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Question: Why didn't they stay in the store with all the food? The one guy suggests it and they bring up the fact that some others are still at the house and will starve... But couldn't they have just used the car to go back and collect them and bring them to the store? Alternatively, why didn't they make multiple trips to the store to bring back as much food as they could? They could have come back, unloaded and then gone straight back out again (meaning the car couldn't have been stolen). By this point they knew it was safe, they could have even have just sent 2 people giving them more space in the car to load it with supplies.

Answer: After what happened to Charlie, they were discouraged from staying or returning to the store.


Question: Just how did Charles explain Raven showing up when they were kids to his parents? What could he think up and why would they even adopt her, maybe they only wanted one child?


Answer: It is never explained, but the speed and confidence in which Charles offers his home to Raven suggests that all Charles would have to do is ask his parents if Raven could stay and they would allow it. Why this is the case is again, not explained but it could certainly have something to do with his powers. He could influence his parents to allow Raven to stay quite easily with his telepathic abilities.


Show generally

Question: I seem to recall seeing an episode of this show when I was a little kid that featured Bull being involved in an elevator crash, and when he emerges from the elevator afterwards, he is drastically shorter. Did this actually happen, and if so, what episode was it?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: I just saw the episode again; it's "Blues of the Birth" (original airdate May 2, 1990), which was the same episode in which Christine gave birth to her baby boy. Bull rushed into the broken elevator in which Christine was forced to give birth to retrieve her shoes; the elevator then plunged from the 18th floor to the ground floor, which then resulted in Bull apparently losing at least two feet of height.


Answer: The scene did in fact happen, as I distinctly remember it; I don't, however, recall the specific episode.


Question: There is a scene where after Dillon accidentally kicks a log down the hill, Mac says to him, "You're ghosting' us, motherfucker. I don't care who you are back in the world. You give our position one more time, I'll bleed you, real quiet, and leave you here. Got that?" What did he mean by that?

Josh West

Answer: To translate: "Making noise like that could get us killed. I don't care that you're a CIA agent, if you give away our position like that again, I'll kill you quietly and leave your body here. Do you understand?"


Question: So I know this was asked but I'm going to go a little deeper, How were the aliens killed by microbes/bacteria? They are so much more advanced then we are that they didn't think to protect themselves from this possible threat? They were ready for battle with the lasers how did they not think about what is in our environment?

Answer: I think the issue of they're more advanced than us therefore how would they not know about Earth's diseases is a bad assumption. Having knowledge of space travel and weaponry doesn't mean having knowledge of microbiology, even if we think it must because of our own advancements. We know when Europeans came to the Americas, the diseases they brought over were devastating to the indigenous people who had no immunity. There's a theory that the Americas never had such plagues or diseases because they didn't live in overcrowded cities like the Europeans. Had the indigenous people carried unique diseases that they were immune to, their diseases could have easily wiped out of the Europeans, despite being "more advanced." Mars may simply never had experience with plagues or diseases that required the concept of immunization or they may have thought they were protected.


Answer: They had never been to Earth and test out of the biological nature of the planet and its life. They just assumed to be protected in their machines from any hostility against them and never thought to protect themselves from the bacteria. They thought that if they would just destroy the life they wouldn't be affected by it.


So you said they had never been to Earth, but how did the machines they are using get here? If they are so intelligent and have these fancy machines how did they not think to look more closely at the life on this planet first when they brought the machines?

They didn't bring them, they sent them. A long, long time ago too. Who knows why they didn't think of it? That's just the story. They want the planet and kill everything on it to gain it. Why study an inferior species?


Answer: The aliens may have been aware there were biological hazards but underestimated how lethal that would be to their physiology. Their intent was to quickly and completely eradicate all Earth's flora and fauna, sterilizing the planet by reseeding it with their own alien biology.

raywest Premium member

Question: Was it set in WA? This might explain why the cricket was on the TV before the kid left for school. If set in NSW/QLD (as they drive down to Sydney) it must have been an rare start time for the cricket. (00:05:02)

Answer: It was filmed in Western Australia and I believe it is set there, as I am somewhat sceptical that "driving down to Sydney" in the Australian vernacular definitively means driving south (i.e. from northern New South Wales or Queensland).

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: This was in the Richard Donner cut: Why does Lois want to expose Superman's identity? That and why doesn't she think it through? She's risking the safety of his family after all.


Answer: Like many reporters, she feels she has an obligation (and the right) to uncover the facts, even though it could potentially cause harm.

raywest Premium member

Question: The heroes manage to get the core spinning again by detonating 5 200 megaton nuclear bombs. In real life, wouldn't it take hundreds of 200 nuclear bombs to get the core spinning again?

Answer: No number of nuclear weapons would have an effect on the movement of the Earth's core. The bombs in the movie are just there as part of the plot. The Core is a hysterically unscientific movie. It's still great fun though.

Question: If people can be sent back to a precise time and location, why not send them to ground zero of Hiroshima or Pompeii or 20,000 feet in the air over the middle of the Pacific?

Answer: The current method works better because an assassin being present confirms the kill and the disposal of the body. If you sent someone back to Hiroshima or some other place you could never be sure the body wouldn't be found.


Question: When Gryffindor wins the house cup Hermione has a bandage on her hand. Why did she need it? If it's about the Devil's Snare thing she would have been rubbing it a lot longer.


Answer: It's there to help her wounds from the whole ordeal. You say she would have rubbed her hand for longer but not really. In the heat of the moment she's probably running on adrenaline and just blocks the pain out.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: What did Tonks trip over when entering the Order of the Phoenix house after liberating Harry from the Dursleys? Why was it necessary to include it in the film?

Answer: She trips over the umbrella stand. It was necessary to add this to show the angry reaction of the late Mrs Black's portrait.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: The Djinn told Alex that he is a Djinn. So why would she waste a wish by asking to know what he is? I say waste because she already knows the answer.

Answer: She didn't fully understand what the Djinn was until he took into his realm (Hell) to fulfill her wish. She then realised how evil he was.

raywest Premium member

Question: How much were Romijn and Jackman paid for their cameos?


Answer: Yes, this is a thinly veiled jab at X-Men: The Last Stand. That film had a notably poor reception among fans and critics and at that point was generally considered the worst of the X-Men films. Ironically, X-Men: Apocalypse was also poorly received and is technically the 3rd film in the "First Class" series.


Answer: She's not making a joke. Sequels are often criticized because the more that are made from an original movie, the greater the decline in the quality. The scripts are often repetitive and unoriginal, and the purpose seems to be only to make as much money as possible with the least amount of creativity or effort.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did Raven ever love Charles? They seemingly teased something like this in First Class so I'm merely curious.


Answer: Yes, during the events of First Class it is clear that Raven harbors romantic feelings for Charles, though Charles himself views the relationship as platonic. After meeting Erik, Raven's romantic affections seem to shift to him and Raven views Charles as an adoptive brother. This inadvertently causes something of a rivalry between Erik and Charles when Raven decides to leave with Erik. In Days of Future Past Charles' behavior seems to suggest some romantic feelings for Raven, with Charles expressing jealousy of Erik's relationship with Raven. By the time of Apocalypse, Charles and Raven once again seem to have a strictly platonic relationship which remains in place through Dark Phoenix.


Answer: Kirby is mentioned just as much. But Marjor is older and so will naturally be mentioned more.

Ssiscool Premium member

Major is not older.

Question: What happened to the Grandma's finger?

Answer: Helga, the grandmother, lost her finger in an encounter with a witch when she was a young girl.

raywest Premium member

Answer: It's never stated what happened to the Grandma's finger.

Question: How exactly does Crouch Sr. Recognize his son disguised as Moody after the second task? Was it a scar or other facial blemish?

Answer: Crouch Jr. had a particular habit of flicking his tongue in an unusual way when speaking. When the fake Mad Eye Moody (Crouch Jr) did that, Crouch Sr noticed it and became suspicious. This is actually an overused plot device where a character has some odd manner or trait that gives away their true identity.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Plus the fake Moody said to Crouch, "not trying to lure Potter into a ministry internship are we? The last boy who went into the department of mysteries never came out."

Question: This is a two-part question: 1. How does Winona Ryder get hold of the journal of Sandler's uncle? 2. Why'd she dye her hair?


Answer: Babe Bennett stole Preston Blake's journal from Longfellow Deeds. As for why she dyed her hair, it was probably part of her disguise. She was a TV journalist pretending to be someone else (as Pam Dawson) so she could get a story on Longfellow.

raywest Premium member

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