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Question: The sequence where the family sees their dog's kennel/chain hanging from the T-Rex's mouth...was that also used in a children's book? My wife and her sister remember it as a story in the 80s, with artwork similar to "Not Now Bernard." My wife's never seen this film, resenting the absence of Sam Neill, but recognises she might have seen the clip and it's just her memory playing tricks on her. Curious if anyone knows of an old book/story with a similar visual.

Jon Sandys

Question: Throughout the entire movie after her father dies, she's referred to as a peasant. Even says she's 'but a peasant', a servant. Her father was a Baron, how her stepmother became a Baroness. Her mother was a Countess. A parent dying doesn't strip the child of noble status. The daughter of even a dead baron is not a peasant. How is this not a serious plot error that completely derails the whole movie?

Answer: Danielle's father was not a baron, he was just a wealthy landowner. Her stepmother was a baroness from her previous marriage. When Danielle calls herself "Comtesse Nicole de Lancret" (her mother's name), she was lying and only pretending to be a noblewoman. Her mother was never a countess.


Answer: So the Baroness married down, then, by marrying Danielle's father.


Yes. She married down because Auguste had money and she was broke.


Yes. In this time period, a woman like the Baroness would not have many options. She apparently had no wealth from her first marriage, and she had two children. Many wealthy, available men could easily arrange marriages with younger women, from wealthier families, who had no children.

Question: Is this movie supposed to have floating mattes? This is killing me! It's constantly shifting aspect ratios throughout the entire movie.

Answer: The constantly shifting aspect ratios are due to the fact that Michael Bay shot the film with several different camera types. Most directors who use multiple types of camera find a way to hide the shifts a little better, but Bay appears to have been unconcerned with this issue. There are several scenes where the aspect ratio changes from shot to shot. The aspect ratio shifts were also present in the theatrical release, and were a major source of ridicule then, but they are arguably more noticeable on a smaller screen.


Question: Why did Sgt Drucker not simply identify and arrest Chris (Val Kilmer) when he arrived to collect Charlene? They had seen each other just earlier that day at the bank shoot out.

Answer: Sgt. Drucker didn't actually see Chris. He relied on the description that the officers who stopped Chris gave to him over the radio.

They have known who Chris is and what he looks like for most of the movie. Hard to believe the cops at the check point are relying on Drucker's description when they would have his name and picture on file to give to every cop on the force.

Angela's Men - S7-E3

Question: In this episode, Shawn enlists in the Army and is even given a uniform complete with a name-tag bearing his last name. Later in the episode, Staff Sergeant Moore affirms that Shawn is not going to be in the Army because he likes him and doesn't want him anywhere near the Army. Can a recruit just be dismissed like that? Even if he was eventually rejected, wouldn't he have to at least be entered into basic training first? Would a Staff Sergeant even have the clout necessary to unilaterally dismiss someone from their enlistment?


Answer: I'm a little fuzzy on the episode, but the uniform could be just part of the ROTC program they were in. They were the same uniforms with minor alterations.

Question: After Ariadne falls off the building, why does Cobb wash up on the shore of Limbo again? Isn't he already in Limbo?

Answer: He doesn't wash up on the shores of limbo a second time, he has been searching for Saito in limbo and wound up on the beach outside of the compound that Saito created. His exhaustion, haggard appearance, and confusion suggests that Cobb has been searching for Saito in limbo for years.


Question: Why is the dude lying and telling Jackie Treehorn that the amount of the ransom is only half a million dollars? Thus, he also cuts in half his own commission.


Answer: He's not talking about the ransom, he's talking about Bunny's debt to Treehorn, which is half a million dollars. His commission is 10%, which gives him $50,000, far more than the $20,000 he'd been promised by The Big Lebowski.

Question: Three here: 1. Does Myers pick Laurie for any specific reason? 2. His mask symbolic or something? 3. Why waste time killing Annie and Lynda if he was fixated on Laurie?


Answer: The movie doesn't provide any reason why he targets the three girls, which I think is a wise decision, but you can interpret that Myers chose those three because of Annie's "Speed kills!" wisecrack. It was enough to get him to stop the car. Good enough reason as any.

Answer: (1) In the context of the movie, no. Michael is, as Loomis puts it, "purely and simply evil." He pretty much picks the girls as a target seemingly at random after Laurie drops the keys off at the Myers house. While future movies tried to provide him with a reason (such as saying Laurie is Michael's sister in "Halloween 2"), in this movie, it's pretty much just because Michael is a psychopath and they just so happened to become his target. That's part of what makes him so scary in this film. (2) The mask was picked by the filmmakers because it was the most unsettling. (A clown mask was also considered.) It also had the added bonus of having a vacant, emotionless face that also happened to reflect Michael's vacant, emotionless state. (3) Michael is a psychopath and simply decides to kill all of the girls and save Laurie for last for reasons unknown.


I think Michael zeroed in on the 3 girls from when Annie yelled at him while they were walking home from school.

Question: What was the liquid that Will Smith pours onto the steps after he goes up the steps to his home? What is the idea of pouring the liquid on the steps?

Answer: Most likely bleach or some other solvent. He does this to remove his scent, to prevent any of the creatures from detecting which house he's in.

Question: Why wasn't Castor Troy cuffed to the bed and watched by several agents? And how did he know which agents knew of the switch and thus kill only them?


Answer: For the first question, in the chance that he did wake up (which he did). He's a very dangerous man in a coma and could wake up and escape if not watched or cuffed. Second question, he would have watched the video seen when the doctor comes in and saw which agents were there, as well as would have tortured the information out of the doctor about it.

Quantom X

Good answer to the second question, but the first one asked why Troy WASN'T watched and cuffed. In the film, he wakes up alone and unrestrained.

Ah fair point. I misread and miss remembered a little bit. I'll have to see it again as it's been a while then.

Quantom X

Question: When Daniel is organising a second date with Ali, Ali trips over the ball heading back to the cheerleader, who says "Way to go, Buttertoes?" What does 'Butter toes' mean?

Answer: "Butterfingers" is a common jab for someone being clumsy and dropping something. "Buttertoes" is a play on this, because she was clumsy with her feet.

Do you have any idea who actually says it? Can't work out whose voice it is.

Either Johnny or Tommy. It's hard to make out, but the other Cobra Kai didn't really interact with Ali, so it would be one of those two.

The Defiant One - S1-E12

Question: The crew happen upon a crashed Wraith vessel from 10,000 years ago, with a hibernating Wraith inside, Problem is, why haven't other Wraith already found it sometime before then? They've been ruling the Galaxy, with a surplus of people and machines, for thousands of years - it's not like it was hidden at the bottom of the ocean like Atlantis, its distress beacon was working.


Question: Before I claim this as a continuity or factual mistake - a question: When the Arab raiding party shows up over the dune, they camp by a collection of scrub that was not all dead, some was green. There were also a number of plants in that low-lying area around the camp. Wouldn't the survivors had a better chance of surviving more days by digging for underground water in that area? Perhaps deep, but there. If they took 12 days to build the plane, it seems 2 days digging for water would have given them more time.


Answer: In the desert, the only place you can find water as at an oasis or maybe digging in a dry river bed. Those bushes would be extremely salty, and any meaningful water would be far too deep under the sand.


Question: I know the crew is trying to steal the fake egg all for appearances, because they already have the real egg. They are doing this just so that the Nightfox doesn't get suspicious. My question is, why would that really matter? Tolour is going to find out that they stole the egg prior to the bet being made either way. If they fear he won't pay if they stole it before the bet...well, again, he will find this out anyway. They really could have just said right after the bet that they had already stolen it and won. Was the fake robbery more for the benefit of Lemarque's daughter and getting her to ruin her career, so she would board the plane?


Answer: If they'd told him right away, he never would have made the bet at all. And I kind of doubt he'd honor the bet if, right after suggesting the egg (and before even giving the money to Lemarque to hold in escrow), Danny just announced they already had stolen it. It was partially about Isabel, sure, but also about humiliating Toulour and teaching him a lesson for "breaking rule number one."

Question: In 1985-A, when Biff threatens to shoot Marty, Marty says that the police would match up the bullet with the gun. Biff mentions that he owns the police and that they couldn't match the bullet with Biff's gun. How could the police be unable to match the bullet that murdered George with Biff's gun?

Answer: Because he owns the police, and ensured the forensics were rigged.

Question: The ship is moving 50% of the speed of light, and Jim gets ejected. How did Jim have time to throw the door to change his trajectory? How did that throw outpace 50% of the speed of light?

Answer: He didn't have to outpace that entire speed. Since he ejected from the ship, he was already moving the same speed as the ship. So throwing the door gave him a little bit of extra momentum on top of the speed he was already moving.

Quantom X

Question: Why announce to the passengers you're passing a star for viewing when everyone is supposed to be asleep? Can't imagine you would waste time programming that?

Answer: The computer detects there are people awake so it gives this kind of information. It's not clever enough to understand that's not supposed to be the case, but since pods shouldn't malfunction they never put that kind of programming into the computer.


Question: Star tells Michael that she was supposed to be his first kill. I'm only speculating that it was on David's orders so, if he was, why did David change his mind and decide to make Michael a vampire instead?

Answer: Because the Head vampire, Max, had fallen in love with Michael's mom. At the end of the movie he said, "Boys need a mother and if I could get Michael and Sam into the family, you would have no choice but to join us."

Hit and Run - S2-E5

Question: Towards the end of this episode the squad car has to double park so Regan can use a phone box, as Regan gets out of the car a van has to drive round the squad car and the driver sounds the horn, Regan gesticulates and shouts "up yours" at the van driver. I wonder if this was scripted or was a random moment and John Thaw was ad-libbing?

eric 64

Answer: Scripted.

Question: Did Jamie acting like Michael at the movie's end happen because of the night's events, or when she touched his hand, or what?


Answer: I think it's really up to the viewer to decide. I personally always took it as she simply snapped and briefly lost her mind and became just like her uncle for an instant. But given she and Michael share a psychic connection in the sequel, I've seen other people suggest that perhaps she was under his "influence" in some way.


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