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Question: When Matrix says to his captors "Why not have Bennett do it, looks like something he will get off on"; did he mean it was something Bennett wouldn't go to jail for (considering he was psychotic), or was it some kind of sexual implication?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: A sexual implication, suggesting that it's something Bennett would find exciting.


Question: When Edward and Bella were by the lockers at school, how come Edward couldn't read Bella?

Chosen answer: Edward is able to read anyone's mind "except" for Bella, something he cannot understand why and that frustrates him. Bella has some unknown ability to block any mental intrusion.


Question: Bella, Edward and her friends were getting on the bus, and one of her friends went up to her and was going to ask her to prom. After she said that she wasn't going to be in town, she started walking to get to the bus, and she passed Edward and he started to smile. Why did he smile when she passed him?

Chosen answer: Because Edward has superhuman hearing, he could overhear Bella declining Mike's invitation. Edward is attracted to Bella, and he is pleased that she is uninterested in the other guy and probably also a bit amused over how she awkwardly handled the situation.


Question: I realise this has been brought up many times, but can it be considered a definite continuity error in the whole series that Obiwan Kenobi is trained by Qui Gon Jinn in this film, despite saying in Empire Strikes Back that it was Yoda who trained him? Some have argued that Qui was working under Yoda, but in Empire, Obiwan said to Yoda, "Was I any different when you taught me?" which to me pretty much says that Yoda was his direct teacher. I'm guessing that Lucas changed the background stories a bit, but I would like to know for sure.

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: No, it can't. As we see in Attack of the Clones, Yoda is in charge of training the younglings, the Jedi hopefuls, the ones too young to have been selected as a Padawan. Yoda trained Obi-Wan when he was a child, then Qui-Gon selected him as a Padawan as he reached the proper age. They both trained him, taking responsibility for different stages of his education. It is entirely possible, of course, that Lucas did originally intend Yoda to have been Obi-Wan's sole master when he made The Empire Strikes Back and thus your guess that he changed the background stories may well be accurate, however, if this is the case, then he made the alterations in such a fashion that no continuity error exists, because it all fits together.


Question: Is there any significance to the pantyhose that the team gives out being encased in plastic eggs?


Chosen answer: L'Eggs was a famous brand of panty hose that came inside plastic eggs. That's the joke.


Question: Saw the film once in the movies and now on DVD. Still can't figure this out. Bond follows Camille to the dock and watches from a distance as Dominic talks to General Medrano about using Camille, then killing her. Then Camille (not knowing her fate, only knowing that she wants to kill the General) leaves on a boat with Medrano. As the boat leaves, Bond suddenly realizes that he must get Camille away from the General and goes through a series of very dangerous moves on the water to kidnap her away from him. The question: why? Bond could not possibly have heard Dominic's remarks about killing her. Bond's sudden decision to steal Camille away from the General makes no sense.


Chosen answer: Remember just before that scene? Bond gets in to the car with Camille (Camille thinks that Bond is Slate) and looks through that attache case and finds a picture of Camille, with a gun, and tells her "I think someone wants you dead". So Bond and Camille both knew that Dominic was planning her death, but she had to go through Dominic to get to General Medrano.


Question: Is this film in the public domain? Thanks.

Chosen answer: No, it's owned by Film Preservation Associates.


Question: If Sidious was trained by Plagueis, how/when was he able to get involved in a political career? Was he already an adult when Plagueis met him?

Chosen answer: Very few details have been released regarding Palpatine's early life, how he apparently escaped the notice of the Jedi Order and came to the attention of Plagueis instead. His apprenticeship apparently took "many decades", suggesting that he was recruited as a child. However, under Naboo law, public service is mandatory between the ages of 12 and 20, so it is possible that Palpatine was already in service when recruited, and chose to continue his political career in order to further the goals of the Sith. Even if recruited at a younger age, Palpatine was reportedly of noble birth, making it relatively difficult for him to simply drop out of sight to train as a Sith full time, so he may simply have decided (or been instructed by his master) to continue with his life in an outwardly normal fashion, while being trained covertly in the Sith arts.


Question: Since Umbridge ordered the dementors to attack Harry in the opening of Order of the Phoenix, why isn't she punished or otherwise held accountable after it's revealed that she is responsible for the attack?


Chosen answer: It was never actually proved that Umbridge ordered the attack, and it is basically her word against Harry and the other students. Also, the Slytherin students would back up Umbridge's claims. The Ministry does not believe anything Harry or Dumbledore says anyway, discounting their claims that Voldemort has returned, that Sirius Black was innocent, that Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) is still alive, etc, so it's unlikely they'll believe that Umbridge was involved in dementor attack.


Question: There's a line in this movie - I think - in which Obi-Wan mentions that Yoda was his master. But wasn't Qui-Gon Jin actually Obi-Wan's master?


Chosen answer: Yoda isn't mentioned in this film - you're actually thinking of The Empire Strikes Back, but I know the line that you mean - Obi-Wan refers to Yoda as "the Jedi Master who instructed me". While Yoda was not "his" master (as you say, that was Qui-Gon), his description is technically accurate - Yoda is a Jedi Master and, as we see in Attack of the Clones, appears to take responsibility for training the young Jedi hopefuls, the younglings, as they're referred to, so would undoubtedly have had a hand in Kenobi's training at some point.


Question: What was the point of the crazy soldier who shoots the black thieves and later gets shot dead by George Kennedy? Why was he so nutty, and quite frankly what purpose did he even serve in the film?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Before he put the uniform on, he was a complete nobody, having the respect of no-one. Now that he's in uniform, he demands that people should respect him, and coupled with the powers of Martial Law (where looters can be shot on sight), takes the lack of respect too far and shoots them.


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Question: All through the series the doctors can be shipped stateside if they earn enough points. How did the points system work and how come Hawkeye never gained enough even though he was there from the beginning?

Chosen answer: Points are awarded for months in service, months overseas, medals received, combat stars awarded to their unit, and his number of children. Hawkeye, having no children, no medals, and no combat stars, would have a longer term of service than a soldier in combat. The episode 'Peace On Us' (Season 7, Episode 2)has the army upping the number of points needed to be discharged making Hawkeye angry because he needs to stay in Korea that much longer.


Question: I still don't understand the purpose of the little boy Armand has with all the bite marks.

Chosen answer: Because his blood tastes really good. The vampires keep him around like a bottle of fine wine. They are careful not to kill him or turn him into a vampire. He must be treated very well in return as he is clearly loyal to Armand, rescuing him from the fire later.

Grumpy Scot

Question: What is the actual likelihood that a decorated serviceman, with no prior criminal record (we know this because if Poe had any priors he wouldn't have been in the Army) would actually get prison time for killing two men who attacked himself and his girlfriend? Seeing as there were witnesses (said girlfriend and bartender) I find it hard to believe he would have gotten more than an extended period of probation. A prison term, even a year or two, seems severely harsh considering the circumstances.


Chosen answer: Zero. As you said, he was attacked and there are witnesses that he tried to avoid the fight and the killings were in self-defense. It is an extremely weak plot hammer to get Poe onto a plane full of criminals. It's foolish as well. The writers could have had Poe framed for a crime then exonerated and put in the same situation much more believably.

Grumpy Scot

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Question: Whats the deal with Michael Rosenbaum? Did he leave the show? I find it strange that he is nowhere to be seen in the show or in the opening credits. If that is the case, is it known why he left? Or is this just some plot device to build suspense?

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: He simply chose to leave the show. He wanted to move on; seven years is a long time to devote to a single project, so he felt it was time to move his career onwards. As a result, the character of Lex, which they'd taken as far as they realistically could anyway, was written out of the show. It's certainly not out of the question that he could make a guest appearance in a future storyline, much as Kristin Kreuk, who also left the show at the end of season seven, did in the middle of season eight, but so far this has not occurred.


Question: Instead of waiting for someone to inject liquid iron into themselves, could Magneto manipulate the small amounts of iron that are already present inside a person?


Chosen answer: It's unlikely. Most of the naturally occurring iron atoms in the human body are tied up as part of the hemoglobin molecule - it's unclear whether Magneto could affect it under those circumstances. The amount of iron is also extremely small, at most a couple of grams, which really isn't much to work with. Mystique's escape plan gives him a lot more to work with, in a much purer form.


Question: In the meeting at the beginning, after Padme is attacked, Mace says that their intelligence believes that angry spice-miners attacked her. Why do their intelligence people think that?

Chosen answer: Presumably there's been some disquiet among the spice-miners for some reason - better working conditions, better pay, could be a lot of things. Apparently the intelligence services feel that things have got heated enough that the spice-miners might try open rebellion by attempting to assassinate their Senator.


Question: I never understood why the officer who is disrespectful to Vader in the meeting (on the Death Star) calls the Force an "ancient religion". If I remember correctly, at the moment, Vader only mentions the Force, not the Sith or Jedi. Since it has only been 19 or 20 years since the Jedi were defeated, wouldn't the Force still be something that a lot of people, around age 35 and older, could remember and have knowledge of?

Chosen answer: Following the Force has been going on for millenia - "ancient" by any standards, so his description is hardly unreasonable. Yes, there will be plenty of people old enough to remember when the Jedi were around, but that doesn't mean that they're under any obligation to show respect for it, particularly as the public perception is that the Jedi died as traitors. Motti regards Vader with contempt, seeing him as a throwback, clinging to an ancient, outdated and reviled superstition. Hence his disrespectful and insulting attitude.


Question: I haven't read the books, but at times, Charlie Swan's behavior seems to indicate that he knows something about the Cullens. Other than thinking they are a bit odd, does he know that they are vampires or that the Quileutes are wolves?


Chosen answer: According to the 4 books, Charlie does NOT know the Cullens are vampires. Spoiler alert! In the 4th book breaking dawn, Jacob tells Charlie he is a werewolf. Charlie is not made aware of the Cullens as vampires in any of the 4 books.

Tricia Webster

Answer: Charlie does know that the Quileutes have a prejudice against the Cullen's and that they stopped using the hospital that Carlisle works in. When Bella tells her father that the Cullen kids aren't very accepted at school he is defensive and gives a long speech about what a good family they are.

Question: Who are the two men that the Emperor talks to on the Death Star, after he tells Vader to send the fleet near the far side of Endor, and Vader leaves? I know that who they are is not said in the movie.

Chosen answer: According to the Star Wars Databank, the pair are Sim Aloo and Janus Greejatus, two members of the Imperial Ruling Council, a large group numbering several hundred who act as advisors to Emperor Palpatine and are also sent on missions across the galaxy as his personal representatives. Both are Force-sensitive with some training in the Dark Side directly from Palpatine himself and, as their presence during the Emperor's discussion with Vader shows, are among his more trusted acolytes.




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