The Goldbergs

A 100% True Ghost Story - S7-E6

Trivia: Barry plans a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed party. The professor he speaks to about his failed test is named Professor Majors, and is played by Barry Bostwick. Bostwick played Brad Majors - A Hero, in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The joke continues with a clumsy girl knocking things over and Bostwick ripping off his glasses saying "Dammit, Janet!" just as he did in the film.


A Wall Street Thanksgiving - S5-E7

Trivia: Uncle Marvin is teaching Barry and the JTP hand signals to use on Wall Street. It is obvious he is making up the gestures, but when he says "Tell her that I'm sorry" he is using an American Sign Language sign for 'bullshit'.

Stacey Powell Krieger

The Other Smother - S1-E13

Factual error: The model UN uses the new South African flag, but this flag only came into use in 1994.

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