Corrected entry: Casper and his uncles became ghosts with no clothes on, but when Doctor Harvey and Cariggan die, they appear as ghosts in the clothes they died in.

Correction: Casper demonstrates that ghosts can shapeshift (he even gives himself a cape) so these four prefer, for whatever reason, to appear without clothes.


Corrected entry: When Casper pushes Kat back through the machine, there are a few shots where he isn't there to push her backwards.

Correction: Casper can be invisible when he wants to be.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Kat meets Casper, his hand goes right through hers, indicating he wouldn't be able to hold onto flesh without going through it, but there are plenty of time during the movie where the ghosts hold onto people. Casper is even able to fly while dangling Kat.

Correction: The fact that casper puts his hand through Kats only proves he CAN pass his hand through hers. It does not prove he CAN'T make tangible contact with people or objects.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Harvey vacuum's up Stinky, Fatso and Stretch, they can't get out of the vacuum bag. And yet later on in the film, Carrigan becomes a ghost and easily goes through Casper's steel safe and gets the treasure.

Correction: They CAN get out of the vacuum bag; they are out again later and no one set them free. It's just their sense of humour to pretend they can't (like later when they "are melting").

Corrected entry: When Carrigan becomes a ghost, if Casper and no one else, including Dr. Harvey, can remember who they were; how does she all of a sudden know everything that has happened that is going on?

Correction: She asks Dibs what was going on, and what the red liquid was for.

Corrected entry: When Kat is in the Up and At Them she gets toothpaste and shaving cream on her. When she arrives in the lab not only is her face clean but also her dress. There is no way that she would have been able to clean her dress, even if she managed to clean her face.

Correction: Kat didn't have shaving cream shot to her when she was going through the conveyor. The toothpaste was on her, but later in the conveyor she was being washed and dried. it's possible that a towel was given too, since the shaving cream was eliminated from Kat trip versus Dibbs and Kerrigan's trip.

The real question is, why did it powder your face before washing your hair and shaving your face?

Corrected entry: In the film, Casper says that ghosts don't have reflections, but at the end of the film when the two kids at the party are looking at their costume in the mirror the ghostly trio appear behind them.

Correction: The scenario is that the two kids are looking in the mirror and the camera views their reflection. When the ghostly trio comes up, they show up from the mirror, not the kids. But since the kids are looking at the mirror (and that is our point of view as well) it is natural to assume that the trio is with us rather than coming from the mirror. If you watch carefully when the kids run away, the trio come from the mirror to chase them out.

Corrected entry: When Dibbs and Carrigan are talking outside of the house early in the movie, before the priest goes into the house, Dibbs is wearing a suit...after the priest goes in and comes back out with his head twisted, Dibbs is wearing a different suit than he was 10 seconds ago.

Correction: Completely untrue. His suit is exactly same when the priest comes back out, same maroon jacket with red handkerchief, tie and white shirt. His clothing does change in the shot after that (with the ghostbuster), but so does Carrigan's, indicating that it is a different day.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Casper ties people's laces together, how can Casper tie laces and not be able to touch Kat?

Correction: When Casper says he can't touch Kat he means that he won't feel her when he touches her.

Corrected entry: When Vic and Amber are admiring their scary look in the mirror during the party, Casper's uncles appear in it as well. But we see earlier in the film that Casper has no reflection so they should have none either.

Correction: They were hiding inside of the mirror as a prank.

Corrected entry: When Kat's dad is fighting the 3 ghosts in the beginning, one cuts off his pants. Right after, when he gets the plunger, they're back on him again.

Correction: Only his belt was cut which in turn made his pants fall down, but then kat's dad hobbles into a different room and shuts and locks the door. A few moments later he comes back with the plunger and his pants were pulled up.


Corrected entry: There is a scene where Kat and Casper are talking in Kat's bedroom. Kat is sitting at her vanity brushing her hair and Casper is sitting on her jewellery box. They are talking about why Kat won't take Casper to the Halloween party. Casper asks what the other guy has that he doesn't. One thing Kat says is that the guy has a reflection. Casper looks in the mirror and he doesn't have a reflection. The thing is, neither does Kat. She is sitting right in front of the mirror and yet you don't see her reflection.

Correction: This is because of the camera angle.

Corrected entry: There is no way that the mansion could have electrical service - it has been abandoned for years.


Correction: It definitely could. The power companies sometimes miss disconnecting service, either by accident, incompetence, or laziness. For example, my company moved into a building a few years ago, and two years later during an inspection the power company realised of our three meters, one of the meters had fallen off their books and we were getting free power. So had the company before us I later learned. The service simply may have never been disconnected even though it was no longer being paid for.


Corrected entry: It is said that ghosts don't crossover as long as they have unfinished business. This means Casper, Stretch, Fatso and Stinky should have unfinished business, but why they are present is never explained.


Correction: I don't see how this could be considered a plot hole. It's just an element that they decided to ignore. The story is about the misadventures of a friendly ghost and some annoying ghosts. Why they're there really doesn't play a part in the theme of the movie.


That still doesn't answer the question as to what their unfinished business is which they have seen as how they haven't crossed over.

Except this wasn't posted as a question. It's listed as a plot hole, which it's not. Casper and the others have unfinished business that could be something simple as their deaths never being solved. Something not being explained doesn't make a plot hole.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr Harvey is fighting with Stretch, Stinky, and Fatso, the ghostly trio know his name and where he's from without being introduced or anything. How do they know this information?

Correction: Its very possible that Carrigan was in the mansion and was talking about him to Dibbs.

Corrected entry: Ghosts don't crossover as long as they have unfinished business. Casper's father had invented a machine called the lazarus, in a quest to bring Casper back to life, but he never got it to work. Therefore, Casper's father should have stayed as a ghost until he succeeded.


Correction: No, ghosts who have unfinished business may choose to cross-over or choose to stay in the hopes of completing their business; they don't have to stay. Even so, Casper's father built the machine to bring his son back to life. Once he died, he'd no longer need his son to be alive in order to be with him again. That means he had no unfinished business.


Not to mention it is from a newspaper that Casper's father was declared insane and presumably sent to a mental institution which were quite inhumane and horrifying at that time with their treatments. It's sad to think of, but quite possible the institution drove him to a point where he wasn't in a condition to care about coming back as a ghost to bring Casper back to life any longer.

Corrected entry: When Casper is taking Kat a glass of juice, he holds it at the stalk and turns invisible. When he turns visible again, he is cupping the glass.


Correction: So he shifted his grip while invisible from one for carrying to one for handing over.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Kat is being introduced to her new classmates, Casper is seen tying the students' shoelaces together. This includes the snobby blonde sitting in front. But when the camera pans out, her feet are clearly too far apart for this, not like how they showed them while being tied.

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Stinkie: Smell-o-gram.

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Trivia: The interior of Whipstaff was built at Universal Studios. Early in production there were several moderate earthquakes in the Los Angeles area and many of the large cracks that appear on the walls, etc. were real.

Lynette Carrington

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Question: Does anyone know how Stretch, Stinky and Fatso actually died?

Answer: It is never explained in the movie.


Answer: A couple of theories circling around the internet is that Casper's uncle's died from eating disorders.

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