Friday the 13th

Trivia: Betsy Palmer was chosen to play Jason's mother strictly for the fact that she could provide her own transport to the set.

Trivia: In the scene where Alice finds Bill's body hanging on the back of the door to the generator room, the producers purposely did not tell Adrianne King what they were going to do to the body nor did they let her see the body beforehand. When she saw the body during filming it was for the first time. The scream she produced was genuine as it scared her badly. Needless to say, that entire scene was shot in one take.


Trivia: The budget for this movie was $500,000.

Trivia: The original "Friday the 13th" was the most successful installment in the series grossing over $37 million. The whole entire series has grossed in excess of $250 million.

Trivia: The music in this film and all other Jason movies where its sounds like "kkkkk" and fades is actually supposed to be Jason saying to his mother "kill mom".

Trivia: When Brenda's lifeless body suddenly crashes through the window before a horrified Alice, it's not Ms. Bartram at all. It's none other than Tom Savini, who is also an accomplished stuntman, having donned a nightgown and wig to emulate Ms. Bartram for the stunt.


Trivia: One critic was so angry at Betsy Palmer's role in the movie (which had angered many of her fans), that he published her address in his magazine, and encouraged people to write her and protest her. He published the wrong address.


Trivia: Betsy Palmer took the role of Jason's mother in Friday the 13th because it paid what she needed to get a new car she was interested in.