Freddy Vs. Jason

Revealing mistake: In the fight scene at the pier, after Freddy and Jason get thrown into the air by the carriage that smacks into them, they land on the pier in sort of slow motion. Watch Jason's left knee as he lands, you can see a kneepad.

Revealing mistake: When Freddy and Jason are fighting towards the end of the movie, Freddy cuts Jason's fingers off so he drops his machete. But when Freddy catches it you can easily see that it isn't a real one (it's made of rubber, or something like that). (01:20:40)

Revealing mistake: When Jason is slicing kids at the party, you can see the padding under their shirts

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Revealing mistake: When Linderman dashes at Jason and impales him with an American flag, Will is dragging Lori (who is supposed to be unconscious). He's dragging Lori by her arms... but when he suddenly reaches behind his back with his right arm, her right arm stays up in the air. (01:13:50)

Revealing mistake: In the fight scene nearing the end, Freddy cuts off Jason's fingers and slashing sound is heard. However you can tell that he completely misses Jason's hand, and in addition you can see the pre-made cuts that indicate where the fingers will fall off. (01:20:35)

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Revealing mistake: When the drug "Hypnocil" is researched on the Internet, an article about the drug appears. If you pause the shot and read the article, you can see that it has nothing to do about Hypnocil. The article is about drug testing of students who engage in extracurricular activities. (00:55:10)

Revealing mistake: As soon as the drunk kid sets Jason on fire there's a few quick shots of Jason's face but there's a perfect hole right through his head where his eye is supposed to be and you can see the night sky through it. Some people say it's a reflection off the goggles to protect the actor from the flames. Either way it's a mistake. (00:40:45)


Revealing mistake: In the final fight scene where Freddy and Jason are outdoors, Freddy gets his leg caught in a rope and is hung upside down. This causes his pant leg to rise revealing an unburned limb, which obviously was not covered with make up. (01:19:25)

Revealing mistake: After Jason has killed Stubbs, we see all the kids in the room looking for Hypnocil. Then we see Stubbs being 'thrown' through the door. However we can see the stunt double come running before going through the door. So he isn't actually thrown. (01:00:10)


Revealing mistake: At the final battle scene where Freddy and Jason, Freddy knocks over a bucket of spikes that land on Jason. Right before he does that they show a close up shot of Jason and you can very see normal skin of the actor Ken Kirzinger right underneath his left eye.

Revealing mistake: When Mark's back catches fire it is obvious in some shots that his back is covered in some sort of flammable plastic. (00:49:35)


Revealing mistake: In the scene were Freddy and Jason are fighting at the end, when Freddy puts the machete in Jason you can easily see a rip in the shirt made for the machete to go in.

Revealing mistake: In the cabin fight scene while Jason is trying to free his machete from the table, Kia picks up a wrench and starts hitting him. When she hits him across the face, you can see the wrench bend in her hand.

Revealing mistake: When Freddy is about to kill Gibb, the claw near the top right that is in the locker bends like rubber.

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Revealing mistake: Obvious rubber material when Lori tears off Freddy's ear. (00:56:40)

Revealing mistake: At the end, Jason tears off Freddy's arm but when they go flying into the lake you can see Freddy has both arms intact.

Revealing mistake: When Lori decapitates Freddy at the end, it's obvious Freddy is a dummy (slow motion can help but isn't essential). (01:24:35)

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Revealing mistake: When Jason kills the kid by throwing his flaming machete through his body, it is obvious that the guy has a mouth full of fake blood in the slow motion shot, right before Jason impales him with the torch. (00:41:15)

Revealing mistake: When Jason sends Kia's body flying into the tree during the fight scene at Crystal Lake, you can see the dummy's arm go flying off of the dummy, in the upward direction, in the shot after the body makes contact with the tree.

Revealing mistake: Notice when Jason is stabbing Trey. Jason isn't even close to Trey at all. He's just stabbing the mattress.

Visible crew/equipment: When Freddy is brought into the real world and is fighting Jason in the cabin, look carefully as Jason picks up Freddy and pushes him out the window, you can see a cable attached to Freddy's chest in a close up. (01:14:35)

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Kia Waterson: Do you guys thing I should get a nose job?
Lori Campbell: Oh, my God.
Gibb: Oh, please. Kia, what you need is a lobotomy.

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Trivia: In Lori's dream, kids teasing a young Jason place a burlap sack on his head, similar to the burlap sack Jason wore in Friday the 13th Part 2. Jason started wearing the goalie mask in Friday the 13th part 3. (00:08:00)

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Question: When Will convinces Mark to hold off leaving town so he can go save Lori, Mark says "OK, but if you're not here by morning, I'm outta here." Just wondering how Mark was going to leave town (if he survived the night and Will didn't make it back) since Will had his vehicle?


Answer: He could choose to either hitchhike or get someone to take him to the next town.

Answer: The town has said no-one comes in, and no-one leaves (which how do some of the character get to crystal lake which is in the movie mistakes as a plot hole) how could he leave?


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