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Question: How was Evan writing about the moments that happened during the blackouts if they were in fact blackouts, and he didn't remember what happened at those times?


Answer: He writes about what happened immediately before and after the blackouts, and when he flashes back, his mind fills in the gaps and allows him to manipulate the events.

Question: Right before Gorman starts briefing the Marines in the hangar, he takes his hat off and has some sort of symbol or something shaved into the hair on the back of his head. Does anyone know what this is or any details about why he would have it?

Answer: I can only guess, but it just looks like bald spots on the actor's (William Hope) head. It could have been from when his head was shaved it got nicked and hadn't grown in yet, or he had some previous injury where the hair doesn't grow there.


Answer: Luthor needed only to duplicate his powers not his appearance. That's what he did in his lab and why he has the voice of Luthor.

Question: How did the guy at the very start know where Ace went? He was back at his car which was parked blocks away, before the guy even realised that the dog had been taken.

Answer: Ace made a very conspicuous exit, either obviously hiding *something* under his shirt, or with the dog's head poking out. So, the guy could have just asked if anyone had seen which way Ace went, and a lot of people would have been able to oblige.

Answer: The Mayor says he could never get to the crime scene fast enough and Major Man says "of course not, you'd have to know about the crime in advance, like I do." Major Man let it slip he knew when the crimes were going to happen (because he was setting them up).


Question: What did Syndrome mean that after he makes everybody super, that no-one will be?

Answer: If everyone has the same superpower, then it becomes the average and evens the playing field. No one person would have an extreme advantage over anyone else.


Question: When Underworld first came out, prior to RoTL being released, what were the original memories from Lucien that Michael saw that showed him Sonja's death?

Answer: Except for the actress playing Sonja, the memories were the same as Rise of the Lycans. Two guards opening the door to the pit. Sonja chained to the post, Vicktor watching from above. Lucan watching, injured, helplessly as Sonja burns. All the Lycans howling beginning the revolt. There are more.

Question: When Sarah leaves the apartment after her date cancels, she tells Ginger she's going to a movie. The next time we see Sarah, she's eating a slice of pizza in a bar. Did she already go to the movie, or did she change her mind and go to dinner instead?

Answer: It's never addressed, so any answer would be speculation. But we can assume it's been a while, since Matt (Ginger's boyfriend) arrives as Sarah is leaving, and when she calls from the bar, Ginger and Matt have had sex, Matt's fallen asleep, Ginger's made a quite elaborate midnight snack, and the Terminator has murdered them both.

Question: Why doesn't the guy in the truck just turn the turrets to face the sky or something when the Mariner is pulling the gun boat into the deacon's boat or hell even turn the engine off meaning the gun has no power! He was reaching through the cab trying to get the guys attention so it's not like absolutely no-one on the gun boat was unaware of what was going on.

Question: Who was Ninny staying with in the nursing home?

Answer: A friend named Mrs. Otis who was not a major character in the movie.

Why We Fight - S1-E9

Question: Was the placement of the Opekta poster in the scene intentional? Opekta was the company that Otto Frank owned and it's headquarters on the Prisengracht in Amsterdam was the site of the "Secret Annexe" that housed Anne Frank and the others in hiding.

Answer: I did some Internet research on this. I didn't find anything specific, but considering how carefully historical movies usually are researched and the detailed way in which art directors create a set, it would be nearly impossible for this to have been coincidental. If I find any additional information, I'll update this.


Tooms - S1-E21

Question: While following Tooms, Mulder specifically says that he can't find his Norwegian Elkhound named Heinrick, who he goes moose-hunting with. I know that he is lying about owning a dog, but why the odd details? Am I missing a joke?

Answer: Mulder is not supposed to be watching Tooms. He is making up details on the spur of the moment, so he can pretend that he has a legitimate reason for talking to a dog-catcher.

Answer: Mulder's embellished details reflect his personality and quirky humor. It was not meant to be taken so literally.


Chinga - S5-E10

Question: Why does Mulder lie to Scully, on the phone, about construction workers outside his window? Why not tell her about the ball he was bouncing?

Answer: He didn't want her to know that he didn't have anything to do. No friends, girlfriends or places to visit. If she knew, she would have said, "Get a life."

I pretty much agree. I think at this point in the series, Mulder and Scully are realizing how close they are. Which might be awkward for both. Mulder is afraid to trust anyone too much, due to Samantha's abduction and his speculation of conspiracy theories. Scully is a strong woman, who also fears trusting. Not to mention the losses of her sister and Emily, her biological daughter. Later, the Cigarette-Smoking Man points out that Scully would die for Mulder, but is afraid to start loving him.

Question: The witch made the bear Mor'du, in her shop has a bunch of bear carvings, and also turned Merida's mom in a bear. Did the with mess up the spell and made the bears by accident, or did she change them into bears on purpose?

Answer: The witch seems to have an obsession with bears which makes the more likely scenario that the potion turned them into bears on purpose.

Show generally

Question: Were the interior scenes in Walter's house actually shot inside that house or at another location? The view down the hallway towards their bedroom doesn't seem to fit the size of the house, which from the front looks much smaller.

Answer: The outside shots were filmed on location but by the homeowners own words, "some liberties were taken with the inside"


Show generally

Question: I am still only in season 1, but have noticed JD and a few of the other new doctors sometimes wear black scrubs. I feel like at times it was used to code which of them was trusted most at the moment, such as Episode 7 where being the "top intern" seemed to be JD's main focus in the episode. Am I reaching or do the black scrubs have a meaning?

Question: Who was really responsible for the murders?

Answer: Mrs. Tredoni, the church housekeeper is the murderer. Although, it's left unclear if Alice helped with the murders at all.


Thanks. I could never figure out if it was one or the other.

Question: Someone I met years ago told me when you watch this film, it's a tradition to yell at the characters during many parts of the movie (such as yelling "SL*T" at Janet). Nobody else I ever asked heard of this "tradition." Has anyone ever heard of this?

Answer: Yes, whether you're watching a live play or the film, audience participation is encouraged, including shouting "sl*t" for Janet and "a**hole" for Brad when their name are sometimes mentioned. There's also a lot talk-back lines for the audience, including saying other insults. And if you go to a showing for your first time, like I did in the 90's, you'll likely be asked if you're a virgin.


Avatar - S3-E21

Question: What happened to Sharon Skinner after this episode? She and A.D. Skinner don't go through with the divorce, but in a later episode - I believe it was "S.R. 819" - Mulder asks Skinner if he woke up alone, and Skinner firmly answers yes.

Answer: The show never actually reveals what happened to Sharon and in "Avatar" we never really know who or what the old lady is or what it means. So there's a lot of fan theories out there, including that Sharon died in the hospital and Skinner putting his ring back on at The End signifies they reconciled before her death. But in the real world, it's hard for TV shows to keep small side character stories going for various reasons, which is why a lot of times a new character is introduced for one or two episodes and never mentioned again. The "X-Files" writers might have even intended to bring Sharon back later and never found a story to bring her into, or the actor wasn't available, etc.


In addition to this answer, I want to point out that Skinner said *he* would not sign the papers. Sharon said, "Listen to me", but the episode does not reveal if she definitely agreed to reconcile. I believe that she either died, or she lived, but she wanted to remain separated. Maybe he finally gave her a divorce later on. Mitch Pileggi, the actor who plays Skinner, says that Skinner developed feelings for Agent Scully at some point, but knew that she was closer with Agent Mulder.

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