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Question: In the beginning, the journalist says "this is the first Starship Enterprise in thirty years without James T. Kirk in command." According to canon, the Enterprise-A was decommissioned in 2293, the same year the B was launched. Was she referring to Kirk's retirement in 2263?

Movie Nut

Answer: She was saying that Kirk had been captain of the Enterprise for around 30 years, so the reference to "the Enterprise without James T. Kirk in command" was referring to Christopher Pike's tenure as captain until 2265 (a bit less than 30 years but she was rounding up).

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: Why doesn't King Candy just not have the race? He doesn't want Vanillope to race/win, so just cancel the race. Problem solved.

Answer: The film implies many times that video game characters have a strong desire to fill out their designed roles, sometimes at their own expense. Ralph constantly has to fight the urge to wreck things, Felix has a strong desire to fix things, Calhoun is obsessed with stopping the Cy-bugs, and the racers in Sugar Rush live to race. Vanellope not being allowed to race causes her a great deal of depression and self doubt. Turbo himself was so obsessed with racing that he couldn't cope with the idea of competing racing games and began to invade them when his game was unplugged. In short, King Candy holds the race because he and the Sugar Rush characters need to race.


The Peanut Reaction - S1-E16

Question: Why did Althea refuse to believe Leonard when he said that Howard was having an allergic reaction only believing it when she saw it for herself?

Answer: She doesn't believe him because when Howard arrives he tells the nurse that he is faking it, and just asks for a band aid to say he had a shot.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: Because prior to this, Howard was exhibiting no symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, and she was tired of them wasting her time. However, unbeknownst to her, Howard had in fact taken a bite of a peanut bar (having only faked doing so before, to distract Leonard), so when she sees his genuine reaction, she believes it.

Je Souhaite - S7-E21

Question: When Mulder is writing down his last wish after using the first two, what was he writing and why did he stop?

Answer: He was intending to once again wish for world peace. This time he is writing down his wish in a specific and deliberate manner in order to avoid any technicalities, loopholes or misinterpretations the genie might cause, since his first attempt at wishing for world peace resulted in her removing everyone else besides Mulder from the face of the Earth. He stops because Scully convinces him that world peace is something that should be attained through effort and not magic, so he instead uses his final wish to set the genie free.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: At the beginning of the movie at the Circle K, how could the future versions of Bill and Ted know Rufus' name when Rufus never introduced himself to the present Bill and Ted?

Answer: Because future Bill and Ted said Rufus' name, so present Bill and Ted learned it. It is circular though since they knew because they knew it.


Question: Why wasn't the vampire army made in a big city? Mad Magazine pointed this out, surely they'd be noticed making one in a small town?


Answer: Victoria's vampire army was created in Seattle. The Cullens began noticing news reports of people, including Riley Biers, disappearing there. The army then traveled to Forks, Washington to attack the Cullens. Mad Magazine is a parody and not beholden to strictly adhering to the plot.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why does that vampire group slaughter whole tourist groups? Doesn't this put their secrecy at risk?


Answer: As the Volturi vampires have been doing this for some time, they apparently have a well-crafted means to make people disappear without it being traced to them. The local humans may even abet them in this, as there is a long-standing agreement that the residents are never hunted.

raywest Premium member

Question: With all the cars Jason Bourne crashed in and kept going, why haven't the airbags gone off?

Answer: This would have been an artistic choice by the filmmakers. Having airbags continually going off each time would have slowed the scene's action and pacing, lessening its dramatic impact. It's not realistic, but it's a movie, and it comes down to what makes for a more exciting story.

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Question: What does Ben tell Sue when they're talking about the general and Reed knowing each other?


Answer: That they are bitter rivals, the gung ho general didn't like the young know it all kid telling him what to do and what he was doing wrong.

Question: When the cable car is sliding down the mountain, they use a parachute with the Stars and Stripes on it. Is this a reference/tribute to Roger Moore's Union Jack parachute in "The Spy Who Loved Me"?

Answer: Yup.

Question: Why did Jack pull into the weigh station when Earl told him not to?

Answer: It would have been suspicious if he didn't do it.

Question: Why was it important that Dracula get Dr. Seward to leave the theater box?

Answer: So he could seduce Mina slowly with his hypnotic eyes, Dr. Steward would have been in the way.

Question: Wouldn't they know something was up when the train explosion wasn't as huge as it should have been (because many of the bombs were missing, and thus making the explosion smaller)?

Answer: The two train engines colliding caused the explosions, all the other cars derailed. All the warheads were carefully packed and disarmed.

Question: At the beginning what was wrong with the young sailor drawing number 7 in the money draw?

Answer: Sailors are very superstitious, they considered it a bad omen. Number 7 is an area of the ocean where most ships and subs have gone down.

Question: When the commando teams drops their gear did the parachute fail to open, or could the equipment survive a drop from a plane at that height?

Answer: Depending on how it was packed most likely.

Reality Star Struck - S5-E14

Question: Before this episode, there was a Christmas episode "Secret Santa" and then there was "Significant Others" with Meredith showing up to take care of Alexis. In that episode, Beckett mentions choosing the movie Valentine's Day for a date night, causing her to lose a turn. In this episode, Castle and Beckett are celebrating their first Valentine's Day together. So, are they celebrating Valentine's Day twice? This wasn't too long after the Christmas episode and when Beckett made her movie choice, no snow was on the ground. Is this a mistake or is this really their first Valentine's Day together?

Answer: The networks are now having winter breaks. A mid season end of new episodes, when they come back after the new year, it picks up as if several months have gone by. Beckett suggested Valentine's Day as a "chick flick" to watch as she is moved in. Also some episodes are not scheduled to air in order.

No Accounting for Murder - S3-E19

Question: Why did the Phantom run out of nowhere after tying up the killer when Grady came into the room with Jessica? Did the Phantom try to avoid being seen by others except Jessica?


Answer: Yes, he didn't want to be a hero. He liked being the Phantom going anywhere and doing what he pleases with people thinking there was a ghost.

Question: Three questions: 1. At the end of the movie, the creeper is missing several limbs, and then falls asleep for his 23-year slumber. When he is mounted for the exhibition he has all his limbs. How did they grow back if he was asleep? 2. Why didn't the farmer give the creeper to the Air Force or something? He has enough visual witnesses to make the military believe him. 3. Why didn't the farmer just burn him instead of mounting him as an exhibition? He plans to fight it with his dusty harpoon when it wakes up, but the farmer could barely fight it when he was younger, now that he is much older he has no chance. Why not just turn it into ashes if the military wouldn't want it? Please don't tell me the ashes could recombine when the ashes wake up.


Answer: The farmer sewed them back on. They do a close up where you can see a thick black "thread" or "wire" connecting the limbs that were cut off in the accident.

Answer: The Creeper's limbs most likely slowly grew back as he slept. The farmer didn't want to turn it over to the military, he wants to finish the job himself. He didn't kill the Creeper, the battle was ended when because he hibernated.

Question: Why does Ann blame Ginny for her mother leaving? She should be angry with her father and Ginny's mother.


Answer: Like all spoiled and mean girls, she blames everyone around her for her problems, when in fact it has nothing to do with her. She wants what she wants, her perfect family with her as the center of attention. The only daughter.

Show generally

Question: Why does the Doctor not generally travel with children? I mean 5 had Adric, and 11 was going to take Amy with him when she was just 7. Is there an in-show reason or is it because of how the show is made e.g. filming on location, maybe long hours shooting etc?

Answer: He doesn't, some may have been young, a few teenagers, but he's never taken anyone under 15 years of age.

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