The Hangover

The Hangover (2009)

32 mistakes

Continuity mistake: The scratches on Phil's neck have completely disappeared by the time they're back for the wedding.

Visible crew/equipment: Boom mic visible in the window on the right-hand side when walking down the hall way of the hospital.

Visible crew/equipment: When Alan is using the bathroom there is a tiger in there before he looks at the tiger you can see a crew member reflected on the mirror.


Continuity mistake: In the regular, non-extended version of the movie, when the guys are on the roof of Caesar's Palace they drink a shot. Then without filling the glasses they have another toast with a suddenly full shot glass.

Continuity mistake: Just after the cop car gets smashed up and Stu says "thats a fake laugh" there is a long shot of the cop car and the windscreen has got considerably less damage to it than previously seen.

A Demon

Continuity mistake: When Stu first finds Doug on the roof, the sun is half on his face. When the camera changes sides and shows Doug again when they are all standing around him, the shadow is much longer and there is no sun on his face.


Continuity mistake: The boys try to drug Mike Tyson's tiger by putting roofies into a piece of steak. When Alan puts the pills into the steak you can see that the meat is extremely soft; he pushes the pills in easily with one finger. When Stu brings the steak into the bathroom it's clearly a stiff piece of steak and not the same one.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Stu, Phil, and Allan are retrieving the tiger back to Mike Tyson, the tiger scratches Phil. As they get out of the car, the camera has the tiger in full frame as he growls at Phil, you see chains around the tigers' neck as a leash that was never there before.

Continuity mistake: The morning after scene opens with Stu laying on the floor of the hotel suite. There is a chicken about 2 to 3 feet to the left of Stu about even with where his head is on the floor, but when they cut to another camera angle showing Stu getting up the chicken is now 2 to 3 feet directly in front of him rather than 2 to 3 feet to his left as previously shown.

Visible crew/equipment: When Alan, Stu and Phil are in the car they hear a sound, when Alan says, "What was that?" a crew member holding a camera is visible in a reflection on the right side of the window.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Phil calls Tracy to explain they cannot find Doug, the three guys in the background are in a very different position than at the end of the movie during the same time period. In the end the drug dealer walks forward towards Stu and Alan and then Stu begins running over to Phil. In the beginning all of the guys in the background are farther apart during the same time of Phil's phone call.

Continuity mistake: When the guys are going to bring "Carlos" to his mom in his apartment, he is wide awake as they approach the room. However when Jade picks him up, he's now suddenly sleeping.


Other mistake: In the morning after scene, when the three men are sitting at the dining table by the pool with the baby, watch the extras milling about behind them. The same two people pass behind them twice from the same direction just moments apart. A little later a woman in a swimsuit walks by behind two of the characters. After a few more lines of dialogue, she is still walking by behind another of the characters.

Continuity mistake: The amount of dirt on Phil's pants varies greatly between shots, during the scene after they let the guy out of the trunk in the Mercedes.


Continuity mistake: When the guys are leaving Vegas and Doug is explaining that he found chips in his pocket, he is holding his hat with his left hand and the chips in his right hand. Two shots later, the hat and chips have switched hands, with no time for it to occur.


Continuity mistake: After Mr. Chow runs away, you can see that the crowbar is in a different place from where it was when he dropped it.

Jonathan Sim

Continuity mistake: When Alan says Rain Man was a "ri-tard", the exact same white van drives past them twice.

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: Just before the car is nearly hit by the lorry, there are skid marks on the road. Camera changes angle and the skid marks have disappeared.

A Demon

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene when Phil calls Traci, Drugdealer Doug is urinating in the background for almost the entire scene. Later, when the scene is playing out again, Drugdealer Doug zips up and walks back to the car after Phil says "We f***ed up," which is the second line of the conversation.

Continuity mistake: Once the naked guy is let out of the trunk and runs off, Alan is sitting on the ground with his back resting against the front tire in one shot, then against the car just behind the wheel well in another, then resting against the tire yet again in another.



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Alan Garner: I shouldn't be here.
Doug Billings: Why is that, Alan?
Alan Garner: I'm not supposed to be within two hundred feet of a school... Or a Chuck E. Cheese.



Ed Helms's toothless grin has been emblazoned on posters for his new movie The Hangover – and it turns out the holey smile wasn't just a gag. "It is totally real," Helms, 35, tells People. "I have an implant. An adult tooth never came in and when I was 16, they did a permanent implant."