Friday the 13th

Corrected entry: After your head is cut off, you wouldn't be able to hold your hands in the air and make fists because your brain controls your ability to do this.


Correction: Not really. There's such a thing as a death twitch. The a chicken's brain controls the ability to run, jump, and flap its wings, but it does just that after its head is cut off. A person could involuntarily clench their fists repeatedly when they've been decapitated.


Corrected entry: Why didn't the truck driver take Annie all the way to Crystal Lake? He only took her halfway. So she had to walk ten more miles.


Correction: Perhaps he dropped her off there because it was the closest he could get without significantly going out of his way. He was a truck driver that was working and they usually have deadlines for their deliveries, so maybe he took her as close as he could without interfering with his run.


Corrected entry: Officer Tierney says "Not bad enough it's a Friday the 13th, but a full moon, too." The year 1980 only had 1 Friday the 13th, in June, and it was not a full moon.


Correction: The film takes places in the summer of 1979, not 1980 which is when it was released. July 13th, 1979 was a Friday and the full moon occurred on July 9th (Monday). A full moon typically lasts 3 days, and since Tierney is a cop and not as astrophysicist, he still considers the moon to be full.


Corrected entry: Alice starts putting stuff in front of the door so Mrs Voorhees can't get in, but the door opens OUT.


Correction: Because the door opens out, that is why Alice begins by tying a rope around a rafter and the door handle, to prevent it from being opened from the outside. She then places objects in front of it as additional obstacles, just in case someone manages to open it anyway.

Corrected entry: When they start the strip Monopoly game Brenda rolls the dice and says "Double sixes"; she actually rolled a 2 and a 1.


Correction: Brenda was saying double sixes as a joke, to see if she could fool the others. She got low numbers, so she jestered by exclaiming "double sixes" to which the other characters cotton onto and moan at her.


Corrected entry: The film series spawned "Friday the 13th: The Series" which ran for 3 years from 1987-1990. In total, 72 episodes were shot.

Correction: The series had absolutly nothing to do with the movie other than the title. Series spawned from movies are at least set in the same universe, such as Stargate SG-1/Atlantis and Highlander. Friday the 13th: The Series was about an antique shop full of cursed items.

Corrected entry: Why would Brenda walk all the way to the communal bathrooms only to brush her teeth and wash her face when a sink is shown in her own cabin?

Correction: Maybe the plumbing to the cabins was questionable, considering that they were busy fixing up the place.

Corrected entry: When Mrs. Voorhees is telling Alice about Jason drowning, you can see a small campfire outside the cabin. Who had the time (and was alive) to make a fire in the rain?

Correction: The fire you see in the window is not outside - -it's a reflection of the fire that is burning in the fireplace, which would be to the right of the camera, facing the actors.

Corrected entry: In the end when the police arrived, Alice is the only survivor and she is in the water from the time she killed Mrs. Vorhees till she is pulled under by Jason. So who called the police? Plus the phones were dead...

Correction: The policeman who gave the camp owner a lift may have gone to check that he got back all right, or perhaps the crazy man saw something.



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When Annie jumps from Mrs. Voorhees' jeep, a white elbow pad can be clearly seen on her right elbow.



In the scene where Alice finds Bill's body hanging on the back of the door to the generator room, the producers purposely did not tell Adrianne King what they were going to do to the body nor did they let her see the body beforehand. When she saw the body during filming it was for the first time. The scream she produced was genuine as it scared her badly. Needless to say, that entire scene was shot in one take.