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29th May 2020

The Goldbergs (2013)

Trivia: The series is a biopic of Adam F. Goldberg's own childhood (Beverly, Murray and Barry are real), but he didn't have a sister in real life. Erica was actually Eric - another brother.

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6th Apr 2020

White Gold (2017)

Season 2 generally

Factual error: In the last 2 episodes of series 2, when anyone uses a phone box it has the the BT Piper logo on the outside, which wasn't introduced until 1990 - five years after the series is set.

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4th May 2019

Benidorm (2007)

Episode #2.5 - S2-E5

Trivia: In the one-off special of the famous sitcom Are You Being Served? Niky Wardley (Kelly) played Miss Brahms - a character more strongly associated with her screen mother, Wendy Richard.

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Trivia: Despite being mother and daughter on Screen, Elizabeth Rodriguez (Aleida) is only 2 years older than Dascha Polanco (Daya).

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10th Sep 2018

The Nun (2018)

Continuity mistake: When Sister Irene's habit is ripped at the back, you can see a bra strap on her left shoulder which disappears when she is seen at the front and when the camera is closer to her back (when she has the pentagram carved into her).

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1st May 2018

Life in Pieces (2015)

#TBT: House Destiny Introduction Retirement - S3-E19

Factual error: It shows John's last flight as a TWA pilot before retiring in 2006 - TWA ceased operations in 2001, so he couldn't have flown for them nearly five years later.

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Episode #13.13 - S13-E13

Revealing mistake: During the flat fire, the girl tosses her baby to ADO Coleman. Just before he catches it, you can see that the falling baby is a doll.

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Season 13 generally

Factual error: In series 13, when phone numbers are referred to, they usually start 0808 (even mobile numbers). UK phone numbers starting with those numbers are freephone numbers and wouldn't be used for private use, or even for mobiles (which all start with 07).

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31st Jul 2013

CSI: NY (2004)

Reignited - S9-E1

Factual error: Towards the end, Eva Mason blows up Leonard Brooks' flat in an attempt to kill him, by heating up gas from the stove using an uncovered light bulb. This wouldn't work as shown as the filament from the bulb would burn out before igniting the gas - and besides, a spark from the light switch would have ignited it first.

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Nesting Dolls - S5-E13

Character mistake: When Catherine is being questioned about the victim, it is mentioned that her parents were killed in an industrial accident in Odessa. To which Catherine replies, "Russia?", and is answered in the affirmative. Odessa is a major city in the Ukraine, not Russia.

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13th Jun 2010

Invictus (2009)

Factual error: During the match against England, the PA announcer mentions the try scorer as 'No. 13, Ben Clarke'. Ben Clarke actually wore No. 7 - No. 13 in that game was Will Carling (England captain none the less).

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4th Aug 2009

CSI: Miami (2002)

Bang, Bang, Your Debt - S6-E4

Plot hole: Delko is rummaging in Speedle's locker. Why would Speedle still have a locker, considering he's been dead 3 years? Even if they couldn't allocate it to someone else, why are his personal effects (e.g. his wallet) still in there? Shouldn't these have been returned to his family?

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29th Jun 2009

CSI: NY (2004)

Page Turner - S5-E2

Factual error: All the victims were supposedly killed using thalium-201 - a radioactive isotope with a half-life of just 72 hours. e.g.: In the space of two months there would be 10 nanograms for every gram applied to the source of the radiation poisoning (i.e the book) - not Enough to make Sid ill without making the perp very ill. He would have had a much higher dose than anyone infected.

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21st Feb 2009

The X-Files (1993)

Dod Kalm - S2-E19

Factual error: Mulder refers to a Royal Navy vessel that sailed from Leeds. No large ship can sail from there - it is at least 50 miles from the coast.

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30th Oct 2008

My Name Is Earl (2005)

Trivia: Most of Catalina's speeches in Spanish (the ones that are not translated) are actually actress Nadine Velasquez speaking to the camera, addressing the viewers. For example, in episode 1-11 (Barn Burner), although it appears that she is throwing insults at Joy, she is actually saying "I want to take this moment to thank our Latino audience for watching. And for those of you who can understand me but who are not Latino, I want to commend you for learning a second language".

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2nd Sep 2008

The A-Team (1983)

Quarterback Sneak - S5-E4

Factual error: When the two men are watching the soccer game between the USA and East Germany, look at the 'East' German shirts - they are actually WEST German shirts (white with black trim, with even the stylised eagle of the DFB (the West German Soccer Federation). (00:01:00)

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4th Aug 2008

Octopussy (1983)

Factual error: When the German police are chasing Bond into the air base, they are simply waved in at the gate. That wouldn't happen - without authority, local authorities wouldn't be allowed to enter an armed forces installation, especially a foreign one.

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Lady Heather's Box - S3-E15

Continuity mistake: When Grissom and Catherine are looking at Rebecca McCormick's dead body, her mouth is closed in the first two shots, and when we see her again it's open.

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1st Apr 2007

Caddyshack (1980)

Revealing mistake: During the pool scene, one of the boys loses his shorts, it's obvious he is wearing flesh-coloured underwear.

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Trivia: In the final episode of series 6, you can see the brand name on the crisp packet that kills Kelly. It is Nickson's - named after Susan Nickson, who created the series.

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