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The Goldbergs picture

A Wall Street Thanksgiving - S5-E7

Trivia: Uncle Marvin is teaching Barry and the JTP hand signals to use on Wall Street. It is obvious he is making up the gestures, but when he says "Tell her that I'm sorry" he is using an American Sign Language sign for 'bullshit'.

Stacey Powell Krieger
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Power Rangers Megaforce picture

Mega Mission - S1-E1

Trivia: Gosei says to the rangers,"My mentor, Zordon, placed me here to be guardian of this planet." Zordon was the mentor for the original rangers to the first half of Turbo and was killed in the finale of In Space.

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The Blacklist picture

Trivia: Red's trademark fedora was James Spader's idea.

Cubs Fan
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Agents of SHIELD picture

Trivia: The call sign for the mobile command center is SHIELD 616. Earth-616 is the name for the primary universe in Marvel comics.

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Reign picture

Trivia: Anna Walton, who plays Diane de Poitiers, is only 3 years older than Torrance Coombs, who plays her son Sebastian.

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Orange Is the New Black picture

Trivia: Despite being mother and daughter on Screen, Elizabeth Rodriguez (Aleida) is only 2 years older than Dascha Polanco (Daya).

Andy Benham Premium member
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine picture

Pilot - S1-E1

Trivia: When Terry is introducing the team to Capt. Holt, he mentions Scully, Hitchcock, and Daniels. Daniels doesn't make an appearance after the pilot.

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Rick and Morty picture

Raising Gazorpazorp - S1-E7

Trivia: When Rick and Summer are brought to be judged, the hand throne has Latin writing on the steps. "Sis semper calumniam" which means "constant oppression" (literally "you always oppressed").

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Enlisted picture

Trivia: The makers of the show did a pre-screening of the pilot with active duty troops and veterans. The audience spotted so many military errors that Fox did a "spot-the-error" contest so people would write in what was wrong with the show.

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Defiance picture

The Broken Bough - S3-E3

Trivia: Linda Hamilton says to Nolan and Irisa "Come with me if you want to live." This is the exact same line Arnold Schwarzenegger says to Linda Hamilton in the movie The Terminator.

Tricia Webster Premium member
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The Americans picture

Trivia: Former adviser to President Ronald Reagan, Lt. Col. Oliver North, served as a consultant for several episodes.

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