Best TV mistakes of 2018

Lost in Space picture

Infestation - S1-E3

New this month Character mistake: When Maureen Robinson says that the ship is "trillions of light years" away from Earth, she should have said miles instead of years. A later episode correctly changes the distances involve to "trillions of miles".

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DP Drews
The Looming Tower picture

Tuesday - S1-E9

New this month Factual error: At O'Neil's retirement party, '2-Way' by Lil Romeo is playing while one of the characters is dancing. This scene is set in the summer of 2001, the song was released in April 2002, nearly a year after the retirement party took place.

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Station 19 picture

Stuck - S1-E1

New this month Factual error: The Seattle Police officer's uniform for the City of Seattle is not correct. Seattle Police don't wear light blue shirts anymore. The Seattle Police uniform is dark blue (shirts and pants) and the department has a redesigned patch.


Alexa & Katie picture

Bad Hair Day - S1-E1

New this month Visible crew/equipment: When Katie is handed the iPad with Alexa on face time, when the iPad is facing the classroom, in the camera reflection on the iPad, all of the stage lights are visible.



Waco (2018)

Waco picture

Day 51 - S1-E6

New this month Deliberate mistake: Likely for safety reasons, the fire that engulfs Mount Carmel is more clean and controlled than the fire from the real incident.

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