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Question: When Logan and Laura are in the truck together and he finds out that she can talk what does she say to him in Spanish?

Answer: She asks if he really expects her to talk when he yells at her and tries to abandon her.

Question: What became of the little girl after Riot left her body?

Answer: Like all other temporary hosts, she died. This was first seen when Riot took over the EMT and when he left her after finding a new temp host, the EMT died.

It depends on how long they are inside the host though, as Venom took over Annie as well but she survived. It depends on how much they feed on their host. In the case of the girl he was inside her for several hours or more so she most likely died.


A host can only survive if they are a genetic match to the symbiote that is bonded to them. If they aren't they'll leave the host and the host will die as shown with the three hosts that Riot took control of then left. Plus, as it seen in the movie if the symbiote can find some other form of food, it won't feed on the host at all.

If that's the case then Annie should have died as well or she just happened to be a genetic match as well.


Since Ann lived, this would mean she is also a genetic match.

That seems way too much of a coincidence.


It's not a coincidence. Dora Skirth explained to Carlton Drake that symbiosis falls along the same lines as an organ transplant. The only way for a host (recipient) to survive is if the symbiote (organ) is a match. This explains why so many of Riot's previous hosts died but Carlton survived.

That actually makes it a coincidence.


Answer: I believe he was referring to two things here. The obvious one is dying, however I'm thinking that's less likely. As even though Logan always would heal before and come back, he has "died" many many times in previous events and would have felt that until his body regenerated enough for him to come back. Other than on maybe a religious level and if feeling the soul disconnecting from his body differently on a permanent death, it would be the same. What I really think he is referring to... is love. He is a father now, and accepting of it. His daughter is right there with him and crying over him, something that probably nobody has ever done for him in his life or a very long time. He is feeling that genuine unconditional love for the first time. He gets to experience what it feels like to be loved as a father moments before he dies, and I believe that is what he is referring to.

Quantom X

Answer: Ducati Scrambler Classic.


Question: Why did Qi'ra choose to kill Dryden Vos and spare Han? Was it because she loved Han, or simply because she decided that she would rather work for Darth Maul instead?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: Qi'ra's motivations are purposefully vague. It could be she killed Vos because she loved Han. It could be a simple power play, as she did not like being a slave to Vos. It could be a combination of both: she was able to save Han and also gain a position of power by killing Vos. We'll likely never know the answer as a follow up to Solo seems unlikely at this point.


Answer: Mary is highly religious and completely against any form of alcohol as shown in Big Bang Theory numerous times.


Answer: It's as simple as money is tight, it's not "George's money", it's the family's money so the expenditure was selfish.


Answer: It's because Mary is upset that George bought two cases, because it is a lot.

Question: Why does Alex's House have an elevator/dumb waiter? I've never heard of a house having any type of elevator or dumb waiter.

Answer: Many older, larger homes were originally built by wealthy owners and it is not uncommon for these homes to have an elevator or dumbwaiter for the help's use. Even though it is rare for a homeowner to have a butler today, many of these older homes still find use for the dumbwaiter/elevator the butler would have used.


Question: Why does this movie have so much product placement? And why did Jon put "Pepsi" and "Wendy" stickers on his train set?

Answer: Movies are incredibly expensive. Product placement helps pay for them - companies will give the studio money if the movies feature their products, which lessens the studio's financial burden. The stickers are likely just more product placement, but in the "reality" of the movie... Jon just probably thought they'd look cool or make the train look more realistic or something.


Question: Is it true that the story Nick was telling Cap about his grandfather is based on Samuel L Jackson's grandfather?


Answer: Here's what he said in an interview: The thing with him is, you don't know if he's making up a story to get you to do a certain thing or if he's actually giving you a piece of himself. The great thing for me about that particular story is that is what my grandfather did when I was a kid. He actually ran an elevator in a hotel in Chattanooga, Tenn. That was his job. I used to go down there and sit in the elevator with him while he took people up and down. He got tipped that way and had money in his pocket or in a bag - and a little gun. He always had a pistol with him, some brass knuckles. I did not write that, it was just in there. It totally just happened that way. I chuckled about it. I was trying to figure out if I had talked about my grandfather in some interview somewhere years ago or something and somebody read it and put that in there. I never found out if that was the case. I think it's a true story for him.

Question: What does Rizzo mean at the Frosty Palace when she asks Danny if someone is snaking him?

Answer: "Snaking" means someone stealing away a sale from you after you labored over it. Rizzo is referring to Tom stealing away Sandy from Danny.


Answer: Actually, according to Cassell's Dictionary of Slang, snake means "to whip or punish, " originating from a teamsters whip which was commonly called a "snake" in the 1930's. I rewatched the scene with this definition in mind and it fits perfectly. Rizzo walks in and immediately notices Sandy sitting at a table with Tom. She walks straight over to where Danny is sitting with the rest of the gang and says, while glancing back over her shoulder at Sandy, "somebody snakin' ya Danny?" It seems clear Rizzo is referencing Sandy's behavior, which is designed to punish Danny for treating her poorly in front of his friends.

Answer: There's a number of definitions for the urban slang term, "snaking," but in this case, I think she is asking if someone is attempting to fool, deceive, or otherwise take advantage of him.


Answer: It's 50s slang and she's asking if Tom is moving in and stealing his girl.

Answer: Lennie is a character in the novel "Of Mice and Men." He is large and strong, but also mentally challenged. He loves holding small animals, but has a tendency to kill them accidentally.

Question: When Cateleya is in the prison scene, where does she get her black cat suit from?

Answer: Her dress.

Answer: Because they had some small hope that something would happen that prevented it, they stayed to see if a miracle would happen basically. They didn't want to see it of course, but they felt it too terrible to just not know if there was any hope it wouldn't happen and then miss it.


But how could they tell from the top of that hill? They were so far away they couldn't hear a thing.

They could see the executioner from where they were standing, just not very well or entirely. They saw him swinging the ax, but not what he was hitting. They just assumed it was Buckbeak.


Answer: They didn't actually see Buckbeak being executed because he never was. They were far enough away that they only partially saw the executioner wield the axe, but he was actually chopping a pumpkin out of frustration because Buckbeak had disappeared. If they had been closer, they most likely would not have looked at all, not wanting to witness such a gruesome scene.


Thank you but I was meaning to ask why they stayed on that hill to watch instead of returning to the common room?

It's pointless to speculate what their reasoning for watching was because it really comes down to it being a plot device. The audience has to think that Buckbeak has been killed in order to propel the story forward. That is achieved by having HR&H stop atop the hill and watch what they think is the execution. It also is to convey their sense of grief and hopelessness.


Question: What's the point of the braces?

Answer: What I find ironic is the fact he tries to fix his teeth with braces hoping to minimize double-personality jaw mimique, while he grows and eats corn in the garden. Corn and braces are one of the worst possible combination in terms of comfort of eating. That was nice spice of absurdity to the story.

Answer: Mort had some problem with his jaw and eventually got braces to help correct it. I also read that it was Johnny Depp's idea for Mort to get braces, believing it added an interesting facet to his character.


Answer: As read in previous answers the jaw aches came about because of his imagination of Shooter. Shooter is taking over Mort's personality, throughout the movie it progressively gets worse and worse until the end where Shooter finally gets through to Mort and takes over. The braces are now a sign that Mort can no longer hold back Shooter, and it's shown because the braces stop the mannerism. (Shooter is the sole personality and no longer needs to push his way out, thus the need for braces and no more pain). He finally got his way. The true ending.

Answer: If you recall, Mort was kicked in the mouth after he had stabbed his wife in the leg. I'm thinking braces were the result.

The point of braces is to straighten your teeth out. Getting kicked in the mouth isn't going to render your teeth crooked. Your teeth would be completely knocked out first.


When one has their teeth almost knocked out they often get braces in order to hold them in place while they heal.

Answer: He's just getting his teeth straightened.


Question: At one point in the movie the fed introduces herself saying she is with ATF. Does ATF handle Treasury? I thought Treasury was handled by the Secret Service. Is this a mistake or am I misinformed?


Chosen answer: You are correct, the ATF does not handle currency. This is a mistake, either in the script or made by the actress. She correctly identifies herself as a Treasury agent throughout the film but does say in one scene she is an ATF agent.


Answer: It's not a cloaking shield. It's a defensive barrier. There would be no need to have a cloaking shield within the city because anybody that's inside the city would seemingly already know that Wakanda is hidden.


The cloak is to hide the city. If Cap flew in and only saw trees...what is the Black Order looking at and talking to?


The cloaking shield is what hides the city from overhead view, so aircraft that fly over can't see that there's an advanced city hiding within what is believed to be a third-world country. The barrier around the palace is to prevent enemies from attacking. That's why the "space dogs" are being torn apart when they try to go through the shield. When it becomes apparent that they can get through the shield when they attempt to do so in large numbers, Black Panther orders a section of the shield to be opened in order to bottleneck the forces in so that they can't surround the palace and penetrate the shield from a side that's not as well guarded.


This wasn't an overhead view. They were flying low and in a straight line into trees that on the other side hid buildings that were the same height. They weren't looking down.


Irrelevant. The simple fact of the matter is the Wakandans build that shield, and they can do anything they want with it. Perhaps the cloaking part is discarded to boost the shield's defensive capabilities.


That's an illogical answer: they can do what they want. Perhaps? Where is that in the movie? These are guesses not answers.


Are you saying they don't have full control over their own shield that they designed and can manipulate very specifically, as seen in the movie?


"Perhaps the cloaking part is discarded to boost the shield's defensive capabilities." - where is that in the movie? This website would not exist if every response was "they can do whatever they want".


It is when we are talking about future technology in advanced civilizations. This entry is also a question, not a mistake. There is a simple explanation for it, so that is the answer.


This is a theory not an explanation. An explanation would be backed up by facts from the movie.


There isn't an in-film "explanation", but that's a distinction without a difference. If in a movie we see someone in one place and then several scenes later we're shown them somewhere else, there isn't an "explanation" for how they've got there, but there might be plenty of perfectly reasonable theories about how - drove themselves, got a ride, took the bus, etc. This is a wholly fictional technology and the "facts from the movie" are that people can talk through it, just like they can choose to open specific narrow sections. So we take at face value that it's possible, because there's no in-film reason to assume it isn't possible.

Question: For no obvious reason - except for the fun of it - the downsizing procedure included a complete shave-down. In the Norwegian colony they have horses, sheep and dogs. Were the animals also shaved before being downsized?

Answer: They apparently shave them because the process only works on living tissue. So yes, they would have had to shave the animals.

Question: What is up with the auction scene? Knowing that dinosaurs are unpredictable, why would they want to sell them off anyway? What were people planning on doing with them; keep them as pets? Build their own park? Use them against their enemies? This scene makes no sense and plus, even with them able to make more and more dinosaurs, why keep selling them at all? I'm sorry for all the questions but this scene is just weird for me.

Answer: They were sold for the sole purpose of making hundreds of millions of dollars from the auction and future sales. The buyers had different reasons for wanting them: weaponizing them, for trophy hunting, private zoos, etc. The buyers' zeal in wanting such exotic animals overruled their sensibilities regarding how dangerous the dinosaurs were and the extreme conditions needed to manage them.


Question: In one of the scenes after Toomey stabbed Dinah, the color of her clothes changes from a saturated version of her pink outfit to a very obvious green. I was wondering if this color change was intentional, a mistake, or a request from one of the actors?

Answer: It was a continuity mistake. Whilst the characters appearances do start to look a little washed out over time, colours don't change, and if they did, pink wouldn't change into green.

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