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Question: I have to admit that I don't know if this can be called a 'mistake', so I just post is as a question also to gauge the response from others who may have seen the movie. The 'trick' the movie's second act is based on, with Jude Law showing back at the novelist's house posing as an investigator... Would ANYONE be fooled by this? I don't pinpoint an obvious flaw in the make-up that maybe would be a Character or Continuity mistake, but seriously; is there ANYONE who wouldn't see through that silly disguise, especially considering that it's the only other visitor the guy had in days, that he is obsessed with him, Law comes to see Caine about his 'own' disappearance, which as opposed to the audience Caine knows is fake and left him open to at least a prank or revenge. I mean, they are up close for so long during this, both times, it is such a wild stretch of the suspension of disbelief. I was truly convinced Caine had seen through him right away and was playing with him, but shockingly, that was not the case. (00:02:30 - 00:39:40)

Sammo Premium member

Answer: Sleuth was originally produced as a stage play written by Anthony Shaeffer. In that medium, the surprise reveal was more plausible. The 1972 movie, starring Michael Caine in the younger role, was relatively more successful in deceiving the audience, though, it too, was fairly obvious. The 2007 version, directed by Kenneth Branagh, seemed to assume that most of the audience already knew about the plot twist and, as it comes midway through the story, it appears the movie instead focused on the psychological aspects of the cat-and-mouse relationship between the two characters.

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Question: When Officer Blake leaves Wayne Manor after telling Bruce Wayne that he knows he is Batman and that funding has stopped to the Smithens Boys' Home, Bruce asks Alfred "Have you run that name? Bane?" and Alfred responds with his findings. How did Bruce hear of Bane in the first place? Nowhere prior in the movie is Bane ever mentioned to Bruce. It's not mentioned by Selina Kyle, by Officer Blake and there is no news media mentioning anything. How did Bruce come-about asking Alfred to run Bane's name in the first place? (00:29:22)

Answer: Officer Blake does mention the name Bane to Bruce when visiting him (Blake says Gordon was babbling about an army and a masked man named Bane). That seemed to be his primary purpose coming over, to get Batman to help fight Bane. When Blake is at the door about to leave, the scene cuts to him outside walking to his car, so we don't know how much time passes. And while we don't see Alfred, it was possible he was listening. I don't know if there was a cut scene, but in the film it does seem there's meant to be enough time for Alfred to do a quick check on the name.


Answer: Officer Blake did in fact mention Bane to him, in the conversation that they just had. At the start of the conversation, Bruce asks "What can I do for you, officer", then Blake tells him Commissioner Gordon's been shot. After saying that, Blake says "He chased a gunman down into the sewers. When I pulled him out, he was babbling about an underground army. A masked man called Bane." That was how Bruce found out about Bane. (This line is said at 00:26:47).

Casual Person

Question: What is the song playing at the beginning of the movie when the characters are talking online to each other?

Answer: This series is hardly an accurate depiction of the real CIA (or FBI, for that matter); for example, Avery Bullock would never be deputy director given his mental instability, and Stan would have been fired many times over for his incompetence.


Answer: I always thought it was a play on words. They're harboring an alien, which could mean someone who isn't a citizen. But Roger is an outer space alien.

Question: Why did the magnet in the junk yard look upset as the master was picking his old stuff up?


Answer: Because it was the magnet's job to pick up the trash to be crushed. He didn't like seeing his items being taken away.

Answer: For one, it's usually cheaper to film in Vancouver because of the tax breaks. But all the CW Arrowverse shows (with the exception of "Black Lighting") are/were filmed in Vancouver. So it makes it easier and cheaper for sharing set designs, crossovers, etc ("Black Lightning" filmed in Vancouver during its crossover). Originally "Supergirl" wasn't part of the Arrowverse when it was on CBS, but it was too expensive to produce and wasn't reaching the wider audience the CW shows had. So CBS moved it to its sister company, The CW.


Answer: In general, quite accurate as that was the point of the show. To teach kids about science. As the show is now over 20 years old, some facts have changed as we're always discovering new things. For the time, it was as accurate as it could and much of it is still accurate now.

One thing I think the show gets wrong is the idea that electrons stop moving when you break a circuit. Electrons never stop moving.

Show generally

Question: Does Kat ever wise up again to Kara's secret? That and why did she (Flockhart) leave the show only to come back?


Answer: Yes, s02e22. As Kara leaves her office, she said "go get them, Supergirl" to herself. After season 1, the show switched from a CBS production to a CW production and filming moved from L.A. to Vancouver. Flockhart isn't really a fan of traveling to shoot, and didn't want to be away from her family for so long.


Question: When the TX tastes a sample of John Connor's blood at Kate's vet clinic she seems stunned. How is this possible on a cyborg and why look so surprised?


Answer: Advanced Terminators occasionally show signs of emotion: T-X also exhibits frustration, anger, and genuine malice, as well as smirking mischievously on two occasions. When she samples John Connor's blood, she's stunned to come across her primary target, whose whereabouts Skynet was unaware of.

Jukka Nurmi

Answer: Her goal/duty was to terminate John Connor. She must first find him in order to terminate him. Identifying John's blood - fresh blood, in fact - meant he was nearby and she was getting close to achieving her goal. This excited her. There was a stimulus and response, similar to Pavlov's dogs who salivated when they heard the bell indicating that food was coming.


Question: When Johnny and Lorna are in the castle, before they go into the small room where Johnny accidentally announces his plans over the PA, Lorna is seen with a back tattoo. It looks like perhaps it's a number, "05" maybe? Was there a deleted scene where we see the tattoo more or where characters talk about it? Or was this Natalie Imbruglia's actual back tattoo? Later it seems to be gone.


Question: If Amelia had David towards the end of the 21st century during her reign, how is it possible that Viktor would be suspicious of her whereabouts and send Semira to find her?

Answer: Amelia was a Vampire Elder. She had responsibilities to the coven, to be gone for days or weeks would be normal, but months. Viktor had a suspicious nature. After discovering his daughter's affair with Lucian and the rebellion of the Lycans, he probably feared another betrayal.

Season 2 generally

Question: Johnny punishes his Cobra Kai class after learning that certain members trashed Daniel's Dojo to try to get the culprits to confess (with no luck). Why didn't he just send them all to Daniel's Dojo to clean up the mess and fix it up? That would have been the more honourable thing to do.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: He was trying to flesh out the actual culprits but, as you pointed out, he wasn't having any luck. But if he hadn't received the phone call, he might have sent the entire class over to clean up. However, in the same episode, check Robby and Demitri's reactions to the former Cobra Kai students joining Daniel's school. Tensions were high between the two dojos and Daniel's anger at Johnny's dojo might have convinced Johnny that the current students would not be welcome there (risking a fight which both Johnny and Daniel wanted to avoid), so he might have been reluctant to send anyone even if it was the honorable thing to do. Also, Johnny mentions in an earlier episode that there is a difference between mercy and honor. He wants to make sure the real culprits get punished properly. Once he discovered who did it, the innocent would be off the hook and then the real punishment would begin for the guilty. So, in closing, there could be any number of reasons why he didn't send the entire class to clean up Miyagi-Do.


Question: What's the meaning of the text in the opening credits, starting with "For nearly forty years..."?


Answer: The novel "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" was published in 1900 and this film came out in 1939. Many adults that would be watching the movie would have read the book as children and remained "young in heart", meaning filled with childlike wonder and kindness that the story of Oz is filled with, etc. The story presents a philosophy of kindness that Time (i.e. growing older) has been powerless to make out of fashion (unpopular). The film is dedicated to those that have been faithful to the story of Oz and it's philosophy of kindness, and to the "young in heart."


Negative Return - S1-E2

Question: While a spacewalk is going on, Mission Control has four camera feeds showing the action. Some of them seem to be taken from beyond the spacecraft. Where are these cameras? I can understand a TV show showing the action from various vantage points, but Mission Control having four camera feeds looks a little suspicious. (00:36:00)

Answer: I just answered my own question. Looking at the feeds, I see they have captions, such as Solar Array 3; Airlock forward, sleeping quarters, or similar tags. Therefore, they are legitimate feeds.

Answer: It's not really explained, but I think we are just supposed to assume that Venom didn't completely burn up. Enough of him survived that he was able stay bonded with Eddie and live.


Question: In the bowling alley who are the two nuns played by?

Answer: I don't think it is ever mentioned as to who played the two nuns. I think they're just extras.

Answer: The flashback to Jesse and Jane helps remind the audience of what happened to her. That informed Jesse's decision to try and stop Andrea getting high.

Plus it could also be seen as Jesse remembering what happened to Jane.

Ssiscool Premium member

Answer: It was done as a way of showing Michael reflect on the past. To show the kind of person Michael was before the events of the two movies and how much he has changed since then. We also get to see the Corleone family at a much happier place before things started getting complicated. By this point in the story, Fredo has been killed and his wife has left him, and this flashback scene serves as a reminder of how much he has lost despite having everything.

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Answer: I don't think Vicky necessarily hates Timmy. She is just a malicious and sadistic person.


Answer: That's one of his superpowers, "Comic Awareness" (sometimes called 4th Wall or Medium Awareness). This is something that Deadpool has in the comics and was incorporated into the films. Other than being a framing tool and to be funny, I don't know if the creator, Fabian Nicieza, or any writers have said why they gave Deadpool that power.


Deadpool's trait of breaking the 4th wall appears to have been the idea of writer Joe Kelly, as Deadpool didn't break the 4th wall for the first time until Deadpool #28 in May 1999, more than 8 years after his debut.

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