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5 mistakes in season 3

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Discord - S3-E7

Continuity mistake: The scenes of OA and Maggie chasing McGowan are a mess. The distances between the agents and the perp vary greatly from moment to moment and OA is going over the same fence twice.


Uncovered - S3-E6

Continuity mistake: The two FBI agents are searching for the wounded perp and track him to a veterinarian's-the woman working in the office is ordered to the ground and lays down in front of office chairs very close to large animal cages by her head. In the next scene when she is ordered to her feet, the cages are nowhere near her.


Unreasonable Doubt - S3-E2

Factual error: The digital time zone clock on the wall in the FBI operation center is wrong. The show is set in NYC, which is Eastern Time. The clock shows EST at 16:44 and ZULU time (UTC / GMT) at 20:44. The difference between EST and ZULU time is 5 hours, so the clock should show ZULU time as 21:44. Plus, the times for the other time zones on the clock are wrong by an hour. (00:18:29)


Victim - S5-E4

Question: How was a police report filed for OA's mugging in the beginning of the show? OA wanted nothing to do with the police or to be seen as a victim. He ran away from the scene when he learned a passerby called 911.


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