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Question: Arnold said that when the T-1000 took the form of someone he would likely terminate the person being copied. Why didn't the T-1000 kill Sarah? He had been in physical contact and could mimic her voice. There was no reason to get her to call John at the end, he could have killed her immediately.

Answer: It comes down to the difficulty in impersonating someone John actually knows. The T-1000 had failed impersonating someone close to John when he got the name of the dog incorrect. A deleted scene (re-incorporated into the film in the Director's Cut) shows him checking the dog's tag afterwards, so he is aware exactly how he was outsmarted. Keeping Sarah alive is a way to avoid this sort of mistake. She is more useful to him at this point alive. He is not expecting her to endure his torture and he certainly isn't expecting her to be able to fight him afterwards.


Answer: In addition, another deleted scene shows that the T-1000 was damaged by being frozen and thawed and was having difficulty maintaining form. He wanted to be sure he wouldn't mess it up.


What's especially odd about the scene is that both examples we gave to help answer this question were actually deleted from the original release. When I first saw this movie in the theater when it was released I had the exact same question, it wasn't until I saw the Special Edition with the deleted scenes reinserted that it made sense.


Question: Every time Florence would perform before a live audience, people would respond by either laughing at her or booing at her. With these kinds of reactions, how could Florence not realise that it was because nobody liked her singing and that they considered her a terrible singer?

Answer: People believe what they want to believe and can have an uncanny ability to filter out anything negative or unwanted. Eventually, she realised the truth.

raywest Premium member

Also, Florence's friends and supporters protected her and would do whatever they could at the concerts to suppress any audience member who reacted negatively.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Barbossa cuts Jack's piece of eight from his hair what does he say and what does it mean?

Answer: Barbossa shouts "Blaggard!" at Jack, which is like calling him a detestable, dishonorable rat.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Does Charles kill Bob in the end? Why does he hold his fingers down on what looks like his nose and or mouth when he covers his face as the helicopter circles?

Answer: Charles repeatedly reassured Bob, saying, "I'm going to get us out of here," and "Don't die on me, Bob"; which would seem to indicate that Charles intended for them both to make it out alive. Indeed, if Charles had any intention of putting Bob out of his misery, he could have done it much earlier. So, no, Charles didn't kill Bob.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: He didn't kill Bob. He died from his injuries. Charles may just have been touching his face to close his eyes or mouth after death. It may have just been a gesture for some unknown reason.

raywest Premium member

Question: Bayfield and McMoon buy every copy of the New York Post in their neighborhood and throw them in the trash so as to not upset Florence if she ever found out the truth of what people thought of her singing. Wouldn't this have been a waste of time, especially if somebody just came right up to Florence at any time and told her what they really thought of her singing?

Answer: They had no way of knowing whether or not someone would do that, but they did whatever they could to keep her from reading the bad reviews.

raywest Premium member

Question: What did Sean Connery mean by "Elsa never really believed in the Grail. She thought she found a prize"?

Answer: He means she only saw it as a valuable archeological object to be found and exploited. She did not truly understand its religious significance and magical power.

raywest Premium member

Specifically, he meant that Elsa considered the Grail a prize for The Fatherland (the German Third Reich), just as the Nazis considered the Ark of the Covenant a "prize" in the first movie.

Charles Austin Miller

Not quite. Elsa wasn't in it for the was made clear at several points that she didn't believe in Hitler's cause, but she was complicit. The first explanation is more accurate.

Question: Why does the general really appoint Li Shang as the new captain?

Answer: For the reasons stated. He believes him to be a highly competent soldier and trainer. While this opinion is probably influenced by Li Shang being his son, it does prove to be correct, as Li Shang's training is what allows the small group to succeed in battling the Huns.

Jason Hoffman

Question: After Daniel breaks the slabs of ice and after walking out of the bar Miyagi divides the bet money with Daniel. The money is US dollars. Shouldn't they be using Yen?

Answer: Most nations will accept another country's currency which can then be converted at a bank or other financial institution. About the only issue is the exchange rate, as converting one currency to another is usually not equal (i.e. a U.S. dollar is not worth the same as a Canadian dollar) and the exchange rate always fluctuates. A fee is also charged by the institution whenever currency is exchanged.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It may be a country that accepts both types of currency. In Canada, for example, many businesses accept both Canadian and American money.

Answer: Okinawa is also the site of a number of US military bases, so US currency is likely to be somewhat common there.


The Temptation - S8-E14

Question: A couple of scenes show Leanne at the beach. At the end, Ben in his usual suit, is walking on the beach, saying, "I thought I might find you here." If Ben has a practice in Atlanta, lives in an Atlanta suburb, isn't the beach a bit of a drive - about 2-3 hours from Atlanta? Of course, it's not impossible. I just don't see Ben or his daughter taking a quick jaunt to the beach.

Answer: Leanne often went to the beach whenever she was upset about something. In this episode, Leanne realised that Kevin, the guy she had been seeing, had broken into her home and taken her diary in hopes of learning everything about her. This upset her because her privacy had been invaded and Kevin thought that the entries in her diary described the kind of man she was looking for. Ben drove down to the beach to comfort Leanne.

Question: What does Jon do for a living?

Answer: He's a cartoonist.

Question: How did Peter get the idea that Harry despised his father, and was an embarrassment to him?

Answer: He's simply saying that to hurt Harry, knowing that Harry has a complex about his father. He didn't get the idea anywhere - he's just saying it to be hurtful.


Question: This always kind of bugged me. Why would David think that Kirk murdered everyone left behind on Regula One? Even though they did not have a father/son relationship, surely the heroic exploits of James T. Kirk are well known? At one point, David even refers to him as an "overgrown Boy Scout." I've seen this movie a hundred times, but could there be something I'm missing?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Answer: Because David is working under the assumption that Kirk ordered Reliant to take Genesis by force. Khan had Chekov send a message that Kirk was ordering Regula 1 to turn over the Genesis project. When Carol Marcus attempted to contact Kirk to confirm the order, he had the communications at Regula 1 jammed so the message couldn't go through. This lead David to believe that Kirk was attempting to steal Genesis. The fact that the group that stayed behind never made it to the cave suggested that they were killed. Since David has no reason to believe otherwise, he assumes Kirk is responsible. He has no idea who Khan is and that he is a mortal enemy of his father. Khan's goal was simply to acquire Genesis and bring his enemy to him, having David distrust Kirk was not part of his plan. It just happened that way.


Question: In real life, do amusement parks actually have a master control room that controls all the rides?

Answer: No they don't, the rides are controlled individually by a ride operator at each ride. This was just made up for the movie.

Question: If the small predator wants to help the humans by giving them the armour, then why does he start to fight and hunt them?


Answer: Predators are proud hunters and by giving humans armour they are giving themselves "a challenge." They are making the humans harder to kill to increase the pride from killing them.


With all due respect, this doesn't answer the question being asked. The first Predator specifically came to earth in order to provide technology that would allow humans to defend themselves against other Predator attacks. Its literal sole intention was to protect them, which is why the larger Predator comes after it. Not one single human that this Predator then goes on to kill is equipped with this armour, in fact some of the first people it kills are unarmed scientists.

Question: What exactly happens with Peter Parker and Mary Jane's relationship at the end of the movie? I know they reconcile, but afterwards do they get back together and get married or is it purposefully left ambiguous?

Answer: It's implied that they are back together, but whether or not they get married is unclear. It's not purposefully left ambiguous as there was meant to be a fourth film, but Sony opted to cancel it and reboot the franchise.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: When VEGA starts giving Doomguy the report on the facility casualties after Dr Hayden tells him to, I picked up on a couple number references in what he says. His lines are thus... "61,337 UAC members deceased, 81% of the facility is on lockdown, demonic presence through the Mars installation is critical. According to the records, Dr. Hayden, the invasion originated in the Lazarus Facility. It seems that a Hellwave was activated transforming 64% of all UAC employees into the creatures you see roaming through the facility. The rest were killed by the demons released from cells by Olivia Pierce." 61,1337 seems to be a reference/joke to the number 1337 being Leet, or elite with the 6 as a demonic figure. Demon Elite. And then the 64% seems to be a reference to doom 64. So what's the significance of the 81% number then? Or are these numbers all just a coincidence?

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: Most likely no significance, as any person could look hard enough and assign significance to any of the numbers that you mentioned.

Question: When Finch talks to Dominic about his visit to Larkhill, in the movie we see some flashforwards of what is going to happen. In one of those scenes there's Evey in a house, wearing a blue dress and arranging a flowerpot of scarlet carsons. Behind her there's a man in an armchair drinking something. What does that scene stands for? Is that a scene of Evey's future life? Who's that man?

Answer: I believe that in all those scenes Finch is not imagining, because all is seen is what actually is going to happen (or already happened) in the course of events (Gordon's kidnapping, V's final showdown with Creedy, Evey's sitting outside the train). So I think that also Evey's flowers scene is actually showing what will really happen and I also think the unknown man could be Finch.

Answer: Finch is imagining all of this mind you. So it's from his perspective, and from his perspective Evey and V must be acquaintances to have appeared together all of a sudden. In his imagining the future he was thinking they be sitting on a couch somewhere reminiscing.

Question: The villain's whole plan was to force John Matrix to kill some foreign president by holding his daughter hostage. So why at the beginning were they killing members of his unit? That seemed rather pointless to me.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: They didn't know where Matrix lived. They were killing Matrix's old unit because they knew if they did General Kirby would make physical contact with Matrix to warn him. They simply followed Kirby to Matrix's home.


Answer: To flush him out into the open. By killing his unit it will make it more likely he will want revenge and come out into the open making him a target.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: What city is this movie set in?

Answer: We are never told where the movie takes place.

Question: If Susie's body had been in a bag in the safe, how did people who went into his house (Lindsey when she broke into his house through the basement window) not smell her dead body?

Answer: The dog could smell her body even from outside, and he barked and hesitated as he passed near the killer's house. Dogs can smell people from a long distance.

Answer: The only person who went into the basement while the safe was there was Lindsey. The safe was airtight, so the odor at that point would have been contained inside it.

raywest Premium member

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