The Hangover

Question: When the guys are trying to recap the night, they are having breakfast by the Caesars' pool. I've stayed at Caesars twice and never saw this as an option. Was this filmed somewhere else or staged for the movie?

Question: In the scene right when they leave the hotel after the wild night, they see Doug's mattress. Is there any significance to the guy that turns to them and says some people just can't handle Vegas?

Answer: His name is Chuck Pacheco and he's an actor/director. He played Chuckie in the movie Alpha Dog.

Answer: I'm sure the guy Phil asks is a famous golfer, just not sure who. It is significant in what he says, because the Wolf Pack couldn't handle Vegas, so it was a sideways slap to them.

Question: How does Phil end up in the hospital? They said it was in the pictures but I didn't see anything, just him in the hospital.

Answer: In the pictures, it is Stu that is fighting with Wayne Newton. It could be assumed that Phil got involved afterwards, but it is never shown.

Answer: They show Phil in the pictures hanging out the with Carrot Top and getting punched by Wayne Newton; the fight with Wayne landed Phil in the hospital.

Tricia Webster

Answer: He got kicked in the ribs from the tiger, dry humping it in the back of a stolen police car.

Question: Doug says they are going home with some money, but how much is the damage to the hotel room going to cost?

Answer: It was never stated but it would cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage.


Least of their problems, the only one they could give to someone else, and easily covered by all those casino chips.


Answer: Venice Fung (HK).

Answer: Nobody in particular. Just a random woman he slept with.


Question: In the beginning of the film, who is the girl in the pink dress who is leaving the trashed hotel room right before the guys wake up from their night, and, why was she sneaking from the room?

Answer: It's Jade, the stripper Stu married. She's sneaking out because she wants to surprise them with coffee.


Answer: She also added that she was being quiet to not wake them up. She went to get them coffee and when she returned everyone was gone.

Question: When they rent the villa for the night Stu pays $4200 for it without any fuss, suggesting money is no problem for him. However, when he finds a receipt for $800 from the casino the day after their wild night, he panics, acting like it's a huge amount. Why did spending $4200 not bother him, but $800 did?

Answer: When they check in, he doesn't actually pay for the villa. As the receptionist said, it was just a copy of the card for security, and they can choose how to pay for the stay upon checkout. At some point in the movie he mentions that his girlfriend checks his credit card statements. This is why he panics at the $800, because she's likely to find it. The copy of the card for the hotel stay does not appear on any statements unless that particular card is used upon checkout.

Question: How did they manage to get inside Mike Tyson's house though they have come in the police car? Can't the security people understand that they are not real police because they don't have badges?


Chosen answer: I don't think the security thought they were policemen. The guys must have broken into the house when there was no security there. When they return the tiger, Mike's bodyguard says they checked the CCTV footage when they noticed the tiger was missing, found the best man's jacket in the tiger cage, and tracked them back to the hotel. There is no mention of any other security personnel except the bodyguard. Even if security guards had seen the police car and assumed they were cops, when the 'policemen' started urinating in the pool and trying to steal the tiger, they would have given themselves away. The guys broke into an empty house.

Question: When Phil, Stu and Alan get back into the hotel, they find Mike Tyson and his mate in their hotel wanting their tiger back. Just wondering a) How did Mike Tyson know who these guys were that took the tiger and b) where they were staying? (01:09:00)


Answer: They answer that in the movie! Doug dropped his jacket at Tyson's. His wallet and room key were in it.


Answer: The guys were caught on Tyson's security camera while stealing the tiger. His security people were likely able to identify and track them using the video footage.


Question: Do we ever find out why the Chinese man in the trunk is naked? I understand that Stu claimed he was his lucky charm, but that doesn't explain why he was naked.


Chosen answer: Presumably being locked in the trunk/boot of a car in the sweltering heat might cause someone to get a tad warm whilst in said trunk/boot.


Answer: Ken Jeong just thought it would be funnier to jump out naked, so he did.

Question: When they realise where Doug is, someone (I can't remember who said it) says, "You can't open hotel room windows in Vegas." Is this true? If so, why not?

Answer: It is true. Its a safety issue. Unfortunately people in Vegas can get a little desperate, and most hotels on the strip are high rises. Someone could lose the rent money or something like that, and jump. Or get drunk and fall out. Most hotels, even in other cities don't have operational windows for safety reasons. I worked for a major strip casino, and we knew of several suicides because of gambling issues, and making the windows non operational helps to eliminate casino/hotel liability. If there are windows you can open, they are usually tiny as to not allow anyone through. Also, its HOT in Vegas, so AC is used most of the time anyway.

Kimberly Mason

Question: When Chow is naked, it seems he has pubic hair but no genitals. Can someone please explain this?

Answer: He appears to have a micropenis.


Question: Did they steal two cop cars? They put the tiger in a cruiser at Mike Tyson's, and they stole one with the baby in the morning.

Answer: No, they stole the cop car when they were drunk and came back to the hotel trashed, and it was valet parked. When they came out with the baby in the morning, the valet went and got it.

Question: How did they have enough time to do everything they did on the first night? I believe everyone is ready by 7pm, then they go to the rooftop, then dinner, then they play blackjack and other games, they also find the time to kidnap Chow, go to the strippers, get married, steal a cop car, go to Mike Tyson and steal a tiger, come back to the hotel, fill a hot tub, playing bowling with champagne bottles, drink at least 40-50 beers, energy drinks and champagne, use all the inflatables, wait for Doug to fall asleep and get him on the roof, come back and pass out, then wake up by about 9am It seems like the casino games and strippers would take you until about 2am anyway, but they managed to fit everything else in with about 5 hours.

Answer: They didn't have time. This is a movie. Time is deliberately compressed to an unrealistic level in order to make the plot work, to make it funny, and fit it all within a 100-minute running time. Audiences are expected to employ a "suspension of disbelief" in order for the movie to be made.


True, but the movie still takes place in the real world, and physics should still prevail. It also doesn't help that they mention the time at several points throughout the film.


Hollywood does not have a history of adhering to "the rules of the real world and physics," particularly in a comedy buddy flick. Movie makers bend whatever rules they want to make a story work. The goal here was to make a funny movie that earned lots of money.


Question: If Doug was on the roof the whole time, what exactly has he been doing for the past day while the others try to find him? (01:31:00)

Chosen answer: For the most part, he was passed out or sleeping while waiting for someone to find him.


Answer: Mattress was tossed from higher up on the roof, and to push the plot forward the hotel workers go with the idea that some drunk tourist tossed it out a window.

Answer: Doug was with them most of the night. He was in the wedding pictures. I'm assuming it's presumed he went back on the roof for some reason, maybe to sleep since at some part they ransacked the hotel room and he got locked out because at the beginning roof scene Stu propped the door open. They probably were bringing the mattress up to chill on too and he got locked out.

Answer: Of course he was just waiting, sleeping or sleeping it off all that time, but myself I have to wonder; Why didn't any staff OR security find him before his friends?! I'm sure there had to be some daily maintenance work on the rooftop AC's or something, which Doug could use to get back down when they come up! For that matter, I'm sure that if Doug had sufficient wherewithal to signal help by throwing part of his bed off the roof, he could've tried again with either a torn-out padding chunk of the rest, thrown down in the sight of everyone (something soft so as not hurt anyone), disconnecting sundry parts of the aforementioned roof utilities to create something to draw maintenance and security, or some other method entirely. Add to that, finding his box spring in the landscaping would have set the hotel staff buzzing anyway.


It's odd that the guys on the roof removing his mattress didn't see Doug on the roof.

The workers removed the mattress from the porte cochere, which is only a couple stories high. Doug was stuck on the roof of a resort tower, which is substantially higher.

The guys didn't remove the mattress from the roof. It was a statue on top of the lobby entrance. The building is a massive high rise. They'd never look for the roof. Assuming someone broke open a window and pushed it out.

Question: Who are the 2 people in the elevator who are making out when the guys get in to leave?

Answer: No one in particular, but the man was played by the film's director, Todd Phillips. And it would appear that they were not simply making out, but that he was performing cunnilingus on her.


Question: When Phil, Stu and Alan were being interrogated by police, why didn't they report Doug's disappearance? If they did, then Doug would have been found much faster.

Answer: They were probably afraid they'd be blamed somehow, especially if Doug turned up dead. Considering they don't have any plausible explanations about what happened, the police would likely be suspicious.


Continuity mistake: The boys try to drug Mike Tyson's tiger by putting roofies into a piece of steak. When Alan puts the pills into the steak you can see that the meat is extremely soft; he pushes the pills in easily with one finger. When Stu brings the steak into the bathroom it's clearly a stiff piece of steak and not the same one.


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