The X-Files

Soft Light - S2-E23

Stupidity: After Mulder requests a fingerprint check on light bulb, Scully wipes it down with a napkin, removing any such evidence with no possible useful outcome. (00:06:00)

Ice - S1-E8

Stupidity: Scully is a trained professional and ultimately has authority (and a degree of responsibility) over everyone at the research base. The idea that she would disarm herself just to make someone feel better by throwing out the pistol magazines is ridiculous and negligent especially given that there have been numerous deaths/murders at the base already. (00:33:15)

Jack Vaughan

Travelers - S5-E15

Stupidity: When Mulder is watching the hearing video in his apartment and spots his father, he is wearing a gold wedding band for the duration of the scene. (00:07:35)

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Triangle - S6-E3

Skinner: Use your head Scully. It'll save your ass.
Scully: Save your own ass, sir. You'll save your head along with it.

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