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Heavy Meddle/Making the Case - S1-E2

New this week Question: How was Lincoln's own video considered more embarrassing than his sisters' video?

New this week Question: When Cateleya is in the prison scene, where does she get her black cat suit from?

New this month Question: In one of the scenes after Toomey stabbed Dinah, the color of her clothes changes from a saturated version of her pink outfit to a very obvious green. I was wondering if this color change was intentional, a mistake, or a request from one of the actors?

April Fools Rules/Cereal Offender - S1-E18

New this month Question: Even though Luan turns into a sadistic prankster on April Fools' Day, does she still have no intention of seriously hurting her family?

New this month Question: Ted's friend Dom knows a guy who can find Mary for him. Later on it's revealed that Dom is also Woogie, Mary's old boyfriend who got weird on her and is still obsessed with her. However, if Dom knew Healy could find Mary why didn't he use him himself to find Mary and stalk her again?


New this month Question: Did any of the human characters in this movie appear in any episode of the Barney franchise before or after the film was released?

New this month Question: Why was Sorrento's avatar's eyes glowing yellow when he first sees Irock then turn blue after he sighs? Was this a reference to Superman's heat vision? I don't get it. Does his Clark Kent looking avatar have those powers?

New this month Question: Why did Terry and Erin put the kids in one bedroom at first? They had another room anyway, as is revealed when they suddenly make the new bedroom for Ruby, before the social worker visits. And if they want the kids to trust them, it would make sense to give a teenage girl her own room.

New this month Question: If Parker was possessing Josh throughout the whole movie, why didn't he just kill Josh's family right off the bat instead of waiting until close towards the end of the movie?

Brandon York

New this month Question: How did the bottle end up in lake Michigan if it was thrown in the Atlantic ocean?

Show generally

New this month Question: How come Sam and Aisha stopped being friends just cause Sam was hanging out with Yasmine?


New this month Question: Before Stanley was found innocent and left Camp Green Lake with Zero, how long were those two in the camp?

Cody Fairless-Lee

New this month Question: After Peter is possessed by Charlie and he clicks his tongue for the first time after standing up, he starts to walk towards the tree house and heads off screen. The camera lingers though, and focuses in on something lying on the ground in the background. What is that on the ground? It almost looks like a dead dog or possibly the dead dear from earlier, but the shape isn't quite right. It does appear to be some sort of animal but I can't make it out. What is that the camera lingered on right then? And why? It's not shown again. (01:57:45)

Quantom X Premium member

Show generally

New this month Question: Why do so many characters who start out as SpongeBob's friends (from his point of view) turn into villains?


New this month Question: Who killed Martha Tabram? Just like in the real world, doubt is cast on her murder as to whether or not it was Jack the Ripper due to the differences in her murder and those of the other prostitutes. So was it just another member of the Freemasons?

Phaneron Premium member

New this month Question: Why did Jack and Max try to kill Mason's son Sonny? They have their masks on and there's no way that Sonny would have identified them.


The Mad Scientist - S1-E1

New this month Question: So I have seen several places where people have been claiming that the mad scientist in this first episode was based on Nikola Tesla, and have seen many people complaining about him being portrayed as a bad guy in this. However, IMDb trivia states that "Boris Karloff' engineer Poelzig in Edgar G. Ulmer's The Black Cat (1934) was the inspiration for the mad scientist..." I've tried looking into it a little bit, but I can't seem to determine which is the correct person that the Mad Scientist was based on... Maybe both?

Quantom X Premium member

New this month Question: A few years ago, the original film was finally released on Blu-Ray. Are there any current plans for the sequels to be given a similar treatment? The only editions it seems are available are the old 2004 DVD's, and rather shoddy unofficial import Blu-Rays that are just upscales of the DVD.


New this month Question: Why are Dan and Eddie in wool sweaters on a tropical beach when the women are in bikinis at the end of the movie?

Potty Mouth/L Is for Love - S2-E15

New this month Question: How did Dr. Shuttleworth not notice that Lisa was pretending to be Lily? For instance, Lily has a small tuft of hair, while Lisa is bald.

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