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Squeeze - S1-E3

Question: What is the brand name and model of the eye glasses Mulder wears in the first season?

Familiar - S11-E8

Question: After Office Eggers lynches Melvin Peters in the streets, he is shown at his arraignment not long afterwards and given a $5,000 bail. Since the FBI had oversight of the case featured in this episode and Peters' murder was directly linked to the case, wouldn't Eggers be taken into FBI custody and consequently spend a longer time in lockup awaiting arraignment in front of a federal judge instead of the one from his own county?


Show generally

Question: In a vast majority of the episodes, whenever Mulder and Scully investigate some mysterious or paranormal phenomenon, Mulder believes that some unknown force is responsible but Scully always has a rational explanation for what is happening. In other episodes, when Scully herself is caught up in something mysterious, she is the believer but Mulder is the skeptic. In those episodes, why would Mulder be skeptical about an unexplained phenomenon considering that he a was witness to his own sisters abduction and he saw many strange things that defied explanation while working for the F.B.I.?

Answer: As he stated many times throughout the series, Mulder needed Scully to be sober and skeptical. Whenever Scully's skepticism wavered and she started questioning her own rationality, Mulder would try to restore her sense of skepticism, because he needed her to be clear-thinking.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: A variety of reasons. Just because Scully saw something unusual does not mean that it was. Mulder always needs concrete proof before he'll believe there's some otherworldly explanation for unexplained phenomena. He's too experienced to take a novice's explanation as fact. It is also a plot by device by the writers to switch the tables on the characters to make it more interesting and to let viewers see another side of their relationship.

Trust No 1 - S9-E6

Question: After blowing up the car, when the NSA guy answers Scully's question, "How the hell do you know my size?" he says, "I know the name of your college boyfriend, your true hair colour, your ATM PIN number." This strongly suggests that red is not her true colour. Therefore, my question is: What is the true colour of Scully's hair?

Chop Luftmysza

Answer: He was being facetious. He doesn't specifically know that information, he was merely giving examples of the types of information he has access to.

I think so too.


Answer: Actress Gillian Anderson's natural hair color is strawberry blonde, which she dyed fiery red. (Although in the revival of the show she wears a wig).

The question does not concern Gillian Anderson's true hair colour-it concerns Agent Dana Scully's true hair colour.

Chop Luftmysza

Chosen answer: Yes.


Unruhe - S4-E4

Question: When Gerald is holding Scully hostage, Scully says that she has no unrest but Gerald says she does. What did Gerald think Scully's unrest was?

Answer: Gerry Schnauz thinks all of his victims suffer from "howlers" in their brains, which is why he lobotomizes them. In Scully's case, it should be noted that the spot where he said her howlers were was the same spot she received her cancer diagnosis, so it could be assumed that his other victims might have had other legitimate maladies they didn't know about.


Answer: He didn't place himself there voluntarily. He mysteriously vanished from the hospital and awoke to find himself inside the incinerator. It appears this was punishment for his exposing that the lottery was rigged.


But, as a detective, it was his job to expose the rigging.

Chao didn't expose the rigged lottery as part of his job as a detective. He was already involved in the game and working for those in charge. He was paid to keep the game a secret from foreigners and his blood was found in Lo's apartment, meaning he was the mysterious figure that tells Lo he must pay. But despite Chao's involvement, he wanted the game to end. To me, it seems he smashed the vase out of anger, not because he knew it was rigged and was trying expose that fact. But regardless, that's what he seems to be punished for.


Thanks. It was really confusing.

Answer: It's most likely because of Rappo's connection with the deaths, plus how vocal he was about hating the army and blaming it for his disability. No official charge could be made against his name, but between what was witnessed, and Rappo's own claims, it's likely the military authority simply found it inappropriate to rest his body there.


Answer: To show that no-one is safe from the men behind the conspiracy, no matter who they are.They'll do anything to protect themselves.

Blood - S2-E3

Question: When people are affected by the pesticide, they are experiencing their worst fears and receive messages to kill. Mulder receives two messages. "DO IT NOW" and at The End of the episode, "ALL DONE. BYE BYE." What do these messages that Mulder received have to do with his fear?

Answer: His fear of a conspiracy, that someone was control the entire experiment, like the Cigarette Smoking Man.The messages were part of his fear of being controlled. DO IT NOW. When he stopped the shooter in the tower, he knew the experiment was over, hence the message. ALL DONE.BYE.BYE. But it being the X-Files, was the last message real or an hallucination.

Answer: He was intending to once again wish for world peace. This time he is writing down his wish in a specific and deliberate manner in order to avoid any technicalities, loopholes or misinterpretations the genie might cause, since his first attempt at wishing for world peace resulted in her removing everyone else besides Mulder from the face of the Earth. He stops because Scully convinces him that world peace is something that should be attained through effort and not magic, so he instead uses his final wish to set the genie free.


Blood - S2-E3

Question: Why are the people being infected by the pesticide only seeing messages to kill from electronic devices? Why not from hearing voices in their head or from reading a newspaper, magazine, etc.?

Answer: Two reasons. One, it was The Beginning of the electronic age, when devices were becoming an everyday fixture in our lives. Second, to make sure the right message was sent to the right people to perform a specific task.

Shadows - S1-E6

Question: I didn't see all of this episode. Why did Mulder suddenly talk about going to see the Liberty Bell?

Answer: Mulder clearly states that he has been to Philadelphia many times and never seen it, he wants to see it, as they are in Philadelphia and just finished up their case.

Show generally

Question: I've just started watching X-Files re-runs on TV. Years ago (when the show was still running), I saw a trailer/teaser for an episode that seemed to be about a woman who was jealous of a male character spending so much time with Scully. I thought perhaps she was Mulder's wife, but I've looked online and can't find anything about him having a wife. I think there was a scene of a woman answering the front door of a house and looking annoyed when she saw Scully there. Can anyone tell me what episode this preview might have been for?

Answer: There was a double episode called Dreamland parts 1 and 2, where Mulder switched bodies with a man named Morris Fletcher, after a time and space anomaly. Mulder has to live in Morris' home while Morris takes on Mulder's life. Nobody believes Mulder that while he looks like Morris, he isn't really. He mentions Scully and Morris' wife, believing Mulder to be her husband, becomes very jealous, more so when Scully comes to the house. This was in season 6, I believe.

Answer: She was taken when the Syndicate was formed and the aliens decided to take a member from each family in each different Syndicate as collateral. Samantha was chosen to be the one that the aliens took because her mother just couldn't choose between her two children.

Show generally

Question: I was younger when the show ended, so I have mostly watched re-runs and I am wondering: were Monica Reyes and John Doggett generally well-received by the show's fans, seeing how they were sudden new characters in a series that already had established favorite/popular characters (Mulder, Scully, Skinner, etc.) for the past seven seasons?

Answer: From what I remember, yes they were generally well recieved...I think it's because they didnt try to replace Mulder or Scully, and the evolution of Scully being the believer and Doggett being the non-believer just as Scully used to be, with reyes being the in between.


Roland - S1-E23

Question: When Roland was brushing his hair at The End of the episode, why did he suddenly stop and stare at himself in the mirror?

Answer: Roland was being controlled mentally by his twin brother. The pause is to suggest that he has gone from being controlled by him to being possessed by him.

Grumpy Scot

Chosen answer: Because the aliens have to undertake many preparations in order for their invasion/colonization to happen successfully. They have to develop the alien/human hybrid to use as a workforce, and the alien bounty hunters have to put down the alien rebels. Also, the syndicate, and new syndicate, have to battle Mulder and suppress public information of all this.

Show generally

Question: It's been stated through out the show that Earth was originally inhabited by an extraterrestrial species known as 'The Colonists', that they fled the Earth during the last ice age and that they intend to re-colonize the Earth in 2012. Now, they're obviously more technologically advanced than us, so why do they want to re-colonize the Earth? There's a whole universe of planets out there to choose from. Also, why wait until 2012? Why not just invade?


Chosen answer: They want to return because its their home planet. Secondly The Colonists didn't expect Humans to get quite so advanced whilst they were away, so invading doesn't make sense, and is likely to ruin the planet further.


The Truth - S9-E19

Question: I'm not a huge fan of The X-files, but i do like to watch the occasional episode. I didn't watch most of season 9 due to a bad time slot but i did manage to catch this episode. What i want to know is, what is The Truth? I didn't understand that part.

Answer: It's revealed that The Truth which Mulder and Scully have been searching for is that the final alien invasion of Earth will come on the same date that the ancient Mayan calendar ends - December 22, 2012.

Paper Clip (3) - S3-E2

Visible crew/equipment: When Mulder and Scully enter the abandoned mine through a doorway, the viewer can see at right in the distance a number of people sitting on a wall, and one crouching in front of the wall with what looks like a dog. They are sitting still, but there is still movement there. (00:16:00)

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Triangle - S6-E3

Skinner: Use your head Scully. It'll save your ass.
Scully: Save your own ass, sir. You'll save your head along with it.

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