The Sting

Trivia: Producer Julia Phillips (died 2002) became the first female producer to win an Oscar for "Best Picture" for this film. The Oscar for "Best Picture" goes to the producers of the winning film since 1952. She shares the Oscar with fellow producers Tony Bill, and her then-husband Michael Phillips.


Trivia: Even though it sets the mood for the film, Scott Joplin's ragtime music was no longer popular during the 1930s.

Trivia: Although the movie was released in 1973, Robert Redford didn't actually see it until 2004, on the suggestion of his grandson.

Plot hole: Doyle attends Gondorff's betting shop three times, and he listens to the announcer calling three races from three different race tracks - Narragansett in Rhode Island, Belmont in New York, and Riverside Park in Missouri. He cannot possibly miss the fact that the same announcer calls all three races! J.J. Singleton, the race caller, has an instantly recognisable voice, and Doyle wouldn't be fooled for a second. Each race track would have had its own announcer.

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Suggested correction: There are a lot of things Doyle is processing when he's in the shop. There's a lot happening, and he has a lot on his mind, and increasing pressure and stress each time. It's quite possible that he wouldn't notice the accent of the announcer, something he has no reason to doubt.

Rubbish. During his first two visits, he sits quietly listening to the race announcements. On his second visit, he would recognize J.J. Singleton's distinctive voice and would realize something was very wrong.

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Question: If Salino was a hit woman for Lonnegan, why did he put a hit on Hooker, who he was working with to play the track? Also, who were, and why did the hit men arrive at Hooker's apartment to kill him?

Answer: He wanted to kill the man who swindled him out of his money. He didn't know it was Hooker. Same thing with the two hit men, they didn't know the hit woman was working the same hit.

Isn't one of the hit men who got Luther (and who would also know what Hooker looked like) the big tall security dude (on the train) for Lonnigan? I thought he was one of the black and white photos. Seems to me Lonnigan would eventually know that Hooker and Kelly were the same guy?

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