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Question: How is it that Dr No can grip and crush a statue, but not be able to pull himself out of a cooling vat?

Answer: His metal hands were not able to grip the smooth, metal pole. He was also submerged in boiling liquid, so he would not have had long to attempt to pull himself out before dying and sliding back down the pole.

Question: When the line breaks Brody's head is cut. It looked like a real cut and he did looked dazed. Was that fake? Or did that really happen by accident?

Answer: There are so many anecdotes regarding the numerous accidents, ad-libs, gaffes, rewrites, mechanical breakdowns, personality conflicts, budget overruns, delays, and offscreen cast and crew antics during production of "Jaws" that you could compile it all into a book (or a movie-mistakes website). Seemingly, every bit of trivia from this film (both real and fabricated) has been published at some point over the last 45 years. But if Roy Scheider ever suffered a real-life head injury in this film, it's not among that collection of trivia; so, it's fairly safe to say that the injury was entirely scripted. In a word, fake.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: What happened to the clerk and the others at the convenience store when Pierce and the Reavers showed up? If they are killed then why?


Answer: The clerk was definitely killed, as we see his body on a slab later in the movie. Presumably he was killed for seeing too much.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Why did Ace lie about killing the Terence brothers?

Answer: He's a fraud and he's trying to impress people and create a reputation. Most of what he brags about is likely either made up or was actually done by someone else.

Jason Hoffman

Question: How many people does Sid 6.7 kill in the film?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: 24.

Question: When Lui Kang fights Reptile, what was Johnny Cage doing this entire time? (01:12:15 - 01:15:50)


Answer: Since the entire fight is focused on Liu Kang and Reptile, he could have possibly waited to see what the outcome of the fight was.

Question: After the rex attacks the trailer, Eddie arrives and the first thing Ian asks is where Kelly is. Eddie's response is "She's in the high hide." We see that it is lifted and lowered using the winch on the Mercedes car. They took two cars and the trailers to the island, one car is the one Nick and Sarah used to take the baby rex back to the trailer (and is later knocked over the cliff). The other car is the one that WAS powering the hide. How can Kelly still be in the high hide if Eddie uses that car to try and pull the trailers back up?

Answer: He probably went down the same way Malcolm did and somehow locked the hide into position so he could detach it and use the jeep. Without a winch it only could not go up or down again. Later the other people got her out of the hide using the same type of winch.

Question: Why do they look into the scope soon as it starts to rise? The view part would still be in the water.

Answer: It was probably a deliberate mistake by the filmmakers to keep the action and plot moving quickly, rather than realistically waiting for the periscope to be fully out of the water.

raywest Premium member

Question: Just before Ferris makes it into his house, Ed Rooney appears and finally catches Ferris. Just as he's about to lay into Ferris, Jeanie appears and covers for him. As soon as Ferris gets in the house, Jeanie shows Ed Rooney his wallet and mentions that she found it on the floor causing him to be shocked. After being chased off by the dog, why did Rooney simply give up?

Answer: Rooney had gotten so carried away with trying to catch Ferris skipping school, that he illegally entered the Bueller house. Jeannie found his wallet and had proof that he had trespassed, an act that could get him arrested and fired from his job. She is blackmailing him to leave. He knew he'd lost and left.

raywest Premium member

A Man About the House - S1-E1

Question: I never understood the meaning of the dialogue in a scene with the Ropers in the first episode. Stanley says to Helen something like "Too bad you're not from India - you'd be sacred there." Helen then comes back by saying "and contented." What did both of these phrases mean?

Answer: Mr. Roper was basically comparing Mrs. Roper to a cow, which is a sacred and highly revered animal among Hindus; Mrs. Roper's retort meant that she wasn't happy with her marriage or current station in life, so she'd be happier as a cow in India.


Question: Leia said that the first order weren't tracking their little transports. So how did they find them?


Answer: DJ ratted them out, told the First Order their entire plan and to look for the little ships.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: What happened to the binoculars Le Biche was holding on to?

Answer: This appears to be continuity or editing mistake where the binoculars suddenly disappear.

raywest Premium member

Question: Finn told the guy that the medallion meant a lot to Rose, but she never mentioned it to him. Why does the medallion mean so much to her?


Answer: The medallion is identical to one that her sister, Paige, wore. Paige served aboard a resistance space ship and sacrificed herself to release bombs that destroyed one of the First Order's dreadnought ships.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did the boy shoot the wolf? Or the horse?

Answer: He tried to shoot the wolf but he missed.


Question: How did Venom get Spider-Man's powers?

Answer: Spider-Man's powers are part of his DNA, so since the symbiote bonded with him, it was able to absorb Spidey's DNA into itself.

Phaneron Premium member

Show generally

Question: I know that Bart the Mother was Phil Hartman's last episode before his death as Troy McClure but what was his last episode as Lionel Hutz?

Answer: His final speaking role was in "Realty Bites," but his actual final appearance was in "A Tale of Two Springfields," where he can briefly be seen trying to climb over the wall of garbage.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: When Damien killed Mark, he screamed and started to cry. Was he truly upset that he killed him, or was he putting on a show for his aunt and uncle?

Answer: Damien is still very conflicted, having thought of himself as a regular boy his entire life. While he is slowly embracing his nature, he hasn't lost his emotions, and he's crying because he's actually sad that he had to kill his friend.

Jason Hoffman

Answer: He was truly upset, as he had not come to terms with being the Antichrist yet.

Jukka Nurmi

Question: I was watching the documentary on the trilogy. What exactly does Robert Zemeckis mean by "the ending with them going to the future was a joke?" What exactly is so funny about Marty and Jennifer going to the future and helping out their future kids from getting into trouble?

Answer: The original film was not written with sequels in mind. The sequels were only created after the overwhelming box office success and popularity of the first film. The ending is a "joke" because of how much more absurd the story has become, and the fact the audience doesn't actually see the future. Of course the joke is ruined somewhat because sequels were eventually produced and we did actually see the future, Marty and Jennifer as older adults, and their kids. When viewed in the context of a stand-alone film (and in the four years audiences had to wait until the sequel was released) this ending was indeed quite funny at the time.


Poison - S5-E24

Question: Why did Judge Taft order Karen to kill her daughter?

Answer: There is no evidence he did beyond the words of a woman crazy enough to murder her daughter.


Question: Why did Rocket deliberately hide the fact that he knew where Thanos was? Cap told Tony they couldn't find him but Rocket detected him two days ago.


Answer: They detected an energy surge that they suspect to be Thanos 2 days ago. Tony and Nebula had only just returned and Nebula confirms to them that's where Thanos is. Rocket didn't hide anything, they just hesitated to act on it.


Cap told Tony that they had done various forms of searches and scans and they didn't know where he was. So they didn't know. So it wasn't a matter of "hesitating to act." "Hesitating to act" is also out of character of all the heroes and makes no sense that if they did all that searching only to hesitate when they found him?


No no no. I mispronounced. Nebula tells them where he is, probably told Rocket on the spot where the planet was located and Rocket explains that an identical energy surge that occurred on Earth occurred there as well. They didn't know that was Thanos, they didn't look for it, it may have happened 2 days ago but they didn't notice it. Not until Nebula told them he is there, the energy surge simply confirms he is there and that he used the stones again. I do still think they hesitate, they got no plan, no confidence. They all feel defeated and unable to beat him. They just do all they know, react.


That's not what happened in the movie. Rocket announced the surge and what planet it was and Nebula confirmed it. Not "probably" the other way around. How could they not notice a power that strong? They aren't incompetent. Especially when half of the universe is destroyed. Who else is going to create that? No plan, no confidence? They have Stormbreaker and it stood up to the power of the stones. To the point Thanos had to run and hide. Cap America has never been one to simply "react" when he has time to create a plan. Even if, as you said, all they know is react...You just said they hesitated. Which one is it? They had almost a month. Lastly, again why are they searching for Thanos, if they are defeated and without a plan? what were the expecting to happen when they found him? Send him a postcard?

They wanted revenge, they are the Avengers after all. The plan was to take the stones, but they aren't sure if they could since they failed the last time and Thanos is pretty much unstoppable with all stones, so they are hesitant. Thanos didn't run and hide from Stormbreaker, he just retired and prepared to destroy the stones, he could have turned Stormbreaker into bubbles. Nebula first said she knew where Thanos was, in the next scene Rocket tells about the planet and the power surge there. He talks about it because Nebula told him that's the right planet. Captain Marvel convinces them to just act right now, so they go there. They don't have anything else anymore.


Thanos took an axe to the chest. He isn't unstoppable. "The plan was to take the stones, but they aren't sure if they could..." that's not a plan. Thor had the ability to kill Thanos in his hands. They just needed to find him and take his head off. Thanos couldn't turn Stormbreaker into bubbles. He didn't do it when it was coming at him the first time. Nebula said he had a plan for retirement. Not where exactly. All of this is pointless. I figured it out. Two days is how long it took for that energy surge to reach Earth and be detected. Much like any other interstellar event. When we finally see it, it happened in the past.


I said this before on this website, Thor caught him by surprise, probably the last time anyone could. Thanos had only just gotten the stones and was distracted. We don't know how much power he really has when he had all 6 of them (not as much as in the comics) but I'm pretty sure that if you can eradicate half of all life in the universe you can destroy a simple little axe with them as well. Nebula said she knew exactly where he is, even named the planet. Rocket said there was another power surge 2 days ago, not that it took 2 days to detect the surge.


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