CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Skin in the Game - S13-E22

Continuity mistake: There is a point where they are discussing Dante's inferno and they have the pictures on the window. This includes Limbo and Lust which show the drawings with the women horizontal. The comment "You said he was giving us a show" is made, after which it shows the window pictures again. This time, the drawing of Limbo and Lust show the women vertically. Much later in the scene, they are back to horizontal. (00:28:30)

Play Dead - S13-E5

Continuity mistake: A prostitute is questioned in the interrogation room. Her teeth are stained brown. In one shot, most of her teeth are stained. In the next, one her front teeth is perfectly white and the others are brown.


Play Dead - S13-E5

Continuity mistake: Morgan and Finn are walking and talking about a case. Morgan has a folder in her hand. The folder is visibly closed. She looks down and shows Finn a case file. The shot shows a case file with photo and text on an open folder. Next shot shows the folder closed again.


Play Dead - S13-E5

Continuity mistake: When Sam the police dog picks up a bottle of water with his mouth from a cooler, he picks it up from the top. In the next frame, he gives it to his trainer horizontally.


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Suckers - S4-E13

Question: After finding out that Ty was committing insurance fraud, why did Grissom walk away instead of arresting him?

Answer: He doesn't have the authority to arrest him - when anyone is arrested in the show, a police officer does it. Also he tells Ty that he is going to be submitting his case findings to Ty's insurance company, who would no doubt contact the IRS, who then would have him arrested for fraud etc.

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