Question: What was the treasure? Because Casper says its just his baseball bat and glove, but then what does the note at the beginning mean that Carrigan and Dibbs find when the deed is thrown in the fire? Because it talks of treasure but its really only a baseball.

Answer: It was not Casper (now a ghost of 12 yr old boy) who wrote there was a hidden treasure at Whipstaff Manor. It was Casper's father, Mr. Mcfadden. The treasure in the box is an autographed baseball which used to belong to Casper, before he got sick and died. Mr. McFadden missed his young son Casper, so he invented a machine that can bring a ghost back to life. He considered Casper's baseball a treasure, because to him it is the greatest treasure there is - the baseball that belonged to his 12 yr old son before he died.

Super Grover

Answer: A machine that could bring dead people's ghosts back to life would be worth trillions of dollars. And that's why It was kept "secret" and hidden away from the rest of the world.

Question: How exactly did Casper die? I know he said something about it getting too cold out and him getting very sick but they never make it quite clear. Is it hypothermia?


Chosen answer: It was most likely Pneumonia, which was very deadly before the discovery of antibiotics.

Donald Jenkins

Question: Why doesn't Fatso dress like Amelia when he pretends to be her?

Answer: The Ghostly Trio were, at the time, playfully teasing James, so Fatso wearing something else instead of what Amelia was seen wearing in the photo, was just a way for them to have some fun at James' expense. At the end of the movie however, they did keep their promise and let James have one final chance to speak to his wife.

Why that specific outfit, though?

Again, to playfully tease James.

Question: Does anyone know how Stretch, Stinky and Fatso actually died?

Answer: It is never explained in the movie.


Answer: A couple of theories circling around the internet is that Casper's uncle's died from eating disorders.

Question: What time period is the dress Fatso is wearing from? (00:47:28)

Answer: 1995.

That's when the movie was released. I'm wondering what time the dress is from.

Question: Why didn't Casper cross over after the death of his father?

Answer: Because Casper's unfinished business is being a kid and having fun. His treatment by his uncles prevented him crossing over as he wasn't having fun. He got to act like a normal teenager when Kat brought him back.


Question: What kind of hairstyle is Fatso wearing when he pretends to be Amelia?


Answer: The style looks similar to an updo with the Rockabilly Curl or Victory Roll at the top.

Super Grover

Answer: It looks like a mid-20th century (1940s era), female-style pompadour.


It doesn't look like any pompadour I've seen.


Female-style pompadours from around the 1940s included styles with a curl or roll on top.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Kat is being introduced to her new classmates, Casper is seen tying the students' shoelaces together. This includes the snobby blonde sitting in front. But when the camera pans out, her feet are clearly too far apart for this, not like how they showed them while being tied.

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Kat: Drop dead.
Stretch: Too late.

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Trivia: Kat and her father have the last name Harvey, no doubt a reference to Harvey Entertainment which owns the Casper character.

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