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Kat: In two years I have been to nine different schools, eaten in nine cafeterias. I can't even remember anyone's name.

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Trivia: The interior of Whipstaff was built at Universal Studios. Early in production there were several moderate earthquakes in the Los Angeles area and many of the large cracks that appear on the walls, etc. were real.

Lynette Carrington

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Question: Why doesn't Fatso dress like Amelia when he pretends to be her?

Answer: The Ghostly Trio were, at the time, playfully teasing James, so Fatso wearing something else instead of what Amelia was seen wearing in the photo, was just a way for them to have some fun at James' expense. At the end of the movie however, they did keep their promise and let James have one final chance to speak to his wife.

Why that specific outfit, though?

Again, to playfully tease James.

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