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Question: The Man in Black keeps telling his victims that there is no afterlife and calls Arra a "seer who lies." Does that mean in this movie, there is no afterlife? If there is no afterlife, what does he mean by saying "been there" when one of his victims tells him to "go to Hell"?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Question: Olivia Castle walks into the office and is holding an envelope with a bereavement check. She probably uses that toward her laser eye surgery. The company suffered a huge and tragic loss in employees. They might work together, but they are not family related. Olivia was single and had no family relationship with any of the employees. So why would the company give her bereavement pay?

Question: What is the name of the drummer in the band singing Jim Dandy to the Rescue?

Answer: The Wright Brothers Band was the musical group that appeared in the film. John Wright was the drummer.


Answer: No, he did not kill her. It appeared he was about to, but someone came into the room and he left.


Question: Quite often I notice that Brigitta is holding the hand of Greta and was wondering why.

Answer: Kym Karath, the actress who portrayed Greta, was only six-years-old at the time and needed some guidance while filming the scenes, particularly ones involving many cast members and with much activity going on. That would be a bit much for a small child to handle alone.


Click - S3-E5

Question: What happened to Seth after he got stranded in the empty, black void? Did he die?

Answer: Seth's fate was left undetermined, so it's unknown if he is alive or dead.


Question: Why did Little Henry kill Danny? Was it a revenge for something?

Answer: It was because he got "punked" by Danny the previous day. He lost face and he took revenge by shooting him.


Answer: He was probably told to kill him to be allowed in a gang. For the gang it was a racist motive. They hate us so we hate them. Provoke us enough and we kill you. It would send out a clear message to the white supremacists.


Question: What was the argument that Ben and Sir John had about Gwen?

Question: Correct me if I am wrong, but when Sarah first goes to the magical supply shop, it seems to me that the other girls had been there before. And the shop owner tells Sarah "You are not like your friends" when she does not steal anything. So why does the shopkeeper not call the police or ban them? Or perhaps punish them with magic, but there is the rule about receiving what you send out.

Answer: She feels they will learn their lesson eventually, or probably has felt the consequences coming. Such people don't believe in police justice. Nor does she count the money value of the items.


Question: What happened to the mansion at the end? Did it get fixed?

Answer: Yes.

Answer: The army found out it was George Berger who fought in the war. If you look at the scene where they are standing over the grave, you will see Claude in civilian clothes. He should have been arrested for dodging the draft and having someone else impersonate him.

Answer: It is assumed the military will have worked out his actual identity by this time. He likely told someone between boarding the plane and his death, was drafted per his draft card, dying (needlessly, as did all those who went to and /or fought) in Vietnam. It was demonstrated on both sides that soldiers tended to shoot high, above their "opponents" heads - it is not within the nature of humans to wish to kill each other with no motivation (on the whole). War sucks, is part of the vast corporate money machine. This film is a tribute to peace, love and the human condition.

Answer: Barty Crouch, Jr, masquerading as Mad-Eye Moody, put Harry's name in. He explicitly tells him so at the end before being captured by Dumbledore et al.

Answer: They didn't refuse to return. According to Stahl, the studio simply told them they wouldn't be returning. They wanted to recast the roles with actors who could look a little older and more battle-hardened, since the film takes place about 15 years after "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." So they went with Christian Bale and Bryce Dallas Howard instead of Stahl and Danes.


Answer: She read the script and wasn't impressed (which is generally the reason a lot of actors don't return to sequels). In the initial script, Sarah dies part way through, but Hamilton felt her character was more of a background character and the film focused too much on action rather than character development like the previous 2 films. Of course, her ex-husband, James Cameron, dropping out of the original production of the T3 film due to that whole mess also factored into her decision. Had Cameron remained on the project, Hamilton probably would have reprised her role (not to mention how different the film would have been).


Answer: I took it to mean the opening line someone uses when writing in to an advice column, like "Dear Abby." There was a 1998 book called "Dear Barbara: Answers to the Most-Asked Questions from Teenage Girls." Basically a joking way to say she hasn't quite grown up, or at least a kid at heart.


Question: Why did Peter decide to abandon the black suit? I mean, what was the reason for Peter to free himself from the symbiote suit?

Answer: After he struck Mary Jane in the jazz club, he finally came to the realization that the suit was having a negative influence on him and making him aggressive.


Question: Is it me, or does Medusa's head open her eyes as Perseus holds her head up after leaving the temple?

Answer: To me, it just looks like the way the prop catches the light as the actor lifts it up, and then higher up, the angle of the prop isn't catching the light in the same way.


Answer: I watched this scene several times on YouTube. When Perseus walks out with the severed head, the eyes are closed. Just as Perseus raises it, Medusa's eyes suddenly appear to open. Zeus is then heard telling Perseus to "fulfil his destiny" amid the thunder and lightning. Her eyes are wide open at this point. I interpreted this as showing that Medusa's power still resides within the head, even though she is dead.


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