CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Play Dead - S13-E5

Continuity mistake: A prostitute is questioned in the interrogation room. Her teeth are stained brown. In one shot, most of her teeth are stained. In the next, one her front teeth is perfectly white and the others are brown.


Play Dead - S13-E5

Continuity mistake: Morgan and Finn are walking and talking about a case. Morgan has a folder in her hand. The folder is visibly closed. She looks down and shows Finn a case file. The shot shows a case file with photo and text on an open folder. Next shot shows the folder closed again.


Play Dead - S13-E5

Continuity mistake: When Sam the police dog picks up a bottle of water with his mouth from a cooler, he picks it up from the top. In the next frame, he gives it to his trainer horizontally.


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Trivia: Anthony Zuiker chose to set the series in Las Vegas because that city's crime lab is the second most active in the United States, behind the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia.

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Play with Fire - S3-E22

Question: Why would Catherine take the blame for the lab explosion? If anyone was to blame it was Hodges. Since he accidentally turned on the hot plate and even admits that sometimes it gets switched on by others accidentally, if he had bothered to make sure he didn't switch it on before leaving the room, the explosion never would have happened.

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