Father's Day

Father's Day (1997)

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Continuity mistake: In an early scene Jack and Collette sit in a bar. While he is drinking a martini she tells him that he is the father of her son. He is so shocked by the news that he practically finishes the entire drink, leaving only a little bit and the olive in the glass when he sets it down. The camera swings to another angle and the martini is full again and after the camera changes angles a few more times, each showing a full glass, it finally goes back to the original angle where the glass is once again almost empty.

00:04:15 - 00:05:25

Continuity mistake: When Dale runs down the hotel hallway in Scott's wet clothes he bumps into Carrie. In the background we see a chambermaid with some laundry disappearing through the same door twice.



Continuity mistake: In the scene in the hotel bathroom when Scott gives Nikki the pearl necklace her hair is arranged in four different ways.



Continuity mistake: At the Sugar Ray concert in Sacramento Dale gets Scott's picture from his pocket twice.



Continuity mistake: Shortly after Dale drives off in Jack's Jaguar he picks up a lady whose car has broken down. After they get into the Jaguar they introduce themselves, smiling at each other. Then they both turn ahead as Dale is about to drive off, but when the camera angle changes they are again talking and smiling at each other.



Continuity mistake: When Jack and Dale take the bridge to Tiburon and Dale drives in the middle of the two lanes there's an aerial shot with a white minivan behind them. When Dale moves to the right and the camera angle changes the minivan is replaced by another car.


Other mistake: When Dale and Jack talk at the hospital about Scott's broken arm the subtitles are misspelled - they read "the doctor says it's a simple brake".



Continuity mistake: The toilet cabin in which Bob has been pushed down the hill is turned around by 90 degrees when Bob's new friend climbs down to attach the chain.

00:43:30 - 00:47:00


Continuity mistake: When Dale and Jack drive to Sacramento Dale suddenly stops because he isn't sure if he ran over someone. This happens right next to a lake which is on Dale's side. There's one shot of Dale where the lake isn't there.



Continuity mistake: When Collette tells Dale about his 'fatherhood' there's a bar behind Dale. A blonde lady walks up to the barkeeper. The camera cuts to Collette, and when it cuts back to Dale a few seconds later a man in a striped jacket has replaced the lady.



Revealing mistake: When the toilet cabin is pulled upright the chain hangs through long before the cabin stands vertically.



Continuity mistake: After Jack and Dale take Scotty home they sit on the sofa looking at a photo album. Jack says "look at this little cowboy hat.". Then the camera cuts to the album and there are two big photographs of a bare-headed Scotty. Then we see Dale turning the page, and there's again a different picture on the page we can see.



Continuity mistake: When Jack and Dale find Nikki's mother and she tells them that Nikki has gone to Sacramento, her necklace is turned over every time the camera cuts on her.


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