The Goldbergs

A 100% True Ghost Story - S7-E6

Trivia: Barry plans a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed party. The professor he speaks to about his failed test is named Professor Majors, and is played by Barry Bostwick. Bostwick played Brad Majors - A Hero, in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The joke continues with a clumsy girl knocking things over and Bostwick ripping off his glasses saying "Dammit, Janet!" just as he did in the film.


Trivia: The series is a biopic of Adam F. Goldberg's own childhood (Beverly, Murray and Barry are real), but he didn't have a sister in real life. Erica was actually Eric - another brother.

Andy Benham

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La Biblioteca Es Libros? - S2-E19

Question: Who is in the footage at the end of the episode? It shows Adam's real Spanish class, but there are two boys who both look like the real Adam when he was younger in his class. One sat down answering, and one stood up asking Spanish questions. It threw me off as now I'm unsure which is Adam and who the other boy is.

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