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Question: Why couldn't ET fly earlier in the movie while people pursued him?


Answer: He can't fly he can only make objects levitate.

Question: Why does Non never speak?

Answer: Jor-El calls him a "mindless aberration" and "without thought or voice." So it's either some sort of mental or physical defect.


Question: Would the army really take a guy with a low I.Q., much less one with a cleft lip?


Answer: The Army doesn't issue IQ tests upon enlistment. Given that Forrest had a college degree, and passed basic training with flying colors because of his amazing ability to follow orders, he would be allowed in just fine. And Bubba didn't have a cleft lip, just big gums.


Question: During the war council, when Schrute shows up and starts harassing Bernardo, why does Riff look upset? If he hates the Sharks he should be enjoying that. Am I correct to see some hidden meaning, or am I overthinking it?

Answer: You might be overthinking it a bit. It appears to me most of the actors are overacting at being intense.

raywest Premium member

Question: Where did Splinter get the turtles their weapons since they live in a sewer?


Answer: While never really adressed, the most popular fan theories suggest that either: 1. Splinter manufactured the weapons with materials he found in the sewers or 2. Splinter scavenged for the weapons at a local dump or 3. They were ordered online (only applies to the 2014 version). Fans admit these explanations are kind of a stretch but certain scenes across movies and/or series lend credibility to one explanation or the other. 1. They seem to know how to improve or even craft their weapons meaning that someone taught them (Splinter). 2. They seem to be troubled when a weapon goes missing or breaks meaning they have limited access to spares. 3. Money doesn't seem to be an issue considering all the pizza that is consumed (in some cases the Turtles have been seen holding down jobs like tech support or birthday party mascot). The original purchase could've been made with money scavanged in the sewers and delivered to a P.O. box Source:

Show generally

Question: I missed something somewhere. The whole way through, Humperdoo is viewed as the "real" son of God, whereas Jesus seems like an afterthought. What's the difference? Why is everyone obsessed with Humperdoo being more important than the original Jesus?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: God made Humperdoo part of his apocalypse plan, whilst Jesus is left out. Jesus died on the cross and went to heaven, Humperdoo is the descendant of Jesus and is actually alive. Thats why he is more important, a living heir of God.


Answer: God was disappointed in Jesus, and chose to favour Humperdoo. Jesus initially wanted to be part of God's plan, but came to the realisation that it was wrong. He turned on Hitler and by the time God came back to Jesus, no longer wanted any part in it.

Question: How does Mr Freeze get placed in Poison Ivy's cell, and why does her floral throne turn on her?


Answer: As to the first part of your question, Mr. Freeze was temporarily placed in Poison Ivy's cell while his own cell was being remade into a lab for him to continue his research.

raywest Premium member

Thanks, in the book version of the movie he bribed the guards with diamonds used to power his suit. That and everyone forgets she's a victim like him, not asking to be turned into a monster, so it just seems unfair.


The Principal and the Pauper - S9-E2

Question: Why did they ship off the actual Skinner? The fake one lied to them all these years yet they want him back? This makes no sense.


Answer: They simply didn't like the real Seymour Skinner. He was headstrong and didn't vibe with the townsfolk. Armin was a pushover who didn't really rock the boat, so to speak, so they wanted to keep him around to maintain the previous status quo.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why is the other tribe traveling through young Jaguar Paw's tribe's forest?

Answer: They are refugees, fleeing war in their homeland.


Question: What was wrong with Alfred?

Answer: He was suffering from the early stages of McGregor's Syndrome, a condition causing the lungs to fill with fluid. He was cured using Mr. Freeze's research.

raywest Premium member

Question: In the scenes when McMasters' body is dropped, the Cowboy says to meet Ringo at 7 o'clock. It was light out. Then they show Ringo and it is dark. Then when Wyatt talks to Doc at Hooker's ranch it appears the sun is rising. Then just before the showdown between Doc and Ringo it appears that the sun is up. It seems more than 12 hours passed. Did 7 o'clock mean 7am?

Answer: Yes, the showdown was meant to have taken place at 7am the next day.


Question: Why was Cera so mean to Littlefoot?

Answer: She's a small, insecure little girl that's afraid of the world. She takes this out on Little Foot by channeling her emotions into aggression in about the only way she knows how.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: Who put Nancy in the asylum? That and how did Bonnie get those scars on her back?


Answer: Bonnie's scars were the result of a previous auto accident. As for Nancy, it's not specifically shown how or by who she was committed to a psychiatric hospital.

raywest Premium member

Question: Given what a brute Jenny's boyfriend is at the hippie party, why would everyone just stare silently at Forrest when all he did was deck the jerk, merely defending her?


Answer: He disrupted the Black Panthers' meeting and assaulted one of their members (or at least someone allied to their cause).

Phaneron Premium member

Question: I haven't been able to find a proper answer elsewhere, so I figured I'd give it a go here: The Arrow Video Blu-Ray version of "Hellbound: Hellraiser II" is getting a re-release in the US soon. (It's the same disc from the 2013/2014-era "Scarlet Box" Blu-Ray set.) Does anyone know if the version of the film on that particular release is the unrated cut? Amazon only says "Rated R" in the description... but at the same time, Amazon also isn't always super-reliable with its information. I'm very interested in picking up the disc since I don't own the film on Blu-Ray, but only want to buy it if it includes the proper unrated cut.


Answer: I jumped the gun and bought it, so I'll answer my own question. Yes, it does have the uncut, unrated version of the film. For some reason, the packaging says "Rated R," but it's definitely the uncut version.


Question: Charles said it was two days since he last took his medicine. But it was only one day. Right when Logan was saying "You can't have an attack out there. Do you understand?" So why would Charles say two days?


Answer: Charles has dementia, which might explain if his memory is poor, but in this case it actually was two days since he took his tablets. He took two before they escaped the warehouse, they stayed at the hotel in Oklahoma that night and the next day Logan tells Laura to give Charles two tablets as he leaves (which she doesn't) and he has the attack. When Logan asks him "How long has it been since you took your meds?" that is the next day, as Logan then says "You saw what happened yesterday" referring to the incident at the casino. Logan did inject him with something which stopped the attack, but Charles may not have been aware of that given his state.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: Near the end of the movie, Beverly is captured by Pennywise. A few minutes later, Pennywise is making a weird dance: is that actually Bill Skarsgard dancing, or a stand-in dancer?

Smooth Danny

Answer: Standin.

Question: Redfoot is the whole reason they ended up in LA (he was the fence), and the reason they got connected to Kobayashi through the attack on the drug dealer. So if he's just a made-up part of Verbal's story, how did they end up in LA, and how did they end up connected to Kobayashi?

Answer: The fence did exist, he just gave him a fake name. His real name wasn't Redfoot.

Question: Why did Noah stab Lucas?

Answer: Noah stabs Lucius (not "Lucas") because he's jealous. Noah is in love with Ivy, but Ivy and Lucius are in love and are together. It's also important to note that Noah also has a severe mental handicap, and thus doesn't know how to handle his anger, so he lashes out and does terrible things.


Question: How does Neal pay for the train tickets after they have just been robbed at the motel? Remember that Gus switched credit cards when they checked in. (00:35:50)

Answer: Neal didn't pay for them. Del mentioned a friend of his who works for the railroad owed him a favor so it's assumed the ride was complementary from Del's friend.

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