Freddy Vs. Jason

Question: When Will convinces Mark to hold off leaving town so he can go save Lori, Mark says "OK, but if you're not here by morning, I'm outta here." Just wondering how Mark was going to leave town (if he survived the night and Will didn't make it back) since Will had his vehicle?


Answer: He could choose to either hitchhike or get someone to take him to the next town.


Answer: The town has said no-one comes in, and no-one leaves (which how do some of the character get to crystal lake which is in the movie mistakes as a plot hole) how could he leave?


Question: It shows in Jason's dream that he drowned as a kid, so how is it that he is now an adult? Also was he handicapped or just deformed?

Den Mitchell

Chosen answer: Jason survived due to his unique healing abilities, at the end of the original "Friday the 13th" he is shown coming out of the lake. He is deformed with some mental handicap.


Question: The first "Friday the 13th" movie gave me the impression that Jason drowned while trying to swim alone at night. However, this movie shows that a group of campers pushed him into the lake during daytime. Which scene portrays his actual death?

Answer: Jason didn't drown at night. I just watched a YouTube clip of Mrs. Voorhees talking to Alice (in the first movie). She says that she working the "day" that it happened. There are visions of Jason in the water. They appear dark in tone, but show enough light for a daytime setting.

Answer: It was the original Friday the 13th. Nobody anticipated there'd be a crossover. I think director Ronny Yu did this change for the sake of making Jason sympathetic.


Question: Why did they transfer Jason who was put to sleep to Camp Crystal Lake? I think Lori talked about this in the van, but I'm afraid it didn't make much sense. Why was it again?

Bunch Son

Answer: Since Freddy is using Jason to bring himself back, they want to put Jason back to sleep. Since he sleeps at Crystal Lake, that is where he would go when he finally does. Bringing him there also minimizes the chance for collateral damage and deaths and puts Jason on his home turf for the fight.


Plot hole: During the first fight scene between Freddy and Jason in the dream world, Jason tosses Freddy into some pipes which causes water to spray everywhere. When Jason is about to attack Freddy and stops to back away from the water, it is explained that Jason is "afraid" of the water. While logical on paper, this makes absolutely no sense with the rest of the Friday the 13th movies and an earlier scene in Freddy vs. Jason. Jason has on many occasions ventured freely into Crystal Lake to kill his victims in earlier movies, and in this movie he walks all the way to Elm Street in the pouring rain. Surely if he was afraid of water he'd not have completely submerged himself in a lake, and would have taken shelter under a tree until the rain storm passed.

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Kia Waterson: Do you guys thing I should get a nose job?
Lori Campbell: Oh, my God.
Gibb: Oh, please. Kia, what you need is a lobotomy.

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Trivia: In Lori's dream, kids teasing a young Jason place a burlap sack on his head, similar to the burlap sack Jason wore in Friday the 13th Part 2. Jason started wearing the goalie mask in Friday the 13th part 3. (00:08:00)

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