1

Question: Why does Kahn act so emotional about Buckley (especially when he criticizes Luanne for not crying)? Even though he says that he sought Buckley out and got to know him, there haven't been any signs of him befriending Buckley until now.

Answer: Mainly, Kahn wants to annoy Hank by praising Buckley, because Hank did not like Buckley. Also, when a person dies (or some other tragedy happens), there are often people who "use" the incident to get attention for themselves. They act like they are more involved/close than they really are. At least in my experience.

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