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Answer: The criteria for being cursed were never accurately established in the film. All we have is the words of the specialist: "You're cursed. [...] Dia de Los Muertos is the day of giving to the dead! You stole from the dead!" This seems to imply that the act of theft must have taken place on Dia de Los Muertos and the owner of the stolen object must have been dead.


Answer: In my opinion, I would say it may have been specified in Hector's will that his guitar would go to Ernesto in the event of early death.

Answer: I think it has to do with blood relations.

Quantom X Premium member

Ernesto and Hector aren't related.

Question: Why was the money wrapped up in aluminium foil?

Answer: When criminals transport large amounts of money, it is often wrapped in foil and plastic to protect it from accidental damage from liquids and fire. There is also an urban legend that wrapping it in foil will keep it from being detected by scanning equipment.


Foil is also used to shield against RFID sensors which is a safety feature used to protect items.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: When Val and Earl first come into Perfection the sign says population 14. If you add up all the characters in the movie excluding Rhonda, there's 14 people. The question is who is taking care of Melvin?

Answer: According to one of the writers, his parents were both immature ne'er-do-wells who would often abandon him for long stretches of time. So he's pretty much on his own. Hence, his parents are not counted on the population sign, since they're barely there for him. It's also mentioned in the original script (which can be found online) that they spend a lot of their time in Las Vegas, presumably gambling. (Val says the line "Why don't his parents ever take him to Vegas with them?" in regards to Melvin in scene 13).


Answer: His Uncle Nestor.

To my knowledge, nothing in the film indicates Nestor is related to Melvin.


When Nester dies, Melvin lets the audience know that was his dad.

Um... no. No he doesn't. All he does when Nester dies is shout "No way, man! You guys have gotta do something!" to Val and Earl. He definitely never says Nester was his dad. As I said above, the writers have specifically said his parents were immature ne'er-do-wells who just aren't around most of the time. In fact, it's even mentioned in the original script that his parents were often away in Las Vegas rather than taking care of him.


Answer: Daniel told him.

Mistaken Identity - S1-E6

Question: Why does Carlton believe that his driving too slow was the reason he got pulled over? Will even stated that the real reason they were pulled over is because two black people driving an expensive car in a lower-middle income neighborhood looked suspicious. It was a case of racial profiling but, at the end of the episode, Carlton still believed it was because he drove too slowly.

Answer: Because Carlton is naive, trusting, and optimistic. He lived a pretty sheltered life in Bel-Air and just doesn't think police officers would do anything unjust. At this point in his life, he just hasn't gone through the things Will has to make him think otherwise.


Question: In real life, had Tarzan been raised by apes from the time he was a baby, would he have actually been able to be educated to act and speak like an ordinary person?

Answer: I'd have to disagree with the previous answer. Being that Tarzan was raised by apes from infancy, there are many higher-level brain functions that he (in real life) would never have completely developed, such as upright walking and other motor skills, cognitive and speech abilities, social interaction, and so on. There are some vital human-brain capacities that if not learned at certain stages of early-childhood, cannot or can only partially be learned later. However, it is highly unlikely an infant could survive long in such an environment.

raywest Premium member

I actually agree with this answer. Thanks.

Answer: Any answer would be speculative at this point since we don't have enough examples of feral children living in the wild until Tarzan's age. Most children that become feral either start out at an older age, 5 or 7, where they know how to speak a language, or are found before they hit puberty. This makes teaching and integration somewhat easier. There was a case of a boy living in the wild for 15+ years that still had difficulty interacting with society even in his 60's and 70's. He had the ability to speak but eventually lost it as he became more feral and he had huge difficulties understanding technology, like radio and cinemas. In all probability, Tarzan, and similar characters, would not be able to learn how to communicate, even if he could learn to speak English. He would have an even more difficult time learning how to socialize and live as "normal" adults do. And I could not see any possibility he teaches himself how to read and speak English, or any language.


Answer: In the books, Tarzan was self-taught after he discovered the house his father built. He learned to read English using the elementary books his parents brought with them to teach the child they were expecting, these books were in the house. While studying these books, he mimicked many of the things he saw in pictures, which could have included walking upright. He did not learn to speak English until he was a young adult after traveling to Europe. Also, after rescuing Paul D'Arnot in Africa, the French officer taught Tarzan French as the two of them left Africa for Europe.

Noman Premium member

Yes, but the question was could he "in real life" be educated and learn to speak like an ordinary person if he had been raised by apes from the time he was a baby. You are only describing how Tarzan accomplished that fictionally in the book. In real life, that could not have happened.

raywest Premium member

Just adding a little perspective, which is why I qualified it to what was in the books.

Noman Premium member

Answer: Given enough time, yes. Even though the best time to learn a second language is when a person is a kid, many adults of various ages despite speaking one language all their lives, are able to learn a different one and be fluent with it given enough time and practice.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: Why did Jason Voorhees not tell his mother he was alive? This sequel shows he's alive, and she wouldn't be murdering people if she knew he wasn't dead.

Athletic Jason

Answer: The way I understand it, they just never crossed paths again after his incident. She's not exactly been hanging out around the lake where he went under. Jason has some heavy mental issues to boot and wouldn't know how to find her till it was too late. He was a lost scared little boy.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: In the first street race everyone scattered when they were informed of the police coming. Why? Surely they could say they were out for a walk, and for those with cars, a night drive?

Answer: It's pretty obvious they were gathered together for an illegal street race. And most of those cars had illegal upgrades that would have been discovered. Not only that but most of them probably had some hard drugs and weapons on them. They were all gathered in a huge group late at night with loud cars which probably breaks many regulations and codes, including noise levels. The police had everything they needed for "Probable Cause" to stop and search everybody there and find all these things.

Quantom X Premium member

Question: Who was the Native American corpse with the knife in his chest that Wilkinson saw after climbing the ladder inside the cave?

Coach Laws

Answer: It's impossible to know. Presumably, we are simply meant to assume it is a random Native American and no-one of significant importance.

Question: Towards the ending, why was Sadness trying to run away from Joy?

Answer: Because Sadness thinks that she is the cause of all the problems that Riley is having and she doesn't want to go back to headquarters.


Question: In Biff's casino Marty is escaping Biff and his goons - he goes into the stairwell and jumps from one stair to another. What I don't understand is how this stairwell works as it seems to be double, with 2 sets of stairs ending up on the same floor parallel to each other, one on one end and one at another but on the same floor. Does this even make sense? Can anyone tell me why a big building would have 2 sets of stairs in 1 stairwell going parallel and end up on the same floors? Any special name for this type of stairwell perhaps? I can't find anything on it.


Chosen answer: Your assumption is pretty much correct. There are 2 staircases spiralling around each other like a double helix. It is a fairly common way of constructing fire evacuation staircases as it allows a greater number of people to use them at the same time.

I see, so it's purely for fire escape reasons or more to handle overflow capacity in general?


Answer: "Aquaman" director James Wan commented on this when a question was posed about if Aquaman is bulletproof, how can he get tattoos. "Bullets (or whatever else) will penetrate and break [Arthur's] skin. He's not a man of steel. He just has really dense mass/muscles. At least that's what Geoff Johns and I talked about." In addition to his advanced resilience, he also has advanced healing abilities. Geoff Johns is a comic book writer whose work includes Aquaman, and he was President and CCO of DC Entertainment at the time. In the comics, Johns has shown Aquaman to be vulnerable to bullets.


Answer: Just because a bullet won't kill him doesn't mean he'll get hit by bullets if he can avoid it. It would still cause pain. He also isn't bullet proof, he is merely bullet resistant. Larger calibre bullets would hurt him.

Question: Does the movie provide any evidence that the Blood orchid flowers would renew human youth like a fountain of youth?

Athletic Jason

Answer: No, it doesn't. The characters speculate that the anacondas are unusually large because the orchids are part of the food chain in the area; then have a discussion over whether or not the orchids would have the same effect on humans. This discussion is unresolved and the question goes unanswered for the rest of the film.


Question: Do the giant snakes look better in this sequel than in the 1st movie?

Athletic Jason

Answer: "The Lays of Ancient Rome" by Thomas Babington Macaulay. "Lays" are narrative poems. Specifically the film focuses on the poem "Horatius"


Answer: No, his snap simply restored all the people Thanos' snap eliminated. They discuss it before he snaps. Tony reminds him to not try to do anything other than bring the people back.

We don't know that's all he did. Considering the Ancient One's warning that removing a stone for one's universe could have disastrous affects on that universe. One would think he would return the stones.


She was talking about removing them from the timeline, nothing about destroying them. According to the comics when the stones are destroyed the powers they represent will be made physical again in a different way. This does not happen when they are removed completely, since the power inside (the energy) cannot be reassembled again.


Destroying the stones almost killed Thanos. Hulk would not have been able to bring back half the universe and the stones with no further impact.

We do know. As stated in the answer, Tony and Hulk specifically discuss ONLY bringing the people back. Since it's stated in the film, we can say with certainty that's all he did.

As stated in the film, he also tried to bring Natasha back who wasn't one of the half Thanos snapped away, so while unlikely, perhaps he did try more.


Answer: While we never actually see it happen, it's more than likely that someone eventually found her corpse.


Answer: In fiction for the character, it's stated to have a 50 round capacity. This may not be canon, since during the shooting range scene when he finally stops shooting, the round counter reads 141 and he is not shown to stop to reload. In reality the gun used was a modified Beretta 93R, which has a 15 round capacity,.

Question: The theatrical release of this movie had a live-action prologue where Brad Bird, Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson thanked us for being patient for 14 years, and telling us to enjoy the movie. Was this clip ever released outside of theaters? If so, where can I find it?

Answer: I've only seen the movie once in theaters, but I've viewed both DVD and Blu Ray openings on YouTube and didn't see it included, but you can find it if you search "the incredibles 2 theater opening." If it has or ever does air on TV, I don't think you'd see it there.

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