The Sting

Question: Since Gondorff and Hooker left the fake betting parlor less than 5 minutes after Doyle and Snyder left, wouldn't they have been found out if Doyle and Snyder hung around for 5 minutes? Especially since there probably wasn't a police siren to be heard. Also, there would be no news on the parlor shooting, which would raise Doyle Lonnegan's eyebrows. Finally, Snyder knew the bar where the cons hung out and where the money was going to be split.

Answer: 1) Why would Lonnegan and Snyder "hang around"? Snyder was told to get Lonnegan away fast, and Lonnegan believes two people were just killed... Lonnegan is loath to abandon his money, but he realises he needs to leave. He is telling Snyder about the money, so he may be hoping Snyder can get it back for him once it's safe to do so. 2) There wouldn't be any sirens yet, the shooting happened seconds before they left. Someone would have to hear the shots and call the police for sirens to be heard. Even so, Lonnegan (and Snyder) have no reason to expect sirens, as this is apparently an FBI raid and so law enforcement is already on the scene. 3) News of raids gone wrong (i.e. one where there are unintended deaths) would likely never make it to the news. This was the 1930s, much easier to bury a story, especially one like this that happens in an illegal betting parlour with no press attention. 4) What of it? If he shows up they hide everything and just act like they're having a drink.

4) What of it? If he shows up they hide everything and just act like they're having a drink. - How on earth could two dead men "just act like they're having a drink"?

Didn't realise you were talking about Gondorff and Hooker. They didn't go to the bar. Gondorff was planning to leave town immediately and Hooker voluntarily gave up his share.

Question: What horse actually won the race that Lonigan bets on Lucky Dan to win?


Chosen answer: I watched this the other night and specifically listened for what horse won the race that Lucky Dan was running in. It is never revealed who the winner is, because while the fake announcer in the back room is calling the race, the F.B.I. agents raid the building. During the ensuing chaos, shouting, and gunfire, it is impossible to hear the broadcast over the noise.


Question: If Salino was a hit woman for Lonnegan, why did he put a hit on Hooker, who he was working with to play the track? Also, who were, and why did the hit men arrive at Hooker's apartment to kill him?

Answer: He wanted to kill the man who swindled him out of his money. He didn't know it was Hooker. Same thing with the two hit men, they didn't know the hit woman was working the same hit.

Isn't one of the hit men who got Luther (and who would also know what Hooker looked like) the big tall security dude (on the train) for Lonnigan? I thought he was one of the black and white photos. Seems to me Lonnigan would eventually know that Hooker and Kelly were the same guy?

Question: Lonnegan killed the Currier and Luther, and was trying to kill Hooker. How come nobody was looking for Joe Erie? even Snyder knew he was involved.

Bob j

Chosen answer: Snyder only knew that Erie was friends with Hooker, and he wasn't on Lonnegan's payroll, just a run-of-the-mill corrupt policeman, so he didn't know Erie was involved. The Courier barely saw Erie and so may not have been able to identify him as well as he did Hooker and Luther, so Erie was unknown to Lonnegan.

Question: When Riley and Cole miss the hit on Hooker, and it's given to Salino, Cole's still looking. Wouldn't he see Hooker with Shaw?

Answer: If he did, it likely wouldn't matter. Neither he nor Salino know about the main plot, they're just on an assignment to kill the grifter who worked with Luther. Even if they saw Hooker with Gondorff, they'd have no reason to suspect anything or to report it to Lonnegan or anyone else; they're only interested in the hit.

Thanks – makes sense.

Other mistake: The reporting of the horse race used to sting Doyle Lonnegan stops as soon as the fake FBI agents raid the bookmakers. J J Singleton, who is reading the results of the race, stops when he sees the raid taking place. However, that was supposed to be a live broadcast from the racetrack itself. It should have continued. Lonnegan isn't stupid - he would pick up on something like that immediately.

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Suggested correction: This isn't a mistake. The person "operating the radio" could easily have switched it off because of the commotion. Lonnegan would simply suppose this is what had happened. He is not going to instantly suspect someone is faking the whole thing.

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Trivia: Even though it sets the mood for the film, Scott Joplin's ragtime music was no longer popular during the 1930s.

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