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Question: At last when Cage wakes up and the battle is won, does that mean Cage is forever immortal? Because whenever he will die, the day will reset itself, even if he dies of old age, the day will reset. So will he live immortally?

Answer: No, he got the ability to reset time from the aliens. They are dead now so the ability won't work anymore.


Answer: It depends on how you view the reset power. When he and Rita have the Alpha's blood in them, they had the power to reset the day when they died, but that power wasn't their own. It was the Omega that was resetting the day, which it did whenever an Alpha died. But now that the Omega is dead, there's no reset power, so when Cage does die, even with the Alpha's blood in him, he won't return to the past. Now if somehow having the Alpha blood resets the day for Cage, even with the Omega's death, all he'd have to do is get a blood transfusion again and he'll lose the ability to reset.


Question: Alfred comes up to Bruce who is examining print dust on the safe after his mother's necklace was stolen. Alfred says to him "This is your idea of sounding the alarm, is it?" What does he mean? I don't understand this line.

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: The reason why Alfred says "This is your idea of sounding the alarm" is specifically because Bruce has not sounded the alarm. From Alfred's point of view, he has been told by Bruce that they have been robbed, but the only thing Bruce is doing is examine the safe for fingerprints. He found it odd that Bruce's idea of trying to find the culprit was looking for fingerprints and not actually sounding the alarm and having the place locked down so that they can find the burglar.

Casual Person

Question: What's up with the chicken being crushed? I don't see how it could be fake. I assume it was an accident, but why would they continue like nothing happened? And why would they put it in the movie? And why haven't I seen anyone mention it?


Answer: It does appear to be unintentional (or at least, unscripted), but they continue because when you're shooting a movie, you don't stop until you hear "cut." I'm guessing no-one was concerned about the chicken, and so didn't feel the need to do anything about it. It's possible the film was made without an animal welfare monitor on set. As to why it's in the movie, the whole "marching to the prison" sequence was probably handled by the assistant director (as shots like this, not involving the principals or any substantive dialogue, often are) and they may have only done the one take. Who knows, they may have thought the injured chicken added realism to the scene.

The Crossing - S3-E3

Question: How did the priest at the end die?

Answer: He was in an accident.

Show generally

Question: Is it ever indicated that it's Starbug 1 used throughout the series?

Answer: They do occasionally specify Starbug 1, but it has also been destroyed multiple times and the interior changed. They either rebuild the ship or change the designation of one of the other Starbugs.

Question: Who would have a tombstone made for Jason?

Answer: Someone who wanted to let people know that Jason was truly dead. That the crazed killer of Camp Crystal Lake would no longer be loose in the world.

Answer: Probably regulations so they wouldn't dig up that plot to bury someone else there.


Ho Yeah! - S5-E13

Question: I don't know much about cars. Will someone explain what is humorous about Tammi wrecking a Chevette (her mother's) instead of a Corvette?

Answer: The Chevette was a short-lived, small, economically friendly hatchback. The Corvette was about 3-4 times more expensive new. While the names are similar, they didn't have anything in common other than being manufactured by Chevrolet. The Chevette name was basically meant to mean "baby Chevrolet" since it was so small and not a "baby Corvette." It's unlikely Tammi's mom would have been able to afford a Corvette.


Question: When Mr. Stacks was telling Annie what ingredients to use, and she had only heard of two of them, which two was it?

Answer: Probably steak and tomatoes. But there's really no indication which ones she actually knew (and might have been exaggerating).


Question: How exactly did Cochran manage to smuggle that massive Stonehenge all the way from England to California?

Answer: He wouldn't have to smuggle it, lots of things are bought in foreign countries and shipped to America. London Bridge in Arizona or put on display in buildings and parks.

Except the news report flat out said the stone had vanished and everyone was freaking out about the theft. It was not obtained by legal means. We're never told how they managed to get it; probably in some supernatural manner.

Brian Katcher

Question: If they hate their jobs then why not quit and sue their boss?


Answer: It's not easy to just quit and find a new job and they would not have good references. Lawsuits are difficult, being long, involved, and expensive processes with no guarantees of winning. (If one loses, they can be responsible for the other party's legal costs.) The three women were at a distinct disadvantage as they'd be up against an entire company that most likely would protect the boss, as they'd also be liable for allowing his abuse and be forced to implement new policies. The ladies also wanted to take a stand and fight back, not just for themselves, but for the other women who worked there, making positive company-wide changes while keeping the boss locked up.

raywest Premium member

Question: Even before Abel saw the interracial couple making out in the pool, why would he be so suspicious that they are a bad influence? How exactly does his wife's death and unfaithfulness play a role in this mistrust?


Answer: Abel was mentally unstable and that drove his overall behavior. His initial antagonism about Chris and Lisa started with a variety of factors including them being an inter-racial couple, Chris' smoking, and the couple listening to hip hop music. This was all exaggerated in Abel's mind, and continued festering. Abel's late wife had an affair with a white man, which seems to be a factor in his objection to any inter-racial relationship and distrust of white men. It's implied that Abel's extreme, controlling behavior is what led to his wife's infidelity.

raywest Premium member

Question: What's the back story of Mort and his wife mentioning the previous stalker and how he paid him off? They also mentioned the people who only knew.

Answer: As I recall, the person who was paid off was another writer whose story Mort had plagiarized. Any previous stalker would be a figment of Mort's imagination, even early on, and symptomatic of his increasing schizophrenia and paranoia that ended his marriage.

raywest Premium member

Question: Whenever we see Sauron aka the Necromancer, he appears to be shadowy. Did he have a physical form during the events of the Hobbit or not?

Josh West

Answer: Sauron did not have a full physical form at this time. He cannot completely reform his physical body until the One Ring is returned to him. The Necromancer is portrayed as "shadowy" in the films to represent the fact that he is not an entirely corporeal being. Sauron at this point was only able to use a fraction of his power, so he was easily cast out of Dol Guldur.


Rick Potion #9 - S1-E6

Question: Throughout all the seasons they are said to be from dimension C-137. Is that their dimension before or after this episode, when they permanently change for the rest of the seasons?

Answer: C-137 is the dimension they came from since the pilot. After C-137 is Chronenberg'd, Rick and Morty travel to a replacement dimension that we haven't found out the designation of (although they may have moved dimensions again). The "original" Jerry, Beth, and Summer are still on C-137 though.


Question: Can anyone tell me the name of the music the band is playing when chief Brody and his wife are dancing?

Answer: The songs are: Downtown, The Girl From Ipanema, and Teach Me Tonight.

The very first piece the Amity High School band plays, is a piece called "FANFARE." It was composed specifically for the film -> by Universal's music department head (at the time) HAL MOONEY, utilizing a small Universal staff ensemble of musicians. The composers of the other pieces: Downtown (Tony Hatch), The Girl From Ipanema (Antonio Jobim/Vinicius de Moraes), and Teach Me Tonight (Gene DePaul/Sammy Cahn). I had hoped so much when they came out with the definitive JAWS 2 score, that John Williams would have permitted these pieces to be included on the score. I think the case was that those particular pieces were not in the 'vaults' along with the John Williams score. We'd all agree, those songs are essential to the JAWS 2 narrative.

Question: Why did Angela / Peter refuse to eat much food at first, and also refuse to play volleyball? She / he could probably do those things without the secret being revealed.

Answer: Watch his first scene at his aunt's. He doesn't speak at all. Clearly Angela/Peter has had a withdrawn personality since the death of his father and older sister. So doing activities with other kids is one thing he wouldn't do, as for eating, a lot of kids don't at first if they miss home.


Question: So Tatum is running from Ghostface, she's running to do what exactly here? I'm confused why she didn't just try to open the garage then run to the beer and throw it at him and run out instead of going through the doggy door and dying like that. (01:06:57)

Answer: She panicked. And when someone is panicked they make stupid decisions.


Question: Does Schofield throw away his canteen after he pours water over his eyes? In any event he has it again to fill with milk at the abandoned farm house.

Answer: He puts his canteen back after he poured water over his eyes. You can tell because after he gets up it's hanging on his side again.


Question: Why didn't Sandy immediately telephone Danny when she found out she and her family were not going back to Australia, and that she would be attending his high school?

Answer: Being a Ladies' Man, Danny probably told her the same thing. He was only vacationing for the summer and would be returning home to another city and state.

Not a good answer. It requires you to ignore too much of the rest of the plot of the movie regarding Danny's strong feelings for Sandy.

Answer: Perhaps Sandy didn't know the high school she would be going was the same as Danny's, so she didn't think to call him already, but wanted to do it later. It's all very vague about where it all come from. The point is she never thought she would see Danny again, just like Danny thought he would never see her again. With that in mind they might indeed not have exchanged phone numbers anyway so no way to contact each other.


Answer: Again, he had his reputation as a Ladies Man, he didn't want the gang to know, he was wimping out and had fall in love. Remember the song, "Summer Lovin" He told of scoring with a hot babe, while Sandy sang of true love.

Answer: Maybe they didn't exchange phone numbers.

I don't think exchanging phone numbers would have been common practice in the 1950s. If anything, Danny would have her number.


I grew up in the period this movie was set in and, considering Sandy and Danny were dating, they would definitely have exchanged phone numbers.

That's a lousy answer, considering how much Sandy and Danny supposedly meant to each other. Having grown up in the years the movie was set in, I know those teenagers would have been calling back and forth to each other when they weren't together at the beach.

Answer: Considering all the answers given so far to this question aren't believable, let me provide one that is: Perhaps Sandy had already tired of Danny by the end of the summer, and wanted to move on with her life and find a guy who wasn't a wimpy greaseball.

Question: When Avram is departing on his horse after meeting Tommy, Tommy asks him if he speaks any Mexican. Abram, who doesn't, is puzzled by the question and asks which Tommy responds "Just curious." I've always assumed that Tommy was mocking him cause he was unknowingly riding south and headed for Mexico instead of West towards San Francisco. Am I right?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: Right on the nose.

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