Freddy Vs. Jason

Lori & co. are on their way to Camp Crystal Lake with an unconscious Jason (they believe that in Crystal Lake, Jason will have a home field advantage). Also, Lori plans to sleep and enter the sleeping Jason's mind and bring Freddy into the real world. Lori goes into a dream of Jason where he is a boy and about to drown. Freddy tries to drown Jason in this dream but Lori saves him (so that he won't die and can battle Freddy). Freddy tries to kill Lori but she grabs him and at that moment her arm is dragged through fire by her boyfriend (accidentaly) and results in her waking up. Because she woke up and was holding on to Freddy, he is now in the real world and doesn't have those neat dream world powers. Kia (Destiny's Child woman) dies distracting Freddy. By now, it had been revealed that Freddy killed Lori's mom and not her dad. After a battle of bloody proportions between the two horror icons, Lori chops off Freddy's head with Jason's machete. Moments later, at the lake, we see Jason pop out of the water carrying Freddy's head. Freddy's head gives a wink and an evil grin to the camera, hinting at a sequel. In the alternate ending, it shows Lori and her boyfriend in bed, about to get intimate. He starts getting a little rough with her, and suddenly he starts to laugh and his fingers start growing into long nails... it's Freddy. The end.


Revealing mistake: When Freddy and Jason are fighting towards the end of the movie, Freddy cuts Jason's fingers off so he drops his machete. But when Freddy catches it you can easily see that it isn't a real one (it's made of rubber, or something like that). (01:20:40)

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Blake: My best friend was just killed, Dad! So how about giving me some fucking space?

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Trivia: The principal at Laurie's High School is Robert Shaye, the producer for all of the Elm Street flicks, he even has a part as himself in New Nightmare, and a cameo in Freddy's Dead. The DVD has a deleted scene in which he has a couple of lines.

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Question: Why was Kane Hodder disallowed to reprise the role of Jason? I know that director wanted Jason to be taller than Freddy but Kane Hodder is taller than Robert Englund. Thus, if he was hired again, Jason still would have been taller than Freddy.

Answer: This is one of those questions where we'll probably never know the real reason because different people involved have different stories as to why Kirzinger was picked over Holder. Holder himself has said he doesn't know why he didn't reprise the role, especially since he was told he would and was given a script. Some accounts say Yu wanted Jason to tower over Freddy and Kirzinger is 2" taller than Holder. One of the casting directors said Yu thought Holder's version of Jason was too campy. Meanwhile, Yu said it was New Line Cinema's decision to recast Holder because they want to change the direction of the film and used this film as a reboot of the series.


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