Trivia: When Kate shouts "I'm not your f*****g mommy" to Esther, this is the same final dialogue of interaction between the antagonist and protagonist as in "The Ring 2".

Trivia: In a real life case strikingly similar to the plot of this film, it was revealed in October 2019 that an Indiana couple in 2010 had adopted what they believed to be an 8-year-old Ukranian girl whom they later discovered to be a sociopathic young adult with a form of dwarfism, whose age they estimated to be anywhere from 16 to 30.

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Continuity mistake: After Esther suffocates Daniel in the hospital, Kate slaps Esther in the face. The hospital staff then hold down Kate and she drops her iPhone, screen down. The iPhone starts ringing, even though the screen is facing the floor. In the next scene, it is still ringing, but with the screen facing upwards.

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Esther: I think people should always try to take the bad things that happen to them in their lives, and turn them into something good. Don't you?

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