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Question: Even before Abel saw the interracial couple making out in the pool, why would he be so suspicious that they are a bad influence? How exactly does his wife's death and unfaithfulness play a role in this mistrust?


Answer: Abel was mentally unstable and that drove his overall behavior. His initial antagonism about Chris and Lisa started with a variety of factors including them being an inter-racial couple, Chris' smoking, and the couple listening to hip hop music. This was all exaggerated in Abel's mind, and continued festering. Abel's late wife had an affair with a white man, which seems to be a factor in his objection to any inter-racial relationship and distrust of white men. It's implied that Abel's extreme, controlling behavior is what led to his wife's infidelity.


Question: What's the back story of Mort and his wife mentioning the previous stalker and how he paid him off? They also mentioned the people who only knew.

Answer: As I recall, the person who was paid off was another writer whose story Mort had plagiarized. Any previous stalker would be a figment of Mort's imagination, even early on, and symptomatic of his increasing schizophrenia and paranoia that ended his marriage.


Last Rites - S7-E21

Question: In this episode and in the SVU episode "Presumed Guilty" why were the detectives angry at Father Shea for not giving them any information? Clearly they know that as a priest anything that's said to him during confession is priest-penitent confidentiality so he's not allowed to say anything that someone confesses to him.

Question: In order not to spoil the plot twist it seems as though Malcolm and Anna's marriage is strained, i.e. him standing Anna up on their anniversary saying he went to a different restaurant, etc. Was their marriage potentially/actually strained anyway because of him trying to help Vincent and seemingly repeating history with Cole? Malcolm notes the comparison out loud, thinking Anna can hear him and is ignoring him.

Answer: It appears their marriage was happy, though any married couple experiences ups and downs, and doctors particularly have demanding professions that can affect their family life. However, Anna's reaction, as we see it in the movie, is the direct result of her extreme grief over Malcolm's death. It is only from Malcolm's altered perception that it appears there is a marital rift.


Answer: There certainly couldn't be any strain due to Malcolm's repeating history by helping Cole, because he's doing that post-mortem, so to speak. Anna knows Malcolm is dead, so no, no strain due to his helping Cole.

Uncle Moose

I'm starting to think this is actually an element that Mr. Shyamalan (sp?) added as a way of explaining Malcolm's reaction to Anna's behavior toward him at the restaurant. Malcolm has to believe that something he's done wrong is bothering Anna, because the alternative is that she doesn't hear him and doesn't see him. And if Malcolm thought that, then we'd have a whole different movie, with Malcolm waving his arms and shouting, doing whatever, to get her attention, etc etc. So it works as a way to keep Malcolm in ignorance or denial, and it also shows the two of them together to the audience, hopefully keeping us from catching on to the twist. Brilliant.

Uncle Moose

Question: If Diana was able to recognize Kit even after years of not seeing him then how come she didn't notice he has the same voice as the Phantom, whom she had just been with the day before? He doesn't try to disguise his voice in any way.

Answer: She was preoccupied trying to escape from the bad guys and annoyed that a guy in a purple suit, was trying to save her, when she said, "I can do it myself." It was most likely later, in New York, when the met face to face. Kit and Diana, when she put two and two together. Again was too preoccupied trying to save the world to pause and confront him.

Answer: In real life, she would likely have recognized it. Movies employ a "suspension of disbelief." Audiences are expected to accepted something they know is not realistic in order for the plot to play out.


Show generally

Question: I'm watching this show on an app called "Tubi TV" and none of the 1st season episodes have the opening narration from James Earl Jones. I remember watching this on TV, but it would have been reruns and I can't remember hearing the narration then either (granted, I may have forgotten hearing it, but it's so distinct and unique that I don't think I would have forgotten it). When the show was in rerun syndication, was the narration removed? Why? Just to ad 30-seconds of ad time? Why would the narration be removed on streaming services where ad time isn't an issue? Do they not have access to the originals? Has anyone seen the narration removed anywhere else?


Answer: I have the entire series on DVD, and season 1 doesn't have the narration on it either. Perhaps the studio cut it to avoid having to pay residuals to James Earl Jones. Some episodes on my DVDs also seem to be missing scenes or parts of scenes that appeared in original airings, but were removed in syndication, so it seems just as likely that all episodes that were supplied for DVD replication or for streaming services received versions that were the edited for syndication.


Thank you for this insight. Interesting the DVDs don't have it.


Rick Potion #9 - S1-E6

Question: Throughout all the seasons they are said to be from dimension C-137. Is that their dimension before or after this episode, when they permanently change for the rest of the seasons?

Answer: C-137 is the dimension they came from since the pilot. After C-137 is Chronenberg'd, Rick and Morty travel to a replacement dimension that we haven't found out the designation of (although they may have moved dimensions again). The "original" Jerry, Beth, and Summer are still on C-137 though.


Question: Why did Angela / Peter refuse to eat much food at first, and also refuse to play volleyball? She / he could probably do those things without the secret being revealed.

Answer: Watch his first scene at his aunt's. He doesn't speak at all. Clearly Angela/Peter has had a withdrawn personality since the death of his father and older sister. So doing activities with other kids is one thing he wouldn't do, as for eating, a lot of kids don't at first if they miss home.


Question: What did the crescent moon represent when it was shown throughout the film and why did it even show up during the ending when the camera pans out of Rachel's house? (01:47:40)

Answer: I believe it's to show the well being partially open into a crescent shape. Just like how in the first movie, it showed a bunch of rings since the well was closed at the time.

Question: Why did the boat's engine explode exactly? Hooper says he had burnt out the bearings, but how is this possible? It's not like a car engine where if you hold it at max revs for ages it'll seize up, this was a marine engine, they are designed to run at max revs all day. Hooper also didn't have any issues going at full throttle the previous day when they first got a barrel on the shark, so what changed?

Answer: It was most likely going full throttle that caused the engine to burn out. Besides, the boat isn't brand new, from the look of it, it should have been put in the scrap yard years ago.

Answer: There were many contributing factors in the demise of the engine. When Quint and Hooper are working on the engine the day previously, Hooper says "The injectors have been scorched by the saltwater in the fuel" and then Quint mentions something about the housing being bent. Working it too hard was just simply too much for her and she blew.

Answer: This is a Hollywood movie, and Hollywood loves explosions in their movies. The Mythbusters tested a number of explosions in movies (mostly involving cars), showing it was highly improbable they would blow up as depicted in a film. I suspect this is the case in "Jaws." Spielberg was going for dramatic visual effect rather than reality. The same could be said about the scuba tank blowing up in the shark's mouth when Brody shot it with a rifle. The tank would never explode like that just from a gun shot and was yet another fallacy the Mythbusters debunked.


Question: When Avram is departing on his horse after meeting Tommy, Tommy asks him if he speaks any Mexican. Abram, who doesn't, is puzzled by the question and asks which Tommy responds "Just curious." I've always assumed that Tommy was mocking him cause he was unknowingly riding south and headed for Mexico instead of West towards San Francisco. Am I right?

Gavin Jackson

Answer: Right on the nose.

Question: So Tatum is running from Ghostface, she's running to do what exactly here? I'm confused why she didn't just try to open the garage then run to the beer and throw it at him and run out instead of going through the doggy door and dying like that. (01:06:57)

Answer: She panicked. And when someone is panicked they make stupid decisions.


Answer: It is also known that Stu locked the door, so she couldn't escape.

Question: Why didn't Sandy immediately telephone Danny when she found out she and her family were not going back to Australia, and that she would be attending his high school?

Answer: Perhaps Sandy didn't know the high school she would be going was the same as Danny's, so she didn't think to call him already, but wanted to do it later. It's all very vague about where it all come from. The point is she never thought she would see Danny again, just like Danny thought he would never see her again. With that in mind they might indeed not have exchanged phone numbers anyway so no way to contact each other.


Answer: Maybe they didn't exchange phone numbers.

I don't think exchanging phone numbers would have been common practice in the 1950s. If anything, Danny would have her number.


I grew up in the period this movie was set in and, considering Sandy and Danny were dating, they would definitely have exchanged phone numbers.

That's a lousy answer, considering how much Sandy and Danny supposedly meant to each other. Having grown up in the years the movie was set in, I know those teenagers would have been calling back and forth to each other when they weren't together at the beach.

Answer: Being a Ladies' Man, Danny probably told her the same thing. He was only vacationing for the summer and would be returning home to another city and state.

Not a good answer. It requires you to ignore too much of the rest of the plot of the movie regarding Danny's strong feelings for Sandy.

Answer: Again, he had his reputation as a Ladies Man, he didn't want the gang to know, he was wimping out and had fall in love. Remember the song, "Summer Lovin" He told of scoring with a hot babe, while Sandy sang of true love.

Answer: Considering all the answers given so far to this question aren't believable, let me provide one that is: Perhaps Sandy had already tired of Danny by the end of the summer, and wanted to move on with her life and find a guy who wasn't a wimpy greaseball.

Answer: More than likely, based on Sandy's demeanor and adherence to etiquette, she would not have exchanged her number with a boy. She even said to Rizzo at the lunch table that she went to the beach to see a boy she met so most likely she and Danny would have made plans in person to meet up like they did.

Answer: I had an exchange student LIVE in my parents house for a month when I was in high school in 1990. I liked her a lot. We were the same age. We got along. I did not have her phone number when she left. Why? Because there was no way my father was letting me call France "long distance" in 1990. In 1959, I'm going to say that calling long distance was probably not on their radar as a viable option. Not to mention - realistically, when you're 17, and you never think you're going to see each other again because you're separated by continent, what would be the point of exchanging numbers?

This was a nice story, but has nothing to with answering the question. Sandy didn't live with Danny, so they would have exchanged local numbers, or at least Danny would have given Sandy his number if she didn't know the number where she was staying so they could call each other during the summer. For your story to be slightly comparable, the exchange student would have had live somewhere else. In that scenario you certainly would have given her your number and she wouldn't give you her number in France but where she was staying.


Question: When the tank was coming towards the cliff, why didn't Indy simply jump off the tank? If he jumped to the right or left his father and others wouldn't think that he died.

Answer: There's no way to really answer this because this is an intentionally crafted plot, designed to have characters act and react in a specific way. The movie is going for dramatic effect, making it appear the others think Indy is dead. When he reappears safe and sound, his father has an emotional reaction, showing how much he cares for his son.


Question: Why doesn't Lt. Schaffer shoot the radio operator with the silenced pistol instead of trying to sneak up behind him to kill him with a knife? Why didn't Mr. Eastwood or Mr. Burton point out the idiocy of that part of the plot to the director?

Answer: Because "silenced" pistols aren't silent. Hollywood has created this myth. Weapon sounds can be suppressed but never silenced.


Answer: This question has already been answered. There's no "idiocy" in choosing one method over another on how to kill someone in that type of situation. Obviously, it was decided that the knife was a better option. This is a movie, not reality. Choices about scenes are made for what works best dramatically for the plot, not about what someone would necessarily do in a real-life situation.


Question: In the morning after Bond and Paris slept together in the hotel, Paris leaves despite protests from Bond. When Bond gets back to the hotel she is lying dead on his bed having been murdered. How did she get back there?

Answer: Elliot Carver arranged it, he called Dr. Kaufman, who said, he is a specialist in arranging the perfect murder. His specialty is the celebrity suicide.

Question: Does Schofield throw away his canteen after he pours water over his eyes? In any event he has it again to fill with milk at the abandoned farm house.

Answer: He puts his canteen back after he poured water over his eyes. You can tell because after he gets up it's hanging on his side again.


Answer: Brand didn't know specifically where the Goonies went, but he got on the bike and went searching. Viewers didn't get to see how many places Brand looked before he found them at the restaurant or how much time it took him, but he probably biked down the one road in town until he spotted their bikes and then looked nearby. The fact that Brand apparently found the Goonies within a short amount of time suggests that there were relatively few places that they could have gone, probably because they lived in a small town that was at least semi-rural. Other than old houses, there were only a few landmarks (including the restaurant and lighthouse). There may have been spots that kids tended to gravitate toward and Brand might have had a good idea as to where they most likely went.


Question: How did Forrest change clothes on his cross-country but didn't take any with him?

Answer: He buys them, and/or people, such as those running with him, give him new clothes to replace his old ones. He's got plenty of money, no reason he can't have a debit or credit card on him to cover his expenses (like he says, he stops to eat, sleep, and so forth).

Question: Why was this movie a Universal Studios movie, when the others were DreamWorks?

Answer: Universal Pictures (which is owned by NBCUniversial) bought DreamWorks Animation in 2016. However, this film is still a DWA production, it was just now distributed by Universal Pictures. All films have been produced by DWA, but they all used different distribution companies.


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