Manifest (2018)

9 mistakes in season 1

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Hard Landing - S1-E15

Factual error: A thief has stolen 75 million dollars. He runs out with two large duffel bags. All US bills weigh a single gram. This means that $1,000,000 in $100 bills - the largest bills in circulation - weigh around 10 kilograms, or a little over 22 pounds. $75 million would be 1,650 pounds. No way this could be carried in two duffel bags.


Vanishing Point - S1-E12

Factual error: Ben and his wife are listening to the radio in Danny's truck. The station shown is WKUD. They are in Tannersville, NY and WKUD is in Edgewood, Ohio, 420 miles away. Too far for an FM station to reach. Besides, the audio is talking about news in New York City.


Hard Landing - S1-E15

Character mistake: The Captain mentions that the guards were killed in the robbery, but the guards were tazed and hit (with the door and the other was punched), not killed. The companion thieves were killed by Griffin though. "Perp steals 75million, kills 2 guards..." No he didn't. (00:16:01)

S.N.A.F.U. - S1-E7

Factual error: A kid comes to the police station to give Micaela a gun used in a murder. He has the gun in a paper bag in his hands. How could a kid enter the inner offices of the NYPD with a gun in his hands (albeit in a bag), and not get caught at least by metal detectors? (00:26:47)


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Suggested correction: "The wolf is accused of killing two officers, but they were only tased." It's actually he killed the 2 men not the officers thy were talking about the 2 men he had to help him.

Contrails - S1-E11

Factual error: The Captain of Flight 828 is recreating the storm the airplane flew through in a simulator. He states that he increased speed to 300 Knots to fly through the storm. That is not accurate. If he increased the speed to 300 Knots then he was flying below 300 knots. Yet the cruising speed of a Boeing 737 is over 450 Knots. He could not have been cruising at such a slow airspeed. Even the 300 knots he increased to is slower than the plane's normal cruising speed.


Off Radar - S1-E6

Visible crew/equipment: Michaela and Jared are driving through the woods in the "middle of nowhere" but as they round a corner after making a right hand turn you can see the whole crew behind them on the road just before the scene cuts. (00:20:21)

Point of No Return - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: Lourdes has a shopping basket with pregnancy test boxes, and a jar is to one side of them to the right. The next time the basket is shown it is fuller and the jar is lying across one of the boxes. (00:18:33)


Trivia: The plot is about flight 828 which disappeared for 5 years, then simply showed up again as if no time had passed for the passengers. Throughout the show, the number 828 is related periodically to addresses, file nos., times, etc. Not referenced is the fact that addresses of all passengers are numerically related to 828 - i.e. Michayla's apt. is 414 (half of 828). Others are 5328 (5+3=8, 2, 8), etc.

David R Turner

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Show generally

Question: Does it seem like this show took from LOST in the sense that a phenomenal event starting with a plane crash changed people's lives?


Answer: Only superficially. Manifest doesn't even begin with a plane crash, but rather a plane disappearing for 5 years with the assumption that it crashed, which turns out not to be true.


In the particulars it seems different, but the overall plot is the same. A seemingly random group on an airplane experience a weird event and spend years trying to figure out what happened. Let's hope the reveal in the final episode is not as disappointing as "LOST" - they're actually all dead.

Answer: Yes, I see the larger connection. There are a lot of movies and shows where people come back from somewhere like car, train, and bus crashes, or even space, war, or who knows where, then try to figure out why. We probably should consider a new genre for plots where the departed or missing return and try to figure out why. Needs a name though. Maybe "Come-back Conundrums" or "Put-back Puzzlers"?

Answer: "The major" is a major general, no major general would go by a title implying a lower rank. Her official DOD photo shows her (and a bunch of other women in uniform) with long loose hair below their collar. Women's hair has to be above the collar or put up, until VERY recently, and if this show is set in 2018 the hair is out of regulations. No major general would have an official photo with hair out of regs.

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