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Continuity mistake: After Esther suffocates Daniel in the hospital, Kate slaps Esther in the face. The hospital staff then hold down Kate and she drops her iPhone, screen down. The iPhone starts ringing, even though the screen is facing the floor. In the next scene, it is still ringing, but with the screen facing upwards.

Other mistake: When Daniel is playing Guitar Hero with his friends, after he and his friends leave the game to go outside, if you look closely at the TV, you can see that the game is still playing (notes are still being strummed) even though there is no one at the controls. (00:23:05)


Continuity mistake: When Esther is in her room and you are seeing that she is not a little girl but in fact an adult, she takes her teeth out. They're the nice teeth covering her bad ones. However when she sets them down, you can see that they are the wrong teeth. She has taken her bad prop teeth out and set them down, when it should have been the nice ones. You can see right before she takes them out that her teeth look nice. When she sets them down they are the bad set.


Continuity mistake: Early in the film, at one point, the family returns home and it is snowing lightly. The windshield wipers stop and there is a brief overhead shot of the mother near the car and too much snow has collected on the windshield of the car. Not enough time has passed to allow that much snow to collect on the car.

Continuity mistake: When Danny is playing "Guitar Hero," the difficulty setting is at least hard (all 5 notes are coming down the screen, this only happens in hard or above) yet he is only playing the first three notes and with nowhere near enough speed for a hard song. (00:22:05)


Other mistake: When Esther comes into the living room to attempt to seduce John, he is drunk and the first few shots of her are blurred as though it was from his point of view. The problem is that the camera is a couple of feet from the couch. From where John is sitting, the point of view shown in the blurry shots is impossible. (01:35:45)

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Continuity mistake: For the first part of the movie, when they are meeting Esther and taking her home, the Lexus has tinted back windows. However, when the Lexus is rolling down the hill and thereafter, the back windows are clear.


Continuity mistake: When Kate is asked what her plans are, she has a fork with no cake on it. Camera cuts and she is now holding a fork with cake by her mouth. (00:23:40)


Continuity mistake: When they meet Esther in the orphanage the painting keeps changing - one second there's another lion there and the next she begins to paint it.

Audio problem: When Daniel is on top of the tree house, his screams don't always match up to his mouth. (01:23:20)


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Continuity mistake: When the car rolls down the hill and crashes into the snow bank, snow is kicked up onto the car. Camera cuts and the snow has disappeared. (01:13:00)


Continuity mistake: When Kate eats the cake off the fork, there is a little bit of icing left on it. When the camera changes the fork is clean. (00:24:10)


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Continuity mistake: When the kid holds the bible out for Esther in the hallway, in one shot the kid is holding it with one hand, then with 2 when Esther grabs it. (00:32:50)


Continuity mistake: When Kate is at the piano near the start, she grabs her glasses and then puts her hands on her hips. Camera cuts and her left hand is raised. (00:07:30)


Continuity mistake: In the early part of the movie, the first time Kate goes to the bathroom to take a pill, the door on the medicine chest changes. The bottle with the eye dropper lid is visible when it is first opened. Then it is almost totally covered in the very next shot.


Esther: Kate, it's too late. It's your own fault. You took your family for granted.
Kate Coleman: What do you mean?
Esther: What are you going to do? Hit me?

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Trivia: When Kate shouts "I'm not your f*****g mommy" to Esther, this is the same final dialogue of interaction between the antagonist and protagonist as in "The Ring 2".

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Question: Can someone verify the number of gunshots fired by Esther at the end of the film? I thought I counted 7 and I assume a revolver has only 6 bullets in the cylinder.

Answer: The scene when Esther takes 4 bullets out of the gun and asks Max if she wants to play shows that the gun has a 5 bullet capacity. Esther fired 1 bullet at Kate's shoulder, 1 at a glass when Kate was on top of the glass roof and 3 other bullets at Max. At the end of the movie Max fires an extra bullet.

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