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Outsider - S2-E6

Plot hole: The FBI is looking for a "very tall" guy who has been identified as such by various witnesses and by their own expert due to the entry angle of a fatal bullet wound - 6'5" at least. They send Elena into a bar near the end of the show to meet the Albanian perp who when he arrives is barely average height.


Answer: Felix Serrano was the biological son of Antonio Vargas, the leader of Durango Cartel. Miguel Rojas (has 2 priors in cocaine distribution and he launders money), was a Lieutenant with the Durango Cartel, and he worked with Felix Serrano. Miguel shot his target Felix because they had a falling out (presumably drug related), and the four other men at the poker table were just collateral damage. Miguel attempted to make it look like robbery. Later, when Miguel was in Antonio's car wired up with the FBI body cam, Antonio states, "Felix said that things were not going well between the two of you." And Antonio knew Miguel murdered Felix. At the end of the episode, after Rina's press conference, one of the reporters even asks, "What was the motive for the 5 murders?"

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