Friday the 13th

Plot hole: When Brenda is thrown out the window, Alice immediately runs outside to see Mrs. Vorhees pull up in the jeep. How can this be if she just threw Brenda in the cabin?

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Factual error: At the climax of the movie, Alice swings the machete at Mrs. Voorhees and decapitates her. When the blade makes contact with Mrs. Voorhees' neck, her head flies off at an incorrect angle, as though the cut began on the opposite side.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Annie jumps from Mrs. Voorhees' jeep, a white elbow pad can be clearly seen on her right elbow.


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Revealing mistake: When Ned is pretending to drown, Brenda swims out to rescue him. You can see that she and Ned stay underwater for a few seconds, until their cue to emerge.


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Audio problem: In the beginning, Claudette and the other counsellors are all singing. When they get closer you can see that Claudette is playing the guitar, then she stops, but the guitar playing and singing still continues.


Continuity mistake: After Brenda hears a noise, she puts her book down next to the candle, and walks to the door. When she gets to the door, the book is now by the opposite side of the candle.


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Continuity mistake: When Alice opens the pantry door to find Crazy Ralph in there, you can see Ned and Marcy running to the kitchen. It cuts to Ralph, then back again and the other two run into the kitchen again.


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Suggested correction: This is how they show the action of another character and give the timing. For example : Ned and Marcy run into the kitchen, at that exact moment it shows what's happening with Ralph. When it returns and Ned and Marcy are running into the kitchen, you know what Ralph is doing.

Continuity mistake: After Brenda is thrown through the window, she is facing to her right. Later when Alice goes back to the kitchen, she is facing to her left. The glass and wood around her changes too.

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Continuity mistake: When the two teenagers find the axe in the bed, the axe is perfectly clean despite the fact it had been shoved through a girl's head. Furthermore, it also looks brand new with a fresh coat of polish on it as well.


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Suggested correction: Mrs Voorhees was a bit of an opportunistic killer, sometimes using whatever was at hand. For example, she used the camp's arrows to kill Jack and Bill. Since they were working on fixing the place up, there may have been many axes at the camp. Steve was using one on a stump when Marcie, Jack, and Ned arrived and since there were a lot of trees around that may need to have been removed he most likely would have had more than one. Mrs Voorhees could have left the axe she used to kill Marcie in her face when she killed her and then took a brand new one to place in the bed for the other counsellors to find.


Continuity mistake: When Annie talks to the dog, its position changes between shots.


Revealing mistake: When Steve Christy is leaving the diner, it shows the outside of the diner, where it is raining. It's very obvious that the "rain" is just a sprinkler.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene at the diner after the kids have played "Strip Monopoly" there is a shot of Sandy behind the counter and some customers walking out of the diner. Look behind the last woman walking out and you can see a crew member reflected in the window.


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Audio problem: When the kid is playing classic guitar the movement on the guitar's neck doesn't match the music. He somehow manage to play high tones on low frets.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Mrs. Vorhees throws Alice onto a table you can see a mattress under it catching her fall.


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Continuity mistake: When the kids are at the beach, Alice shows up saying "Hey you guys. Ready to get back to work?", while placing her foot on a red towel. When it cuts the towel has changed position.


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Revealing mistake: When Alice finds Bill killed and hung up on the door you can see Bill blink his eye.


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Continuity mistake: After Alice bangs at the lock with the end of the gun, the position of the lock and it's chains differs through the following consecutive shots.


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Continuity mistake: At the lake when they pull the floating object by the pier the girl on the right side is about ten feet ahead of the object. When it cuts she is behind it.


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Continuity mistake: When Alice runs into the barn to hide from Pam, as she slides the door open, a plank of wood falls over, to the right of the door. In another shot of the barn, it is upright again.


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Visible crew/equipment: After they've killed the snake and Alice says "Is it dead?" the boom mike shadow is visible moving over the door behind her.


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In the scene where Alice finds Bill's body hanging on the back of the door to the generator room, the producers purposely did not tell Adrianne King what they were going to do to the body nor did they let her see the body beforehand. When she saw the body during filming it was for the first time. The scream she produced was genuine as it scared her badly. Needless to say, that entire scene was shot in one take.